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Announcing syncOSx86

syncOSx86 is based on Android and powered by syncUI (our custom KODI build) - it's designed for ease of use on an HDTV with simple inputs, and is a fresh take on Android UI that I think you'll find interesting if you're a layperson, tinkerer, gamer, or developer.

The Story of "the GOOD for you"

the GOOD for you (Global Organization of Open Data) is a non-profit startup that aims to apply the power of big data research and analysis to solving problems that affect the human condition.

DreamStudio Unity 12.04.3 Official Release

Today marks the official release of DreamStudio 12.04.3

Dick MacInnis, creator of DreamStudio, launches Celeum - embedded Linux devices

Celeum makes ARM based devices that exclusively run open source software.

The Great Thing About Dream Studio

What makes Dream Studio the best creative distribution available? Let's see...

In-depth Unity walkthrough released!

  •; By Dick MacInnis (Posted by macinnisrr on Dec 18, 2012 4:56 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux, Ubuntu
Unity unveiled

3 Alternate Versions of Dream Studio and an Open Source Album

So much going on here at that it's hard to keep up with regular updates. As such, I've got some big news concerning several of the new things I've been working on..

Dream Studio 64-bit finally available!

The much anticipated Dream Studio for 64-bit systems is out today.

Dream Studio 12.04 released; includes GIMP 2.8 by default.

I'm proud to announce the release of Dream Studio 12.04. This new version features many updates including GIMP 2.8, an Ubuntu 12.04 base, a new default wallpaper, and a handy introduction slideshow for new users. Dream Studio uses a lowlatency-pae linux kernel, supporting both x86 and amd64 systems with up to 64GB of RAM. Read the official release announcement here

Have a great weekend! Dick MacInnis

Help choose an alternate UI for Dream Studio

Take a quick poll to help Dick MacInnis choose an alternate UI for Dream Studio.

Dream Studio (64-bit) 11.04 Official Release would like to thank everyone who has helped make Dream Studio 11.04 a resounding success, having quadrupled our user base in the 3 weeks since it's release. Thanks to community suggestions, we're proud to release our first fully 64-bit version today!

Dream Studio 11.04 Official Release

As Dream Studio (a multimedia linux distribution) approaches 5000 users, version 11.04 is released today. This is the third official release of Dream Studio