BitTorrent is ramping up to speed

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Feb 12, 2004
11:18 AM EDT
The BT isn't running as fast as it was for FC1. With so many people downloading, I was only seeing 25KB/s at first, but it's up to 60Kb/s now. Looks like its ramping up...

Feb 12, 2004
11:28 AM EDT
Than again, this is a test release, not the final, so it's not going to get as much interest as the upcoming final will.

Feb 13, 2004
5:01 AM EDT
I have a question regarding yum. Is it me or does it suck?

I used apt4rpm for quite a while and when I initially installed FC1 a while back I tried yum. It did the equivalent of 'apt-get update' everytime I used it even when using the '-C' (from cache only) option. It's dependency resolution is quite slow and cpu intensive.

Is there a simple way to remedy this?

I'm only asking because Red Hat seems to favor this tool over apt and most of the repositories on their site are yum only. Thanks

Feb 13, 2004
5:07 AM EDT
I'm resistant to change sometimes, and yum is one such change. I have heard from all kinds of people that yum is excellent, but I'm just not seeing it.

The first time I tried yum was right after I first installed FC1. yum crashed and trashed my RPM database. I haven't tried it again since then, even though reports are that this bug was fixed and it works great now.

Shrug! Maybe FC2 will show yum finally working correctly out of the box.


Feb 14, 2004
1:03 PM EDT
Just finished the FC2 installation and here are the first impressions.

A couple rough points: 802.11 wireless configuration doesn't coexist in a friendly way with more than one ethernet nic, and I had to switch from the Gnome default to KDE to get a solid desktop.

The 2.6 kernel seems pretty snappy. :-)

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