Hooraa......we are twice what we were.

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Jul 24, 2012
1:26 AM EDT
"" the Linux desktop comprise 2% of all the computers out there in the world ""

From 1 to 2 in only a month.

No reply expected. Thanks :-)

Jul 24, 2012
3:13 AM EDT
At this rate Linux will own computing in 6 months

Jul 24, 2012
7:04 AM EDT
The 1% and 2% numbers are a joke. The fact that they keep being repeated is truly sad.

Jul 24, 2012
8:51 AM EDT

Totally agreed. Steve Ballmer put Linux adoption at slightly more than that of Apple in 2009, which would be about 6-7%... And those were THEIR figures and research, internal. I am willing to concede about 1% for overlap (dual booting, etc.), and call it 6%,... and for Apple call it 8%, due to recent growth as a fallout of iPad adoption (and similar overlap dropping down from a reported 10%),... That means WinX adoption is 86% of the desktop market.

But figures of 90%+ are fanciful and the product of calling every computer SOLD with Windows as a Windows user. I have thirteen x86 compatible machines in my home, only one runs Windows (ironically it was ine that came with Linux, a Pepperpad 3). One laptop also boots a Windows virtual machine image. I use a Windows workstation at work. Nine or ten of the machines came running Windows,... Yet, MS would count each and every one of those 9-10 machines as an MS user, as well as the one machine now running Windows and the virtual machines as Windows users,... meaning, according to (how I interpret) them, my household would be 12::2 in favor of Windows in adoption... Nevermind that I've downloaded about 55 distros over the last 10-12 years (probably not counting Android or Chromium OS versions).

Figures don't lie,... but liars figure.

Jul 24, 2012
10:41 AM EDT
.....................................Totally agreed. Steve Ballmer put Linux adoption at slightly more than that of Apple in 2009...................................


I know exactly what you are talking about, as I have seen the article as well. But......they were talking about << market penetration >>, I believe. Is Linux market penetration the same as linux market share.

Linux market penetration could be understood as < ALL kinds of linux > . Market share could well be understood and referring to as < desktop and business only >, leaving out science and supercomputers, big or small.

I do not bring it up to argue with anyone, but I also would like to know exactly what we are talking about........share....?...penetration ..?...

Anyone with enough grey matter to make this clear to me ? I hate it when I say...: Stebe put linux....at 10% , and someone else start arguing with me. I hate it ! I love short fights :-) , not long ones.

Thanks in advance. nikkels

Jul 24, 2012
10:46 AM EDT
OK, as always, I find answers to my questions 5 minutes after I posted them on the net. I must stop that habit !!! found this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_adoption

Jul 24, 2012
11:17 AM EDT

Very substantial and informative article that everyone should read and use as a reference when debating Linux adoption.

Thank you.


Jul 24, 2012
3:50 PM EDT
I am happy that we are actually talking about Linux taking more of the market, an actual piece of the market..no matter what size of or percent it is..


Jul 24, 2012
6:15 PM EDT
I'd just like to point out one thing... If Linux adoption or market share or what have you can double, seemingly over-night,... then obviously those have to be false numbers... It doesn't jive with reality that Linux use would go up by 100% over the course of a month...

The only reasonable conclusion is that the measured Linux use is a subset of the actual Linux use...

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