Not much interest in this project it appears

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Jul 20, 2012
3:36 AM EDT
At this moment there appear to be 4 ideas put forward, and 2 of them are mine.

Jul 23, 2012
10:30 PM EDT
I'm interested. To read this item, though, the wording is such that it sounds like he's producing 31 distros each day for the month of August -- 900-something distros? -- for which there's only one word: Dang!

But I'd bet that Todd's only doing one a day for August. And good luck with that.

As an aside, we just had a pretty good discussion in the CrunchBang forums about what makes a distro a distro here:

Good luck with this, Todd -- sounds like an interesting endeavor.


Jul 24, 2012
8:27 AM EDT
Yeah,... the headline made it sound like 961 distros were going to be produced... Which would be utterly staggering... But 31 is still impressive...

Jul 25, 2012
6:44 PM EDT
31 is good. In fact, I'm going to follow this on the Larry the Free Software Guy blog.

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