Story: Ubuntu 13.10's Default Wallpaper LeakedTotal Replies: 5
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Sep 21, 2013
10:25 AM EDT
I'm shocked that Canonical would go with something so controversial and racy!

Sep 21, 2013
11:41 AM EDT

Sep 21, 2013
8:29 PM EDT
This is news?

Sep 21, 2013
8:32 PM EDT
oh my god, it's a blurry closeup of bozo the clown!

Oct 02, 2013
1:33 PM EDT
Hah, LOL :D Seems to me that the Canonical mucky-muck$ are carefully crafting some pre-release hype. No doubt that more hype besides the wallpaper "leak" is coming soon! How 'bout it Baboontu fanbois of all stripes?


Oct 02, 2013
3:28 PM EDT
Speaking of pre-release hype, from the Slackware changelog:

Wed Sep 18 02:56:19 UTC 2013 Hey folks, I'm calling this a beta! Really, it's been better than beta quality for a while. There will probably still be a few more updates here and there (and certainly updates to the docs). Enjoy, and please test.

I've submitted it to the queue, but no sign of it yet.

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