I got Linux to install!

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Dec 19, 2021
10:13 PM EDT
I found some help online and entered a couple of commands that successfully ran but I still couldn't get any of the versions of Linux I had already downloaded to install still.

I was surfing the web and heard about a version of Linux called Garuda Linux That looked cool so I decided I would download it and see what it was like running live. It ran fine live and I decided to try and install it just to see what kind of error I would get this time.

It actually installed! It let me partition the hard drive and everything and installed alongside Windows with no issues. YAY! But..lol.

Now when I try to log into Windows I am told that my credentials are not valid, my pin and/or password will not work. Oh well, I figure it out somehow. At least I finally got Linux installed on my computer.

Dec 21, 2021
12:35 PM EDT
Just last week I got my new Dell XPS17 9710 laptop. It came with Windows preinstalled.

Windows never got a chance to boot up. I just plugged in a USB live disk and booted straight into Linux. I can't tell you what a feeling of liberation I had when I reformated the storage and did a full install of Linux on this machine, no dual boot, just pure Linux. Maybe in some distant future I might spin up a qemu instance and put that Windows OS back in a virtual machine... or maybe not.

BTW, if anyone is looking for a top end laptop, the XPS17 is fully supported by the latest ubuntu/xubuntu 21.04 with no missing features or issues, at least none that I have found yet.

Dec 22, 2021
3:02 PM EDT
The fun never ends, Scott. :)

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