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Qt 5.2 Released

  • QT Digia; By Lars Knoll (Posted by bob on Dec 12, 2013 11:01 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Announcements
We’re proud to announce that Qt 5.2 is now available. With the release of Qt 5.1 in July, we showcased the Qt for Android and iOS ports and laid down the beginning of some heavy improvements we have now done on Qt’s graphics capabilities. In the last 6 months, we’ve worked very hard to finalize this release and especially these ports.

Radeon Gallium3D MSAA Mesa 10.1 Git Benchmarks

  • Phoronix (Posted by bob on Dec 11, 2013 4:26 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
It's been a while since last looking on the anti-aliasing performance of the R600 Gallium3D driver so for this article we have some fresh MSAA benchmarks of the driver from Mesa 10.1-devel and using a Cayman-based high-end AMD Radeon graphics card.

Qt For Tizen Keeps Pushing Ahead

While the release of Qt 5.2 is imminent and it features full support for Apple iOS and Google Android along side Qt's other mobile platform support, but missing from the party is Tizen support. Qt for Tizen is still in an alpha state but today they've put out their fifth development release...

Recipes from open source thought leaders

We like to use the analogy that open source is like a recipe. It's a great way to explain what open source is to non-technical folks. Last year, this pumpkin spice latte recipe was popular with our community. So, we thought it would be fun to share more recipes with you this year. We collected some great ones from a few of our open source friends: Chris Aniszczyk, Erica Brescia, Simon Phipps, and Jim Whitehurst. Share yours with us in the comments!

Video interview with Google's Open Source Director Chris DiBona on a "default to code" mentality

  • (Posted by bob on Dec 10, 2013 3:56 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Interview's Jason Hibbets recently had a chance to sit down with Google's Open Source Director Chris DiBona during the All Things Open Conference in Raleigh, NC.

What's keeping you from using open source software?

  • (Posted by bob on Dec 10, 2013 12:47 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Open source software (OSS), unlike proprietary software, is software that keeps the code open so IT professionals can alter, improve, and distribute it. Although it has been around since relatively early in the history of computers, in the past several years OSS has truly taken off, in what some might see as a surprising example of a successful communal collaboration.

CyanogenMod Android firmware gains built-in SMS encryption

Open WhisperSystems' TextSecure tech now the default Users of the CyanogenMod alternative Android firmware gained additional security on Monday, thanks to the integration of Open WhisperSystems' TextSecure protocol.…

Microsoft FAT patent loss endangers its Android revenue

A patent loss in a German court may lead to trouble for Microsoft's Android strategy.

A Plexible Pi

If, like me, you've jumped onto the Plex bandwagon with both feet, you've probably discovered how difficult it is to make a standalone Plex player. Sure, you can install an entire OS, then auto-start the Plex program in full screen, but it's not as simple as installing the XBMC distro, or even OpenELEC. If you own a Raspberry Pi, that has all changed.

Tech Giants Issue Call for Limits on Government Surveillance of Users

  • New York Times; By Edward Wyatt and Claire Cain Miller (Posted by bob on Dec 9, 2013 5:47 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story, Security
On Monday the companies, led by Google and Microsoft, presented a plan to regulate online spying and urged the United States to lead a worldwide effort to restrict it. They accompanied it with an open letter, in the form of full-page ads in national newspapers, including The New York Times, and a website detailing their concerns.

Spy agencies in covert push to infiltrate virtual world of online gaming

To the National Security Agency analyst writing a briefing to his superiors, the situation was clear: their current surveillance efforts were lacking something... That vision of spycraft sparked a concerted drive by the NSA and its UK sister agency GCHQ to infiltrate the massive communities playing online games, according to secret documents disclosed by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The first supercapacitor-powered portable speakers are open source

  • (Posted by bob on Dec 9, 2013 1:14 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Interview
Sam Beck is the guy behind Blueshift, an open source sustainable eletronics business that is all about building cool stuff. Helium speakers are the company's first product to market and will be the world's the first supercapacitor-powered portable speakers. Not to mention the design files are open source. In this interview, Sam shares with me his unique business mindset and why he's not afraid anyone will steal his thunder, even while they might have access to his design. If we build stuff that's cool enough, we'll find a way to make money. Sam grew up in Anchorage, Alaska and went to college at Columbia University in New York City where he studied physics and art. He got his start with open source eletronics when he moved to Portland in 2008 and began building a bike stereo system that ran off of a dynamo hub (a bicycle part that generates electricity) and used capacitors as backup power. It was a few years later that Sam realized he could use supercapacitors as a primary power source. out the first supercapacitor-powered portable speakers in this interview.

What open source gadget is at the top of your holiday wishlist?

Which gadget from our holiday gift guide is your favorite? Raspberry Pi LulzBot TAZ 2 3D Printer Ouya Game Console SparkFun's Learn to Solder "Simon Says" Kit FLORA Wearable Tech Arduino BeagleBone Black Board littleBits Electronic Kits HexBright Flashlight In November, we gave you the ultimate open source gift guide for the holidays just in time to start preparing and brainstorming for a great gift for the tech and open source enthusiasts in your life.

Part 1: Server management

  • IBM developerWorks : Linux (Posted by bob on Dec 6, 2013 3:15 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: IBM, Linux
This tutorial helps you learn the skills required to manage DB2 database servers, instances and databases. Furthermore, you will get introduced to DB2 autonomic computing capabilities and you will learn to use IBM data Studio to perform database administration tasks such as job scheduling and generating diagrams of access plans. This tutorial prepares you for Part 1 of the DB2 10.1 DBA for Linux, UNIX, and Windows certification exam 611.

Millions of Android users 'deceived' by flashlight app that shares location with advertisers

Brightest Flashlight Free, available in the Google Play store, has been downloaded over 50 million times, but a complaint from the FTC reveals that the seemingly innocent app transmits “precise location” data to third-party advertisers alongside a unique device identifier.

Open data should be for justice

  These are my reflections on CityCamp Minnesota 2013, which occurred at St. Thomas in Minneapolis on November 9, 2013.  What was it, and what worked well? CityCamp MN 2013, hosted by Open Twin Cities and, was an event for civic hackers, open data nerds and advocates, and social justice-minded individuals in the region. Saturday was an open space technology-style unconference event. It was brilliantly planned. While I’ve never been to an unconference before, I was impressed by the way it generally fostered a sense of community, conversation, and connection. This stands in opposition to most conferences I attend (and that is a pretty decent number), which primarily serve to foster a few connections in the hallways between tedious and oftentimes irrelevant-to-me presentations.

Defeating Secure Boot With Linux Kexec

Matthew Garrett has written an insightful blog post about security issues pertaining to the Linux kernel's kexec functionality that could defeat any security benefits provided by Secure Boot. Using kexec could even allow you to boot a Windows kernel...

Linux chief: 'Open source is safer, and Linux is more secure than any other OS'

In an interview with Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin, VentureBeat got a bird’s-eye view of the future of the open-source operating system for 2014. We also addressed the controversial issues of government spying and “backdoors” -- those nefarious windows into our personal online lives that the public recently discovered in most of the services we use every day.

Linux drone hijacks other drones in mid flight

After Amazon tipped plans to build delivery drones, hacker Samy Kamkar unveiled a SkyJack drone designed to hijack them with an AR.Drone and a Raspberry Pi. When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos went on 60 Minutes last Sunday to show a prototype of a drone Amazon plans to use for a new Prime Air delivery service, […]

Hacker database exposed; thousands of stolen Facebook, Twitter, Google passwords found

Researchers have uncovered a database where over two million stolen login credentials are being stored. Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo accounts are in the mix.

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