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Story: Microsoft asks to join private Linux security developer listTotal Replies: 7
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Jul 01, 2019
5:22 PM EDT
Where Microsoft is concerned, I am always doubtful of their motives. Can the leopard change its shorts ? What does everyone else think ?

Jul 01, 2019
6:17 PM EDT
I predicted they would try their EEE strategy with Linux via patents and other manipulative behavior. But, I never thought the Linux Foundation would become their partner in achieving this.

Jul 02, 2019
4:58 AM EDT
Two words that should never be used together in the same sentence:

"Microsoft" and "trust"

Jul 02, 2019
9:25 AM EDT
Unless they're also paired with a form of "bankrupt" in the same clause:

"The Microsoft Trust filed for bankruptcy yesterday..."

Jul 02, 2019
12:36 PM EDT
I trust Microsoft as far as I can throw them..wait I take that back, I can throw them farther than I trust them. ;-)

Jul 02, 2019
2:28 PM EDT
Minix --> Linux --> Minux : I guess it'll be the pet name of Microsoft Linux; We'll be so nostalgic : Ah, in the good old days, there was Linux, but... money rules !

Jul 03, 2019
1:41 AM EDT
> I guess it'll be the pet name of Microsoft Linux;

I wonder if they still have any rights to Xenix... https://infogalactic.com/info/Xenix

Jul 03, 2019
10:51 PM EDT
And anytime you might feel the need to give Microsoft the benefit of a doubt, they pull something like this: https://gizmodo.com/ebooks-purchased-from-microsoft-will-be-...

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