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Feb 12, 2004
2:20 AM EDT
with several tabs and several pages loaded, firefox 0.8 (gtk2 - xft version) weights only about 28 MB on my linux workstation.. (redhat 9 based)

Feb 12, 2004
11:24 AM EDT
I had someone else email me and ask about this. I arrived at the number this way:

$ ps auxw|grep firefox dave 8180 2.8 2.4 100736 24972 tty1 S 15:15 0:09 /home/dave/firefox/firefox-bin $

And took the "VSZ" column, which, according to ps(1), is the column that tells you how much virtual memory is used.

Bertram Bourdrez, however, emailed and told me that I should have used the RSS column, which is more reliable.

Whatever. ps confuses me and after countless google searches, I can conclude that if anyone out there really does know the real story on this, they haven't ever posted it on the internet (or else, I'm a poor googler).

Either way, Galeon was using slightly more memory than Firefox, regardless of which column was being used.


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