how much does an average company spend on IT?

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Nov 27, 2017
2:32 AM EDT
can anyone give some comparisons on how much an average company with 30000 to 45000 employees spends on IT infrastructure over 10 years?

i have no idea if this kind of expense is normal,

if the munich expenses are comparable or much beyond average spending,

how much they saved in the last 10 years,

how much is spent on switching? (rewriting libreoffice macros??? libreoffice runs on windows too. if there is any evidence that this move is politically and not technically motivated, then it's that)

greetings, eMBee.

Nov 27, 2017
7:31 AM EDT
We can set a lower limit with some quick estimates. If you assume one computer for every two employees, ($1K/machine replaced every 5 years), a license for Office at $400 (also replaced every 5 years), and an IT employee making $50K and $50K in benefits for every 200 employees you should come up with some reasonable low end figures.

So let's see. $100/year for the computer. $40/year for office. $500/year in support costs. That gives $640/year. So a reasonable minimum range would be $500-$1K/employee.

That doesn't count back end systems, of course.

For some real estimates, see and

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