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Firefox 3 alpha available

It's not that long since Firefox 2 appeared, but the Mozilla Foundation is already hard at work on Firefox 3. The first alpha release of Firefox 3, code name "Gran Paradiso," is already out.

Xubuntu Gets Edgy

Edgy Eft (version 6.10), the second release of Xubuntu, a variant of Ubuntu Linux built around the Xfce4 desktop and designed to be lightweight, was released in October. I’ve been using it since then and I’ve been impressed. The bugs and rough edges seen in the first release, Dapper Drake (6.06) are gone and the end result is a solid, reliable distribution that’s a pleasure to use.

Basic tips for Linux programming

  • Hari's Corner; By V. Harishankar (Posted by J_K9 on Dec 13, 2006 7:36 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
If you're new to Linux programming, then you might be interested in considering these aspects before you start your wonderful journey. Especially if you've programmed in Windows, you might want to change some of your ideas, so that you minimize the “culture” shock you experience when you encounter completely different ideas and ways of thinking. Here are some of my tips, based on common questions asked in forums about Linux programming especially from experienced Windows programmers.

Red Hat: Customers are not afraid of Microsoft

Executive sees opportunities despite recent challenges to its position from Microsoft and Oracle.

Red Hat: Vista is an opportunity

Red Hat has had something of a bumpy ride in the last two months. First, Oracle launched a competitive threat to the open-source supplier, then Microsoft inked a deal with Linux distributor Novell.

Palm Beach County Turns to Novell to Secure and Manage Its Network

Novell Identity and Desktop Management Solution Pays for Itself, Reducing Helpdesk Calls by 90 Percent and IT Travel by 75 Percent

Novell: in it for the interop, not the money

A jointly sponsored Microsoft and Novell survey purporting strong customer support for the companies’ controversial alliance looks like back firing on Novell. While the poll of 201 IT executives with “significant” purchasing power found near unanimous support for interoperability between Linux and Windows, relatively few said they’d actually pick Novell’s SuSE Linux Server (SLES) as a result of the deal.

Video: Lars Knoll and George Staikos on KHTML and WebKit

Yahoo! user interface blog hosts an interview video with Lars Knoll and George Staikos on KHTML and WebKit. The video features the history of Konqueror (first 10 minutes) as well as the current development situation (next 10 minutes), an outlook about the possible future and of course a short demo presenting Qt4-WebKit accessing the Yahoo! page and rendering it nicely (last 10 minutes). You need Flash to view the page - if you don't have Flash, read a short summary of the interview.

Crossing the OS Divide With Linux

I spent the last few weeks determining whether I could use Linux as a serious working environment rather than as the interesting distraction it first appeared to be. My computing tasks are very different from corporate entities using Linux servers to run company networks. I discovered that Linux is a very reliable replacement for the Windows and Mac platforms.

BEA Announces Latest Releases of Industry's Leading Foundation for Enterprise Java and SOA

Attendees at BEAWorld in Beijing this week can get a sneak peak at WebLogic Server 10 before it becomes generally available in the first calendar quarter of 2007. The new release will implement the latest Java specifications including Java Enterprise Edition 5 (Java EE 5) and Enterprise Java Beans 3.0 (EJB 3.0), as well as feature several additional enhancements designed to help customers simplify the development of applications and services while achieving next-to-zero downtime. Among these features is enhanced support for Web Services, significant control and security improvements and better interoperability with both leading proprietary and open-source platforms.

Linux and free software to power Sierra Leone radio

Community radio stations in Sierra Leone and in other emerging democracies may well soon be powered by Campcaster 1.1, free and open source software that turns a PC running the free Linux operating system into an essential tool for radio broadcasting. Campcaster 1.1, code-named "Freetown", was released last week by developers Media Development Loan Fund (MDLF). This week members of MDLF are in Sierra Leone providing training to community users.

Unisys Open Source Migration Helps UK Brokerage Streamline ...

Unisys Corporation recently architected and managed a migration to an open source solution that has delivered dramatic benefits for UK stock brokerage firm Redmayne-Bentley. By moving its hardware platform, operating system and applications to a Linux environment on Unisys ES7000/one Enterprise Servers, Redmayne-Bentley has achieved a tenfold increase in processing power, an 88 percent reduction in overnight processing times and significantly enhanced security.

'world's largest contact centre company' chooses open source IP ...

Asterisk, the open source IP PBX software, has scored a resounding endorsement from one of its resellers, Aspect Software - which claims to be the world's largest company solely focused on the contact centre - is being used for Aspect's new corporate headquarters, with 500 users.

Review: Shuttle XPC SN27P2 barebones desktop system

A few weeks ago, I decided to start looking for a new system. After a fair amount of searching, I settled on a Shuttle XPC SN27P2 barebones system that includes the case, motherboard, and power supply. Since it's hard to find information about supported hardware under Linux, I thought I'd share my experience with the XPC. It's a tiny system that can pack a hefty punch, and it's a good system for users who want to run Linux.

MSXML Is Not an Open Standard

ECMA has approved Microsofts Office OpenXML and is about to submit it to the ISO/IEC for consideration as an open standard. However, as it currently stands, this format cannot be considered a proper Open Standard.

Linux Contributors Mark Year-End With Major Serviceability Improvements

kdump and SystemTap Enhancements to Increase Serviceability in Production Systems

Linux radio suite powers independent broadcasters

Communities in countries such as Sierra Leone will soon be using Linux and the recently released Campcaster 1.1 software to build community broadcasting efforts. Campcaster is free software built on Linux for independent radio stations.

Debian: server yes, desktop no's executive editor recently decided to retire Red Hat 7 after seven years of loyal service as his home LAN's firewall/router OS. This article chronicles his trials and tribulations as he presses "pure Debian" into service, first as a server and then as a Linux desktop.

Signals as a Linux Debugging Tool

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Madhavan Srinivasan (Posted by IdaAshley on Dec 13, 2006 9:49 AM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM, Linux; Story Type: News Story
By focusing on the analysis of data captured using signal handlers, you can speed up the most time-consuming part of debugging: finding the bug. This article gives a background on Linux signals with examples specifically tested on PPC Linux, then goes on to show how to design your handlers to output information that lets you quickly home in on failed portions of code.

The Penguin in the Sandbox (Part 2)

Last week we flew over the virtualization landscape and got a peek at the lay of the land. Today we'll look at some of the Linux applications for implementing virtualization: Xen, User-Mode Linux, VMWare, chroot jails, and OpenVZ.

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