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Story: SteamOS Didn't Use Ubuntu Over Legal IssuesTotal Replies: 3
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Jan 08, 2014
3:09 PM EDT
WTH is the point of this? It's just a teaser to a German-language article.

Jan 08, 2014
5:19 PM EDT
Very annoying.....I didn't follow it through that far.....Oh well.....I am certain we have a large number of German readers too, so they'll get benefits. Curiously, Chrome's translator for the page didn't work too well and only the title of the article came across.

Jan 08, 2014
10:16 PM EDT
The German article did not contain any real reasons, and didn't say more than the Phoronix article did about the "exact" legal reason. Comments to the article insinuate that it's that using Ubuntu gives Canonical a "license" over what you build on... Kind of the same problem that Mint is having now...

Jan 09, 2014
3:17 AM EDT
i'd like to know more about that. what in ubuntu is not Free Software? though, if it is the same problem as mit it is only about the repositories, which means that valve would simply need to build its own binaries and host their own repositories. probably not something they want to do at this point. but it also means they could just go ahead and take the stuff they want from ubuntu and backport it to debian. i am sure debian would welcome some of that.

as for the german article, it indeed says nothing more about this topic, so it's not really a teaser, just a reference. that said, it would have been nice if phoronix would have uncovered more details.

greetings, eMBee.

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