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Remove hidden data in Microsoft Word documents

From the ditzy blond jokes department, Kim tells us all about the safety and security of Microsoft Word. I wonder if any people in the intelligence community email Word Docs around. That could explain some leaks out of the White House.

So Kim writes: You probably e-mail business letters, resumes and personal documents as Word documents. But you may be telling people things that would make your hair curl. Unless you take extra steps, recipients of Word documents can easily see items deleted or modified.

For example, how about that letter you sent to Joe Jones? You first referred to him as a "sniveling creep." You changed that to "great guy." But Joe may know what you really think.

Another HTC PDA/phone boots Linux

Here is one way to build a market, almost literally stealing from Windows.

A PDA-like Windows Mobile phone has been successfully coaxed into running Linux. The "Universal," created by Taiwanese ODM HTC and re-sold under various brands, has successfully booted several Linux OSes, after a flurry of collaboration on a developer community forum.

[ED: I guess they began rejecting the shrink wrap license. I wonder if they got a OS refund? In any case, they should apply, since it could lower the cost to the customer - HC]

Free articles cover Linux kernel debugging tools, techniques

This caught my eye, due to my thinking the projects came out of Chinese efforts, however, not with a name like McGuire. He wrote these applications. Since McGuire is now teaching in China perhaps some return with be encouraged by just his presence.

"Software released under an open source license" is no longer news

We get tons of press releases touting the release of this or that program as open source. Thanks for letting us know, PR people. But you need to understand something: While we're glad your client or employer chose an open source license, it's such a common decision these days that it's no longer newsworthy in and of itself.

[ED: Anyone want to hazard a bet when we do the same? - HC]

2006 DPL debate, 16 March 2006 22:30 UTC

Debate in preperation for the election of the Debian Project Leader.

Caboodle Networks Launches Open Source Semantic Web-Based Search ...

Caboodle Networks has launched an open source search engine based upon semantic web standards. This new search engine, Kit, (available for free at is ideal for finding digital content and services otherwise poorly suited to discovery by traditional text-retrieval search engines the company claims. Kit can intelligently recommend related digital content such as games, music, images, and video, thereby truly leveraging the value hidden in the “long tail” of published content.

[ED: This will be usable only if we can stop those that want to lock everything up. These same types will wonder later why no one is buying their product. Hence, they offer no other solution than sueing the malefactor non-users or having government imposed charges to subsidize their ownership expenses plus a fair profit. Make sense, provided you own one. - HC]

Amino installs Firefox on set-top boxes

This may not be of universal interest, however, Firefox is being configured to be a base installation on set top boxes in the U.K. that are to appear later this year. Every niche adds to the total.

Survey shows Firefox is best browser, and Opera coming to Nintendo

As with all surveys, I tend to lean strongly skeptical despite having used Mozilla and Firefox now for years. Nonetheless, this is nice to read, since many voting are voicing a perception of a product they may have never used. Hence, it bodes well for the future and can entice others that may be either fearful or skeptical to give it a try.

Apache Webserver tutorials

  •; By Fernando Lopez (Posted by gg234 on Mar 4, 2006 8:39 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Debian, PHP
Apache Webserver tutorials [ED: These appear to be concentrated on the Debian Sarge (very stable) 3.1 server release. Impressive collection of detailed How-tos. - HC]

This is the complete apache webserver installation and configuration articles this inclueds apache2 installation with PHP and SSL support,Creating self cert,counter program,webalizer,awstats configuration and many more

Average Joe makes a wiki

Joe Brooks is your average 23-year-old capitalist and sick freak (a.k.a., fan of conservative radio talk show host Glenn Beck). He's not a geek, but he believes free software is a "great way to create software that the average Joe can use." Brooks proved that point recently, after becoming disgruntled with Wikipedia administrators who kept reverting posts made by Brooks and other Beck fans at the popular community encyclopedia Web site. Brooks, an open source neophyte, downloaded Mediawiki software, configured it, and started his own site called Glennpedia.

Ibm hopes open-source API will help speech recognition

IBM is set to launch open source software intended to improve the lot of web developers building voice-enabled applications.

An API is being released for download as part of the Eclipse Foundation's Voice Tools Project, which is based on the VoiceXML language for building voice-recognition systems.

Massachusetts CIO Warns EU of Software Policy Risks

  • (Posted by henke54 on Mar 4, 2006 2:04 AM EDT)
During a visit to Brussels this week, the former chief information officer of Massachusetts, Peter Quinn, warned audiences of MEPs, Commission officials and member state representatives about the dangers of losing Europe's cultural heritage. Presentation

Mozilla debates the FireFox user interface

The team at the helm of the 'Chrome' interface that is the front end for FireFox have been debating the best way to go about improving the browser for its next major release, version 2.0.

[ED: Be certain to check the first link, discussion by principle developers on what they see as the options, 2nd link is thinner and more from users' perspective - HC]

White hat approach to Search Engine Optimization

Marketing Web sites to search engines has become a business in itself, and many consultants, tools, and search engine optimization (SEO) sites are available to help your site do well in search engines. But if you want to take charge of it yourself -- you have to start with the basics. This article will give you the keys to friendly Search Engine Optimization and teach you how to organically optimize your Web site.

Blogs emerge as resource in job hunts

With the weird market conditions, happening to read of a potential opening might lead one to an unadvertised position or at worse be an early applicant. Nonetheless, the signal to noise ratio could incrediblely low. So read on concentrating on the voices and topics that interest you and you just might get lucky. Otherwise take a speed reading course or two.

And forget those stories in the media about blogs, wikies, etc being a passing fancy those are the articulated hopes of the source that only wishes (and propaganda) could make it true.

Net Neutrality vs. Net Neutering

The fight for Net Neutrality is for the place we call the Net. The fight against Net Neutrality is for a neutered Net biased toward carrying the next form of Cable TV. But what about the fact that most of us never have experienced Neutrality in the first place?

AOL Email Tax Fury: 2,000 Recruits Per Hour

The boneheaded idea probably sounded great in committee: If you charge unwanted senders a ransom to bypass your spam filters, you turn them from an enforcement headache to a paying customer. Unfortunately for AOL and Yahoo, the concept hasn't had the same resonance with the public. As a result, opponents are signing up thousands of troops, while AOL's recruiting direct email customers, and Yahoo's heading for the hills. The outcome will be great fodder for a Harvard Business School case study.

The Art of Enterprise Metaprogramming

  • IBM Developer Works (Posted by idean on Mar 3, 2006 9:20 PM EDT)
Enterprise metaprogramming is becoming more common all the time as graphical and textual utilities make programming tasks easier and more descriptive, all because of the continuing formalization process occurring under the Object Management Group's Model Driven Architecture (MDA). This article explores the limits of metaprogramming, describes MDA and the problems it can solve, and presents a short example of a textual system that uses MDA.

The knowledgeable way to manage documents

One of South Africa's top open source exports, KnowledgeTree, just keeps getting better. The document management system has added new workflow features, integration with Microsoft Office, and can help companies meet legislative and best practice compliance requirements with the release of version 3.0.

Better Linux Sales Aren't Enough to Halt Novell's Slide

Novell's Linux business continues to grow, but overall revenue continues to decline, and Red Hat's Linux business continues to outpace Novell's efforts.

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