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Build DocBook XML in Eclipse

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Nathan A. Good (Posted by IdaAshley on Jun 26, 2007 12:40 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Eclipse, IBM
DocBook XML is a library of standard XML tags you can use to write stylesheets for generating almost any output. Learn how to use DocBook XML and the Eclipse IDE together to create reusable technical documentation that you can easily distribute in most formats.

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Review: Yoggie Pico personal firewall

Yoggie's innovative Yoggie Pico may well be the first hardware firewall that is truly practical for mobile workers running Windows-based computers. The device appears to work well, except for a simplistic web-based user interface that may not satisfy technical users.

Firefox Add-ons: Coding in a Tunnel

Firefox add-ons, or extensions, are small programs that run inside the browser in order to customize some behaviors. In theory, it is possible to develop and maintain a multilingual, multiversion and multiOS Firefox add-on. In practice, there are many obstacles to overcome in order to create and to maintain a working Firefox add-on in one language for one Firefox version and for one OS.

Open News Podcast Episode 18 Released

This week on Open News REHL 5 Goes Undercover, OSI Cracks Down On Open Source Misuse, and Moonlight For Linux.

Google calls for more limits on Microsoft

  • - Financial Times of London online; By Richard Waters (Posted by dinotrac on Jun 25, 2007 7:42 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Microsoft, Linux; Story Type: News Story
OK - Not Linux, but interesting anyway. Google has gone over the heads of the Justice Department and directly petitioned a federal judge to expand the reach of consent decree imposed upon Microsoft as a result of the federal antitrust litigation.

New Zealand honors Open Source with awards

New Zealand honors those making contributions to Open Source by presenting the first New Zealand Open Source Awards. Nominations are open until Aug. 17 for organisations, projects or individuals. One prize in each category will be awarded Oct. 17.

KDE Built For Speed -- Vector Linux 5.8 SOHO

Back in January I wrote a review of Vector Linux 5.8 Standard. The fact that as I write this, over five months later, that review is still in the O’Reillynet Blogs Hot 25 says a lot about just how much interest there is in this up and coming Canadian distribution, a user friendly derivative of Slackware. Back when I wrote that review I talked about the three different flavors of Vector Linux. Standard, with a default Xfce desktop, can be compared to Xubuntu in some ways while SOHO, it’s big brother with a default KDE desktop, is more directly comparable to Kubuntu. The implication is that the same code base is used in both.

Standards, Virtual Worlds and The Big Question

  • Standards Blog; By Andy Updegrove (Posted by Andy_Updegrove on Jun 25, 2007 4:56 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
It was not so long ago that most kids in school experienced a predictable "Oh Wow!" moment when they learned about atomic structure (that's "Oh Wow!" as in, "What if our solar system is, like, you know, just an 'atom' in this, like, really big 'molecule' thing called a galaxy and…"). Today, of course, that Oh Wow! moment is more likely to be sparked by a video game or, more recently, a visit to a virtual world.

DebConf 7 positions Debian for the future

At last week's DebConf 7 Debian Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, nearly 400 attendees had a chance to meet and socialise after years of working together online. They attended more than 100 talks and events, ranging from an update by the current and former Debian Project Leaders to a group trip to the Isle of Bute, off the opposite coast of the country.

Developer Tricks: VideoLAN VLC Media Player

VLC is unique among Windows players in that it doesn't require installed codecs and drivers to play back media content. Why this approach? VLC originates in the Unix/Linux world where there's no such a thing as Windows codecs. It has been designed to use built-in decoding algorithms from the beginning. Some of the codecs were also developed within the VideoLAN project (e.g. libmpeg2), but most of the codecs are now coming from FFMPEG or other external open source libraries. VLC is cross platform, of course. What does it take to enable that support? We use the same Unix-centric build-system for all platforms. Support for Windows is very time-consuming of its own. Nowadays, we use BuildBot ( to automatically test and detect build failures on different platforms.

Brew Embedded Hamlets and network-enabled coffee

Read on to find out how to use Hamlets to write Web-based user interfaces for embedded devices running OSGi.

Fedora Weekly News Issue 93

Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 93 for the week of June 17th through June 23rd, 2007.

Akademy 2007 Sponsors Announced

This Friday will see KDE contributors and our friends arriving from around the world to take part in the KDE World Summit in Glasgow. It costs a lot of money to host a conference of this size, but as in previous years our industry partners have stepped up and made it possible through generous sponsorship.

FireFTP: FTP client extension for Firefox

Why bother using a dedicated FTP client when you can use FireFTP? This nifty extension turns Firefox into a full-fledged FTP tool, so you can transfer files back and forth without leaving the browser. FireFTP offers all the features you'd expect from a decent FTP client.

Wubi: Ubuntu Installer for Windows

I came across this program that will install Ubuntu on a windows system just like any other application. I have not had the time try it out yet and it is still in beta so fair warning. It is licensed under the GPL though. - Scott

Report: Measuring Linux and Open Source

As Linux continues to move into the enterprise data center, its power and speed are often touted as being stronger and faster compared to other operating systems. But how much faster? And what numbers are used to determine its performance? One decades-old organization has already explored the paths of computer measurement, and is hoping to lend Linux the benefits of the trails it has already blazed.

Linux helps raise funds for a million soccer balls

Although Linux geeks are not often found on the sports field, this week Linux computers will help in a fund raiser to donate a million soccer balls to improve children's lives through sport. Canada-based Omni Technology Solutions, Novell South Africa, Userful, and Pinnacle Micro have teamed up to provide Linux desktop computers for the "Let's Play a Million" South African telethon on June 27.

Terracotta cracks Oracle pricing

An antidote to through-the-roof pricing. A tiny open source company is lining up to become the latest roadblock to database vendors happily charging enterprises fat software licenses.

Introducing the Thunar file manager

Since its inception, the Xfce desktop environment has aimed to provide high functionality with only modest demands on system resources, with the overarching goal of leaving more facilities for the user to run applications. One of the significant changes in recent releases of Xfce 4 is the Thunar file manager, which replaces the original xffm. Thunar does a good deal to advance the goals of its parent project: it's fast and lean, especially by today's standards of hardware, yet it offers rich functionality. Like its namesake, Thunor, the Saxon god of thunder, Thunar is much smaller than "giants" like Konqueror and Nautilus, yet powerful in its own right. If you want some of the functionality afforded by the GUI file managers of the larger desktop environments, but with less overhead, Thunar may fit your needs.

Installing And Working With Xoops Under Ubuntu 6.10

  • HowtoForge; By Julius Heins (Posted by falko on Jun 25, 2007 5:26 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Ubuntu
I want to show you how to install Xoops on Ubuntu. I used the Ubuntu 6.10 Server Edition, but it will probably work on other systems as well. Xoops is a modern Content-Management-System which can be extended with a variety of modules.

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