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Project BlackDog Skills Contest $50,000 Grand Prize Winner Named

Realm Systems has announced that Terry Bayne is the Grand Prize winner of the Project BlackDog Skills contest. He won $50,000 for his work on "Kibble," a tool for building integration solutions between the host PC and the BlackDog device using a SOAP-based RPC mechanism to send arbitrary (LUA) code to be executed on the host PC from the BlackDog. A panel of judges from such firms as HP and Avaya determined that Kibble won for its originality, value, and functionality.

My desktop OS: Slackware 10.2

I've used Linux since 1999. I started with SUSE 6.4, but soon moved to Slackware because I wanted to learn how to administer an enterprise server. I then decided to try it on the desktop to improve my Linux knowledge. My experience with Slackware has been both demanding and amazing.

IBM Takes #1 Position in UNIX Server Revenue, Leads Blade Server Revenue

-- 02/22/2006 -- Gartner, Inc. today reported that IBM is first in worldwide server revenue for the eleventh consecutive quarter, first in UNIX® server revenue with the top position in both the fourth quarter 2005 and full-year 2005, and the number one position in blade server revenue for 2005.

Microsoft rivals file complaint with EU

A group of Microsoft Corp.'s rivals filed a complaint with the European Commission on Wednesday, alleging its business practices threatened to deny real choice among competing software products.

The European Committee for Interoperable Systems -- which includes International Business Machines Corp., Oracle Corp., RealNetworks Inc., Nokia Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc. -- said it was asking EU regulators to end practices that reinforced Microsoft's existing monopolies and extended its market dominance into current and future product markets.

Demand for Linux servers reaches record levels

  •; By Robert Jaques (Posted by tadelste on Feb 22, 2006 5:55 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Global demand for Linux servers reached record levels in the last quarter of 2005 to account for $1.6bn in quarterly revenue, the 14th consecutive quarter of double-digit growth, IDC reported today.

The analyst firm's latest Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker noted that the stellar market performance of Linux servers was marked by year-over-year revenue growth of 20.8 per cent.

Linux server revenues for the full year were $5.7bn, putting it in third place for the first time from an operating system perspective.

Unabated Monopolist: Microsoft faces another anti-trust suit

Microsoft, still mired in arguments with the European Commission as to whether or not it has complied with EC demands, faces yet more court action. Tangent Computer has filed suit in the court of Northern California asking for damages against Microsoft for damaging its business.

Chinese Syndrome: Free software takes users around filters

  • University at Buffalo The Spectrum (Posted by tadelste on Feb 22, 2006 5:41 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
A decade ago, China blocked access to three overseas Web sites -- two pro-democracy sites and one devoted to Maoist ideals the government had abandoned in favor of capitalism, according to Michael Robinson, an American computer engineer who helped connect China to the Internet. Today, studies show thousands of Web sites are blocked. But even as the list of banned sites has grown, accessing them is getting easier.

Linux in Government: SA tax man eyes desktop Linux

The South African Revenue Service has issued a tender for a proof of concept Linux desktop solution for the tax-collecting government department with a R355 billion ($58 billion) revenue. While SARS admits that the challenges of moving to Linux on the desktop are numerous, a successful proof of concept could see 14 000 desktops running Windows migrated to Linux.

Tonight on The Linux Link Tech Show

Tonight on The Linux Link Tech Show, episode 124:
We talk to X-Files/Lone Gunman actor Dean Haglund
Fighting Microsoft FUD
Bashpodder goodness
We have passes available for the LWE in Boston in April
And much, much more

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Next GPLv3 conference announced

The next GPLv3 conference has been announced on info-gplv3 mailing list and will be held as part of the Free Software Forum 7.0 in Porto Alegra/RS, Brazil from April 19th to April 22nd.

Almost perfect

The biweekly german c’t magazine compared several socket 939 mainboards with built-in graphics, and, according to c’t mag, Linux just runs fine on it.

Timesys Webinars to Address Key Embedded Linux Development Issues

Range from a get-started overview for those new to embedded Linux to highly-focused sessions covering advanced topics

Patch testing

Critical to the concept of patch management is testing. When applied indiscriminately, patches can override working drivers, break existing software, and change the links to key files. They may introduce new features that override services on which you rely. Best practices suggest that you test every patch before installing it on production computers. Ideally, you'll have one or more extra computers available for this purpose.

YubNub: A command line for the Web

Tired of dragging your mouse from one Web site to another, trying to get to the best of the Web? Give YubNub a run. Its name means "hooray" in Ewok, and it might just make you jump for joy. Its developer, Jon Aquino, calls YubNub the URL command line of the Web OS. It provides a portal to hundreds of searchable Web sites.

Howto: Recovering grub boot loader password

If you have, a password protected grub boot loader and you forgot both root and grub password, then you can recover grub-boot loader password with the help of Knoppix Live CD.

The Politics of Honest Voting

It's time to replace the politics of secrecy and cover-ups in voting with the politics of open source.

Free software movement heads for Nairobi

Free software developers and advocates from across the African continent will be heading for Nairobi in Kenya this week as they gather for the second Free Sofware and Open Source Foundation for Africa conference. Keynote speakers during the opening day of the conference will include Ubuntu's Mark Shuttleworth as well representatives of Google.

Ubuntu Linux distros achieve feature-freeze alphas

The fourth alpha release (known as Flight 4) of the upcoming Ubuntu Linux 6.04 "Dapper Drake" is now available for download, the South Africa-based project announced this week. This is the feature-freeze version of Dapper Flight.

Oracle would be smart to love Sleepycat

With the dust settling on Oracle's Sleepycat Software acquisition, attention has focused on the future open source developers and products can expect in the closed source camp.

IBM Subpoenas Microsoft! Sun! Baystar in the SCO case

  • Groklaw; By Pamela Jones (Posted by bstadil on Feb 21, 2006 9:58 PM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM
Hold on to your hats! IBM has subpoenaed Microsoft! And Sun! At last, we're getting to the core of the matter. We're going to get to find out the whole story. Microsoft need to (show and) tell about Darl's communication in May of 2003 "with Steven Ballmer regarding SCO's rights to the UNIX operating system". Oh, and IBM would like to hear about "Microsoft's business strategy regarding Linux", and they'd like to chat about the Caldera antitrust litigation against Microsoft too. including those shredded documents.

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