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Microsoft Pushes XP For One Laptop Per Child Project

Microsoft wants to rule the world, even Third World countries where $100 laptops for children will soon be prevalent. In a move bound to spark controversy, Microsoft announced it wants Windows XP to be installed in the computers for the project One Laptop Per Child (OLPC). The software giant wants to extend its reach by bringing XP to the XO laptop, a low-cost Linux laptop available to developing countries for around $100. Microsoft is requesting XO designers add a port to boost the storage capacity via an SD card so Windows XP can run on the system. The XO can only hold 1GB of flash memory, but Microsoft says XP could run on 2GB total memory.

Linux kernel patch bypasses Barcelona/Phenom bug

On a mailing list of its 64-bit Linux web page, AMD has released a first description of the TLB bug which affects all current K10 processors, namely Phenoms and Barcelonas. "Erratum 298" is to be described in detail in the next edition of the Revision Guide for AMD Family 10h Processors. The current version 3.00 does not list the bug.

The Need for Easy Backups in Linux

Right now, setting up a backup system to keep their data safe is easy enough for advanced users, but many people still will not bother to backup unless simple tools are put right in front of them. With Leopard promoting its Time Machine, it is time for Linux distributions to start including an easy to use and pre-configured backup solution.

Ts’o what’s new at the Linux Foundation?

Ted Ts’o, a Linux kernel file maintainer who works for IBM outside Boston, will spend the next two years with the Linux Foundation as chief platform strategist. Linux Foundation CEO Jim Zemlin is what the Brits call “over the moon” about getting him. “It’s rare to have this level of technical expertise, the ability to engage on any level, and the ability to engage substantively on a business conversation, and conversations about marketing, and about building ecosystems. That’s an ultra-rare skillset.”

Linux Phone Standards Forum Completes Release of 1.0 Specifications

The Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum has announced completion of the LiPS Release 1.0 specifications, fulfilling the commitment announced in earlier of this year. With this release, LiPS enables mobile industry players to achieve basic interoperability for applications and services deployed on Linux-based phones, benefiting Linux-based software stack suppliers, mobile device OEMs and regional and global telecom operators.

Enea Linux Competence Center Established

New Enea Linux Competence Center Established to Address Growing Demand for Reliable Linux Systems and Services.

Cashing in on open source projects the eBay way

Can eBay hold the SourceForge secret to making money out of open source software?

7 Versions Of WINE Benchmarked

The WINE project is going on 15 years in existence, and two years ago, it finally went into beta. Through the beta stage, there has been a consistent release about every two weeks, which often brings a fair number of improvements to this software for running Windows programs on Linux (and other operating systems). Sparked by curiosity as to how the performance of WINE is affected release by release, we have gone through and benchmarked the past seven releases. While this only represents the past four months of work by the WINE community, the results may surprise you.

Would you trust your bartender? What if your bartender was running under Windows XP?

  • (Posted by InTheLoop on Dec 8, 2007 5:40 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Humor
Comparing a list of gadgets that run Windows and a list of gadgets that run Linux I noticed that while the Linux list was populated with mobile devices, the Windows list was mostly... obscure junk, including an automated bartender that runs Windows XP. You know Windows XP is not stable enough for your desktop, so do you think it is stable enough for your bartender?

Webrunner becomes Mozilla Prism

The Mozilla-based, single-site "Web app" browser Webrunner, which we covered in July, was rebranded Mozilla Prism in October and moved to the Mozilla Labs site. Initially, Prism was only available for Windows, but Mac and Linux builds are now available.

Sage: a free, open-source complex math tool

  • TG Daily; By Rick C. Hodgin (Posted by jhansonxi on Dec 8, 2007 3:46 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups:
University of Washington - A former assistant professor from Harvard, now at UofW, Dr. William Stein, and several students, have created a new open-source complex math solving tool called Sage. It is an Internet-based graphical tool which allows the user to do basically anything mathematically, from "mapping a 12-dimensional object to calculating rainfall patterns under global warming."

Finnish developer uses Linux and OSS to move to market quickly

For Navicron, a wireless technology company launched in Oulu, Finland, in 2004, open source development means it can move products to market quicker and cheaper. Navicron is just beginning to reach out to the United States in search of a larger market. The company, which creates hardware and software for cell phones, recently opened an office in Texas so company representatives could be closer to potential vendor partners and venture capital in the States.

Linux is about to take over the low end of PCs

Sometimes, several unrelated changes come to a head at the same time, with a result no one could have predicted. The PC market is at such a tipping point right now and the result will be millions of Linux-powered PCs in users' hands.

Google's next web toolkit thinks it's better than you

GWT Conference Just as Microsoft wasbrushing aside claims that Volta, its latest .NET programming toolkit, is a Google Web Toolkit (GWT) clone, Google has disclosed how it plans to open the gap on rivals with the next release of its popular AJAX toolkit.

Commercial Sound And Music Software For Linux, Part 1

A Win/Mac developer recently asked me what I thought about his plan to create a binary of his application and sell it to interested Linux sound and music people. He asked with some trepidation, having already received a rather critical chorus of objection from some overly enthusiastic Linux users. This man's work is excellent and his software already runs nicely under Wine.

BusyBox Developers File GPL Infringement Lawsuit Against Verizon

The BusyBox developers, with the SFLC, are suing Verizon on the grounds that it is illegally distributing open-source software to its FiOS customers. The SFLC (Software Freedom Law Center) announced on Dec. 7 that it has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Verizon Communications on behalf of its clients, the two principal developers of BusyBox, alleging that Verizon has violated the GNU GPLv2 (General Public License version 2) in its fiber-optic Internet and television service, aka FiOS.

How to make a daily calendar with OOo

When I hear "mail merge," I usually think of personalizing letters and printing envelopes. However, many other projects can make use of mail merge. This year I tackled a new Christmas gift project by using mail merge in (OOo) to create a tear-off daily calendar, personalized with holidays and family events. Here's how.

Finding the right distro for my ThinkPad - Followup

Those of you that read my writeup about “Finding the right distro for my ThinkPad” may wonder how things went with the distros I ended up choosing after a few days of use and if I was able to resolve the few issues that I had found with them. So, as a follow up and for the benefit of those interested in trying out those distros I decided make this post.

Embedded Linux Seen as Ready For Prime Time

It's one thing for a vendor to claim that Linux is ready for the embedded development market. It's quite another to have a multi-year study involving hundreds of projects and over 1,300 developers report it. Embedded Market Forecasters (EMF) has revealed in a new report how effective embedded Linux has been for developers to develop projects. The report contrasts the use of non-supported, roll your own Linux, supported Linux efforts, as well as proprietary embedded operating systems like Symbian and Windows CE.

Manage your documents with Knowledge Tree

Knowledge Tree is an open source document management system (DMS) that helps enterprise users categorize, store, index, and share documents. It offers features like metadata editing, versioning, and WebDAV access, which make it a better choice than a simple file server for sharing documents. The open source edition of the PHP-based Knowledge Tree ships under GPLv3; a commercial version with some additional features and support bundled is also available. You can run Knowledge Tree on Linux, Windows, or any platform that can run Apache, MySQL and PHP. The commercial application also has a Windows client for non-Web access to the repository.

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