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Microsoft tries evading new GPL grasp

Redmond says it's not a party to the new license. And those Suse Linux coupons won't get you any support guarantees.

RPMS: An Alternative to VistA

RPMS may be an alternative to VistA that you may want to consider. If one were looking to acquire and implement a comprehensive "open source" electronic health record (EHR) system, serious consideration should be paid to the Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) used by the Indian Health Service (IHS). RPMS is an adaptation of the VistA health information system originally developed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), modified to meet the needs of IHS.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Ghosts of Xenix Past

  • ServerWatch; By Brian Proffitt (Posted by alc on Jul 7, 2007 12:15 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linux
Various theories are circulating as to why Microsoft has been so gung-ho about intellectual property enforcement lately. I have opined about it myself in other venues, basically putting forth the theory that the staff at Redmond is running a bit scared right now as they watch Linux slowly encompass the server market.

IBM contributes software that predicts spread of emerging infectious diseases

eHealth News Portal is presenting a news article related to the last IBM announce that it has made available an advanced software technology that can help predict the transmission of diseases across countries and around the globe to the open source community. The tool will aid scientists and public health officials in understanding and planning more efficient responses to health crises, ultimately providing new tools for protecting population health.

AMD Invests in Ailing Chip Company Transmeta

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is investing US$7.5 million in energy-efficient chip company Transmeta Corp., which has been battling falling revenue and widening losses.

[Looks like Linus's former employer is being acquired by AMD. - Scott]

Video tip from RHCEs: Frozen SSH sessions

Red Hat Summit 2007 collected hundreds of Linux users all in one place–many of them experienced Red Hat Certified Engineers® (RHCE). And somewhere between all those smart people walking around–and our video crew shooting footage–the idea for some video tips was born.

Medwiki, the medical wiki

What happens when a fan of Free Software and wikies wish to motivate your girlfriend to her Medicine studies? You could think in many things but possibly not to create a multilanguage wiki about Medicine and human health to her, but was exactly that what I did, and I couldn't choose a best gift.

aKademy 2007: Summer of Code

On Tuesday, the Summer of Code BoF was held at aKademy 2007. I conducted an interview with Emanuele Tamponi about the session and his first experiences of aKademy.

AMD Makes Strategic Investment in Transmeta

Transmeta, the company Linus Torvalds once worked for in 1997 through 2003 has just announced an investment of $7.5 million from AMD in exchange for preferred stock.

Interview with FSFE President Georg Greve by Sean Daly

Sean Daly had the opportunity to meet up in Brussles with George Greve, President of the Free Software Foundation Europe, on July 2nd, and naturally he wanted to ask him about GPLv3. He also got Greve's views on what's wrong with Open XML, some news about the complaint ECIS, the European Committee For Interoperable Systems, has lodged with the European Commission, this time in the area of office and internet interoperability, how the FSFE's Freedom Task Force has been working out, and much more.

FTC Abandons Net Neutrality

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has decided to abandon net neutrality and allow telecoms companies to charge websites for access. Afraid of the potential stifling of information to you? Good. Then go to Save The Internet and see what you can do to fight. There are literally only days left for you to get your voice heard.

aKademy 2007: Tuesday Hack-a-thon

aKademy 2007 is continuing. Tuesday featured the Education Day and many smaller BoF sessions. In the meantime, hackers worked around-the-clock on various projects, both in the 'quiet' area and in the discussion area.

Open source activists aim to produce transparent federal budget information

Earlier this year, former US senator and presidential candidate Bill Bradley published The New American Story, a book about reforming the American agenda. As part of that process and as a public citizen, he has joined open source activists to produce a Web-based window into the US federal budget.

Linux: Reducing Power Consumption

"With all the tickless and other goodies going into the kernel in the last few months, there is a lot of hope that this helps Linux reduce power consumption," Arjan van de Ven began on the lkml, "and the good news is that it does... once you fix some bugs and fix a bunch of userspace applications." He referred to a promising graph generated utilizing the recently introduced PowerTOP utility, measuring power consumption before and after applying a series of related bug fixes.

Synfig experiments with 2-D animation

Synfig Studio is a 2-D animation program that uses vector graphics. Although it has only just released version 0.61.06-1, it is already approaching early maturity, with enough tools and innovations that professionals might seriously consider using it. The only real question about its future is the minor one of whether the developers can learn the difference between practical and merely arbitrary changes in standard interfaces and tools.

Linux Developers Considering Move to Eclipse

Linux and Eclipse leaders and programmers are trying to make Eclipse the IDE of choice for Linux software development.

aKademy 2007: KDE e.V. Meeting

aKademy 2007 goes on. Monday was filled mostly with the KDE e.V. meeting, and finished with a social event at the city chambers.

FCC Rules on FOSS and Software-Defined Radio

The Software Freedom Law Center, provider of pro-bono legal services to protect and advance Free and Open Source Software, today released a white paper that considers new U.S. Federal Communications Commission rules, which go into effect today, governing Software-Defined Radio devices.

Microsoft Tries to Spit Out the GPLv3 Hook

Try as it might, Microsoft could find it very hard to wiggle out of its GPLv3 connection.

Open Tuesday returns to Joburg

Open Tuesday is back with renewed vigour after a brief hiatus. Once again the Joburg open source community will have a chance to come out the computer screen and meet each other while learning a little bit more about local developments.

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