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Jul 22, 2014
3:56 AM EDT
There was a time in the early 2000s where Nokia had the best phones. They were easy to use and had loads of features.

A couple of years ago I was given a Nokia 610 (not the best example of the Lumia phone granted).

The Nokia 610 had Windows mobile platform installed and it has to go down as the worst phone I have ever used and that includes the first flip phone that was the size of a house brick.

Why was it so bad? It crashed all the time. Just never had the power to run Windows.

It lacked features. Call barring for instance. Call barring has been available on every phone that I have had even the old brick phone but there is no way of getting it working on the Nokia 610, not even an app for it.

The Nokia Drive sat nav software is only useful it you want to go nowhere near the place you are intending to go to. It can't even work it's way out of small housing estates.

The camera was woeful. I know some of the Lumia phones boast their camera's ability but the 610 is terrible.

Why do I even mention the 610. It is completely out of date. There is an advert on tv in the UK at the moment advertising the brilliance of the 635 model. I suspect this is woefully inadequate as well.

Nokia took too long to get into the smart phone market.

Jul 22, 2014
4:07 AM EDT
The best mobile device I ever had was the n900. I still have it in a drawer. It provided the best mobile browsing experience, and did more things than any other device I've ever had. I'd still be using it, if it had continued support and better integration with the stuff I use... I still keep it as a potential back-up device. But ever since Nokia gave up on the Maemo/Meego/Whatever platform, they just weren't worth it... And then came MS...

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