The trouble is that it has been in development for too long

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Feb 07, 2014
7:52 PM EDT
ReactOS has been around for ages and despite having up to date applications it never seems to move on. I have tried this before and the errors the reviewer received are exactly the same errors I received many years ago.

I don't think as a project it will ever really reach a point where it is useable.

Feb 07, 2014
9:04 PM EDT
It was first released on January 25th, 2004 (v. 0.2.0).

Ten years later, it's still officially in the alpha stage of development.

At this rate, by the time it reaches beta it will be obsolete.

Feb 07, 2014
9:34 PM EDT
It will never be truly "obsolete." Its intended function is as a legacy OS to support old software, but with future updates... If OS2 received as much, there would probably still be banks that used it... I, for one, applaud their effort. I have troves of old Windows software (ok,... games) that'd be nice to still be able to use...

Feb 07, 2014
10:04 PM EDT
Wine runs old Windows software really well.

Feb 09, 2014
1:37 PM EDT
One of the stated goals of ReactOS is to support device drivers (i.e. kernel-level .SYS stuff) as well. That's outside Wine's purview.

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