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Free software founder sits down for multidimensional interview

In this podcast interview with multidimensional adventurers Nearthwort Obtain, Richard Stallman, founder of the free software movement and the man who put the GNU into GNU/Linux, introduces the concept of free software, before offering some trenchant criticism of "amoral" Linus Torvalds and "evil" Steve Jobs. The interview continues with a discussion of the impact of free software on the evolution of human consciousness, and concludes with Stallman's reasons for his combative approach.

Vista too taxing but Linux on agenda

Inland Revenue has eschewed Microsoft Vista and will instead upgrade to Windows XP, while continuing to evaluate the merits of a switch to open source rival Linux.

Kubuntu 7.04 Alpha (Herd) 3 Screenshots

Feisty Fawn Herd 3 CD release brings with it many new and exciting applications. For this latest release of Kubuntu 7.04, usability looks to be the common theme. Besides usability there have been updates to many common applications as well as a changing in the default database application in Kubuntu. Feisty Fawn, the current name of the latest development branch of Kubuntu, will expand on the brand new infrastructure that has landed in Edgy as well as branching out in some exciting new directions. Feature development in the Feisty Fawn release will be improvements to hardware support in the laptop, desktop and high-end server market, and aggressive adoption of emerging desktop technologies. - Screenshots of Kubuntu 7.04 Alpha 3 are available at

Debian Project Leader Elections 2007: Call for nominations

Prospective leaders should be familiar with the constitution, but, just to review: there's a three week period when interested developers nominate themselves, followed by a three week period with no nominations [intended for campaigning], followed by three weeks for the election itself.

Vista "Blinded" by poor code - planning

Well, it is starting to get good and you and I have front row seats to this rockem-sockem display, except when the bell rings, we are in for a treat. The spectators are going to fold themselves between the ropes, enter the ring and start slogging away themselves.

XML::Simple for Perl developers

XML has become pervasive in the computing world and is buried more and more deeply into modern applications and operating systems. It's imperative for the Perl programmer to develop a good understanding of how to use it.

How To Tell The Open Source Winners From The Losers

There are 139,834 open source projects under way on SourceForge, the popular open source hosting site. Five years from now, only a handful of those projects will be remembered for making lasting contributions--most will remain in niches, unnoticed by the rest of the world. For every Linux, Apache, or MySQL, dozens of other open source efforts fizzle out.

Overclocking, The Natural Way

Over the weekend a blizzard has hit Michigan causing sub-zero temperatures, inches of snow, and zealous winds. This winter weather has caused the closing of shopping centers and community activities; public transportation systems and the Gerald R. Ford International Airport have also come to a halt. However, we took this opportunity to make the best of it with natural sub-zero overclocking. With the Abit AW9D i975X motherboard, an Intel Pentium 4 processor, 2GB of OCZ's Flex XLC PC2-9200 memory, and cooling provided by Mother Nature, we set off on a spontaneous overclocking adventure. Have you ever seen a motherboard in a snow-bank? We sure have.

One Laptop Per Child: XO Phase 2 Progress

  •; By kocio (Posted by michux on Feb 4, 2007 2:15 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: GNU
One Laptop Per Child project is currently working on the “Build 2″ (B2) release of their “XO” laptop. The first pieces of the B1 series have been produced in November last year. The B2 prototypes are planned to be delivered to the interested countries for practical testing this month. During this period of time, there have been some noticeable changes in the XO project. We are going to cover the essential ones here.

Mixed Languages in One Project Part 1

  •; By Jason (Jay) R. Fink (Posted by jayrfink on Feb 4, 2007 1:17 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: GNU, Linux
Many projects require different languages as either separate or integral parts of the overall project impetus. Indeed some coding projects have code that generates code for other parts of the projects. Most common among such tools is using lexical builders to create code to be compiled. In this text an example project that uses several different languages for it's components and the problems that can crop up with using several different languages in one project.

Let's Lisp again

Lisp is one of the oldest and best-loved programming languages around, but it gets relatively little attention from programmers despite its flexibility and power. Now the organisers of the 2007 International Lisp Conference hope to raise the language’s profile by inviting entries for their latest programming contest.

Open Source Is democratising Knowledge

In September 1991, when Linux Torvalds (sic), a student at the University of Helsinki in Finland, released 10,000 lines of code on the Internet, nobody could have believed that it would spark off a revolution.

[I know what your thinking, but at least they are writing and talking about it. - Scott]

PostgreSQL Shows How Open Source Support Can Be Hard To Come By

Companies may want a solid, for-profit vendor providing support when they embrace an open source project. One shortcut to checking on a support company's qualifications is to find how many of a project's core developers, the ones who commit code to the code base, are employed by the support firm. But the history of support for the PostgreSQL database offers a cautionary tale.

Php forum systems inherit phpBB vulnerability

A hacker using the pseudonym Xoron (real name Mehmet Ince) has disclosed on mailing lists that there are such vulnerabilities in Omegaboard, Cerulean Portal System, phpBB Tweaked, Hailboards, EclipseBB and Xero Portal. Exploits are available for some forum systems that could permit an attacker to remotely upload and execute arbitrary malicious code on affected systems.

The Machine Stops: IPV6 and the Growth of the Internet

  • Free Software Magazine; By Gary Richmond (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Feb 3, 2007 5:44 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
How could Gutenberg and Caxton have known that the invention of the printing press would be a massive force for the democratisation of knowledge and central to the transformation of a feudal society into the beginnings of a recognisably modern world via the Renaissance and the Reformation? The ability of printing presses to produce a massive volume of information, especially on religion and science, helped to break the elitist monopoly of the Roman Catholic Church.

One Company's Search For The Perfect Open Source Software

H&R Block wanted a flexible, easy- to-use document management system to capture clients' tax documents and move them digitally to its tax preparers' offices. It considered commercial products, such as FileNet and Documentum. But H&R Block CIO Marc West eventually directed the team to focus on open source options, since the cost of putting commercial options in 13,000 fields offices wouldn't fly.

10 technical articles from IBM.

IBM has published the following new technical articles, tutorials, and downloads on its DeveloperWorks and AlphaWorks websites. They cover a range of interesting (though not necessarily embedded) technical topics, primarily related to Linux and open source system development. Some require free registration.

Vista Home Editions Won't Run On Mac, Linux Virtual Machines

Mac owners and Linux users hoping to run Windows Vista using virtual machine software had better own the Business or Ultimate editions of the new operating system, according to Microsoft's licensing terms. The end-user license agreements governing both the Home Basic and Home Premium editions of the OS specifically forbid users from booting the software "within a virtual (or otherwise emulated) hardware system." The blanket prohibitions don't apply to the higher-end editions of Windows Vista.

DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Claire Hong and Renata Kupresak (Posted by solrac on Feb 3, 2007 1:55 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: IBM, Linux
You'll learn about how to configure DB2 databases, how locking and isolation levels work within DB2, and how to recover a corrupted database. This tutorial is designed for developers with little or no knowledge of DB2.

KDE releases maintenance update

The KDE Project this week released version 3.5.6, a maintenance update to the popular free desktop for Linux and UNIX. KDE now supports 65 languages, making it available to more people than most non-free software.

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