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Mozilla opens Calendar testing to user community

Mozilla Corp. is preparing to release updates to its calendar applications for Sunbird and Lightning early next month. Before then, developers hope to get "lots of eyeballs" on it by inviting users to participate in Calendar Community Test Day on Tuesday, August 22.

Interview: Six Things You Didn't Know About Firefox Extensions

To many, a Firefox extension is more magic than technology, and the process by which it is developed and used is shrouded in mystery. To find out more about Firefox extensions and their capabilities, Jem Matzan asked some extension-related questions of the Mozilla Foundation's technology strategist, Mike Shaver.

Open-source Vendors Take Aim at Exchange, Notes

SAN FRANCISCO--Two vendors of open-source collaboration tools released new versions of their software at LinuxWorld, renewing their efforts to challenge the dominance of Exchange and Notes.

Introduction to Spring 2 and JPA

Java server applications need not be difficult and tedious to create. Now in its second generation, the lightweight Spring framework adds a large suite of features that make it simple for even new server application developers to use. One key enhancement is Spring 2's integration with the Java Persistence API (JPA), a cornerstone of the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3.0 specification. In this tutorial, learn how to create server applications from scratch using the Spring 2 framework.

Linux Education Gap?

The rules of good panel etiquette get kind of twisted at places like LinuxWorld, where audience members don't so much raise questions as share, ahem, points of view. But actually, that's a good thing.

Start-up Sets New Bar in Green Machines

Movidis Inc. introduces Revolution x16 Server

Fossystems open source auction spree contest.

Today is debuting its first official auction spree contest. For the next month those who register and sign up for the newsletter are entered to win a 500.00 dollar shopping spree on Fossystems. The winner will be announced Saturday September 19th, 2006.

Why Open Source Matters to Apple

The open source revolution has shaken the slowly crumbling foundations of closed source software, and while it hasn't taken over completely just yet, the tide is beginning to turn in its favor. Your normal everyday user may not really understand or appreciate what open source means, but that doesn't mean that they're not experiencing the effects of it.

Linux job market sizzles

Strong demand for Linux professionals outpaced overall job growth during the past year, according to IT job clearinghouse As of August 1, job listings for Linux-experienced tech pro's have jumped 36 percent so far this year, and 55 percent from 12 months ago, the service reports.

Interview with Fedora Project Leader Max Spevack

Slashdot published an interview with Fedora Project leader Max Spevack where he answers questions on everything from what has changed since the birth of Fedora Project and its goals, driver support in Linux up to what he considers the worst aspect of the Fedora.

Open-Source Licenses Get Categorized, Not Ranked

The OSI's report on open-source license proliferation fails to rank licenses, but rather puts them in three broad categories.

HeapAnalyzer v1.4.2 for Java on Linux Released

HeapAnalyzer version 1.4.2, a graphical tool for discovery of Java heap leaks, is an update that fixes defects in the Java profiler parser

The Linux Desktop Myth

Someone's personal take on why Linux is not more popular than it is and that person's "how I came to use Linux" story.

GPL 3 Lawyer Has His Regrets

  •; By Sean Kerner (Posted by red5 on Aug 18, 2006 8:15 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: GNU, HP
Few topics are as contentious in the Linux world as GPL 3 (define), the general public license that details how many open source software programs can be used. During a session at the LinuxWorld conference here, Free Software Foundation counsel and co-author of the GPL 3 draft, Eben Moglen, explained the current status of the license draft discussion as well as some of the more contentious issues surrounding it.

Problems forwarding X over SSH

  • Linux DevCenter; By Juliet Kemp (Posted by dcparris on Aug 18, 2006 7:00 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: GNU, Linux
A few weeks back I found that, for some reason, one of my machines wasn’t allowing X forwarding over SSH (which is normally run as standard within my local environment, since I have lots of users who at least occasionally run graphical stuff on multiple machines).

Developing effective slide shows

For many, returning to classes means returning to slide shows. Once used mainly in business, today slide shows are equally important in education. Students use them in portfolios to share their mastery of a subject, and many consider them a basic requirement for class presentations. Yet, despite the ubiquitousness of slide shows, few people use them well. Here are some tips to help you improve your presentation skills.

Why is Linux Successful?

The success of Linux over the past 15 years boils down to a few key factors, according to a panel of Linux luminaries.They also made some strong statements as to why Linux has succeeded where BSD failed, as well as noted the conditions required for Linux to succeed in the years to come.

Blue-chip multinationals opt for open source

European food giant, the Kepak Group, and global gas company, The BOC Group have contracted Surrey-based open source service provider, Sirius Corporation to deploy a range of open source software (OSS) solutions.

Can Novell's horse win the derby?

After years of struggle, things are looking up for Novell in bible-belt land. With SLED and SLES 10, the company might just take on its biggest rival, Microsoft.

Best practices for Eclipse model-driven development

The ability to create templates to codify best practices (that generate artifacts) is a powerful concept that can save you countless hours and reduce tedious coding. Get an introduction to the code generation framework, JET, which is an Eclipse technology project, that we expect many developers will use in their endeavors.

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