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Nov 11, 2012
3:11 PM EDT
I just noticed that Ubuntu is #3 on Distrowatch. I know, Distrowatch rankings aren't all precise and scientific. But it's still interesting, and rather nice to see Mageia doing well. I wonder why Xubuntu isn't higher, because it's pretty nice.

Nov 11, 2012
3:14 PM EDT
I was a big Xubuntu fan in the Dapper and Edgy and Feisty days. Nowadays I honestly think there are other distros that do Xfce better. I like the implementation in openSUSE 12.1, for example. SalixOS has all the functionality I want and consumes a lot less in terms of resources.

While I'm certainly glad Mageia is doing well I actually prefer ROSA, another Mandriva fork. ROMP (their media player) and klook were and are genuine innovations. The folks at ROSA Labs seem to do about the best job of desktop design I've found in any distro lately.

BTW, in case you didn't notice, there was a Mandriva alpha release last week. That distro isn't dead yet. It isn't pushing up daisies or pining for the fjords. OTOH, the forks may have surpassed the originals by now. It will be interesting to see what the next release looks like.

Nov 11, 2012
3:53 PM EDT
Mageia seems nice although I haven't spent more than a casual live session with it. I found urpmi to be a little strange in comparison to YUM, zypper, or apt-get, most likely because I just haven't used it as much. I hope Mageia have enough developers and packagers to meet the interest the distro seems to be generating.

Nov 12, 2012
12:16 AM EDT
While I like Mageia just fine, I have a feeling that its DW ranking is more the result of fan "activity" than actual popularity. It soared past Ubuntu in a mere 2-3 months, well after version 2 was released. Just seems fishy to me. Not that PHR on DW means anything...

@caitlyn - I too like ROSA, but I prefer Mageia as it seems a purer KDE experience. I'm not a fan of the simplewelcome (or whatever that ghastly full screen menu/dash-like thing is called) or some other minor aspects of the gui that are less configurable than generic KDE.

Nov 12, 2012
1:39 PM EDT
You can and I do turn off Simplewelcome. It's not something I like either.

Dec 12, 2012
6:53 PM EDT
BTW, the DW rankings are based on a 6-month rolling average by default. Change the view to the 30 day average and you'll see that recently Fedora has almost pulled even with Ubuntu. Given the anger over the Amazon search in Dash I wouldn't be surprised to see them fall to #4 or even #5 behind openSUSE in time.

Dec 12, 2012
7:01 PM EDT
I recently installed Mageia for one of "my people", he really likes it, and It was really easy to set up with all his hardware and accessories.

Dec 13, 2012
6:44 PM EDT
@claudecat: ROSA is sort of following the Ubuntu model now but without the fast release cycle. They have an LTS version called ROSA 2012 Marathon and they just put out a release candidate for the cutting edge version. It may be worth a look. Just turn off SimpleWelcome immediately after install :)

@slacker_mike: urpmi has been part of Mandriva for as long as I can remember. It's actually quite powerful once you get used to it.

@tracyanne: I'm not surprised. Mageia is nice and my earlier comment wasn't meant as criticism of that distro. I just think the ROSA devs have come up with some pretty nice new toys :) They may very well find their way into Mageia in time.

Dec 13, 2012
7:03 PM EDT
Actually I didn't really respond to that caitlyn. I did try ROSA on my systems, but for some unexplained reason it wouldn't boot on my friend's machine, in fact Mageia was the only distro I could get to install. The Machine uses EFI and had Windows 7, but he got it cheap in order to have someone install Linux on it for him, someone had installed xubuntu, but he had video issues, and he asked me to fix it or replace xubuntu with something else. As I had so much trouble getting a live CD environment running... Mageia was the only one that worked, I decided to replace it with a distro that would readily boot from Live CD.

Dec 13, 2012
8:26 PM EDT
@ caitlyn: Thanks for the info, I'll give it a try once it goes final. My main issues with ROSA aside from SimpleWelcome are just random weirdnesses such as the mouse cursor reverting to black no matter what (deleting the theme works but seems a drastic workaround) and no GUI way to stop klipper and the ROSA Sync thing from starting by default. I've tracked down and renamed the .desktop files but there should be menu options to not start if not wanted. ROSA just requires more work to tame to my liking than Mageia (or any other KDE for that matter).

As for recent DW rankings, I've noticed that Arch is ahead of even openSUSE (at #6) in the 30 day average and have been rising for a while now. If they were just slightly more welcoming to new users... To bring this back on topic, new distro Manjaro (Arch-based with Xfce and newcomer-friendly emphasis) is also steadily rising in the DW rankings and could one day be to Arch what Ubuntu* is to Debian, or at least once was before regressions, Unity and other assorted madness became the norm.

*fwiw the latest Kubuntu is very nice - the latest Ubuntu is... well, it's not good.

Dec 23, 2012
7:52 PM EDT
Speaking of peoples' declining interest in Ubuntu... How big an issue is this?

Canonical "Won't Fix" GTK+ Wayland For Ubuntu http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTI1NTI

Is it safe to assume this is a temporary issue, that won't apply in newer releases, when Wayland is better established as a standard option?


Dec 24, 2012
1:52 AM EDT
There are a number of bugs Ubuntu marks as "won't fix" in their LTS releases even.

I know - I run around fixing them in Bodhi as our build matures.


Dec 24, 2012
1:56 AM EDT
I don't think anybody expects Wayland to be working anywhere anytime soon.

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