Linux people are now extremists

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Jul 03, 2014
2:30 PM EDT
Death of net neutrality, the rise of trusted platforms, and now Linux people are called "Extremists." It seems like we're heading to a future where all computers must be gov't approved (and properly backdoored, of course)

Jul 03, 2014
5:05 PM EDT
This turns *them* into extremists, isn't it ?

Jul 03, 2014
5:29 PM EDT
Normally, I would say that your are giving in to "tinfoil hat" paranoia and a persecution complex, chock full of anti-gov't sentiment and delusional Orwellian fears,... Except,... I think you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. When the kind of freedom that Linux enthusiasts advocate is labeled as "extremist," everyone must worry.

Jul 03, 2014
6:17 PM EDT
Even Linux Journal readers are considered "suspicious."

Which I call a classical case of Freudian projection.

Jul 03, 2014
6:36 PM EDT
Ars Technica: PayPal still struggles with not randomly freezing crowdfunding dollars [Updated]

Allegedly asked if latest victim had "government approval" for e-mail encryption.

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This knee-jerk jingoist "security consciousness has been worming its way ever deeper into the American psche (Canadian too, to no small extent).

Of course, PayPal has from the beginning abrogated to itself the right to be the moral arbiter of its customers' actions (or at least their monetary transactions) according to their own private notions of what is "right and proper".

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There's also this story, which is really too brief to deserve it's own submission in addition to the several already posted:

The NSA thinks Linux Journal is an “extremist forum”?


Jul 03, 2014
7:16 PM EDT
So,... We, need Big Brother's approval to keep private things private now?!?!

edit/addendum (I like that so I'm stealing it)...


Bruce Schneier thinks there is a second leaker...

Jul 04, 2014
7:12 AM EDT
Please All You Outraged People,

Nothing to see here, really. Take me a former subscriber to Linux Journal, a sometime user of Tor and experimenter user of email encryption ... and more a Linux user for years.

So you think those NSA types are just nasties, let me tell you it's not so. Yes they even pay well and on time.

So Goodbye MicroSlop, good times ahead as I watch LXer for the safety and betterment of this Great country.

[/code off]

As always


Jul 04, 2014
12:11 PM EDT
People of knowledge and ability are always viewed as enemies by authoritarian regimes.

Jul 04, 2014
1:13 PM EDT
Quoting: People of knowledge and ability are always viewed as enemies by authoritarian regimes.

Correction: Only those burdened with ethics might be excluded. In addition, if they do not fall within acceptable limits of ethnicity and perhaps skin pigmentation does the above hold. But like restate, it's location, location, location ... that sets the limits.

Jul 04, 2014
1:19 PM EDT
No, those with ethics are the most suspicious of all. They are the truly dangerous ones to the regime. Witness Snowden.

Jul 04, 2014
1:30 PM EDT
Your right, I misstated it leaving out the NOT.

Jul 04, 2014
4:12 PM EDT
Well, I have a bunch of things I WANT to say but I will not..;-)

If using something other that M$ or iO$ makes you, me or us extremists then so be it, I am not hiding from anyone nor do I doubt that many, if any of our readers are. I have nothing to hide, my internet habits I will hold are rather mundane and I will gladly state such in any court of "law".

I really want to say more , but none of it would have anything to do with Linux, LXer or FOSS and would serve no purpose here nor anywhere else really..

What I know is this..I love FOSS and I love Linux and I love those who love these things too. I am good at loving, not hating and I will go my next plane of existence in the knowledge of such.


Jul 04, 2014
7:34 PM EDT
I had a crazy thought:

What if the proprietary vendors were behind this "announcement"?

Jul 04, 2014
9:04 PM EDT
Ah Scott are your really certain you have nothing to hide?

Ready for the camcorder in every room? Oh, in a court of law. Sorry those are secret proceedings where you are allowed no say. They say they need to study our positions and maybe suggest improvements, all for our benefit of course. Indeed, they promise never to post their videos on YouTube, that is - unless we misbehave.

Look what it cost me and how stupid I was to believe my innocuous thoughts were so main line. No they weren't.

No secret ballot voting, otherwise how can they be certain we are not really hiding our terrorist tendencies from public view by supporting those that support those types. Of course those types do not identify their nefarious intentions in full view. Only those skilled and with proper surveillance tools can root out those dangerous types. So we are informed who to vote for, but sometimes we can vote as often as we like (for a bonus).

Look I didn't realize how off base I was to think Billionaires should build their own sports stadiums. I was one of the misled that believed it was unfair for the real tax paying public to take on the risk with no benefit. Now I am in a bit of a quandary. I do not watch sports, just not a fan. Neither the verboten World Cup* or what I am told to watch, The Super Bowl. I don't even have a TV. So it will be hard for me to follow the party ... i mean the agencies guideline.

Boy was I surprised to learn how radical I was when I thought college football and basketball players should get paid if their coaches could pull $1M/year or more salaries. These guys work hard and when they are injured they can be thrown aside. I thought that was only just and reasonable. I even thought the NCAA was a bunch of over aged slave owner's clique. However, now I see my error and renounce those views to better get my salary and perks.

And then there is religion, but I will really breach the forum TOS. Let is suffice to say they loosened the leach a bit just for me, but NOT for you.

There is more, but I this all I am not allowed to say.


* I have played soccer in the past and in least one game had talent, but hated the position, goalie. Getting hit in the face and trampled once was enough for me.

Jul 04, 2014
10:02 PM EDT

Feel free.

It's too short to be protected by copyright, and my patent application was rejected. (While I'm pretty sure that I could get it through the USPTO if I just kept trying, I doubt it would ever earn enough for me to recoup fees and expenses.)

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