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Magnatune: We're not as evil as we could be

  • NewsForge (Posted by dave on Nov 19, 2005 12:30 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Magnatune is the Internet record company that rejoices in the slogan "We are not evil." One of the key planks of Magnatune's business model has been its commitment to what it calls "Open Music":

Third Firefox release candidate imminent

The third and potentially final release candidate of Firefox 1.5 is fast approaching launch, according to Mozilla Europe on Thursday morning.

"Release candidate three will happen very soon — in the next few hours or days," said Tristan Nitot, the president of Mozilla Europe.

16 papers on real-time and embedded Linux

  • LinuxDevices (Posted by dave on Nov 18, 2005 11:55 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story is pleased to publish the proceedings from the Seventh Real-Time Linux Workshop held in Lille, France, November 3-4, 2005, at the University for Science and Technology of Lille (USTL). The papers span a broad range of topics, ranging from fundamental real-time technologies to applications, hardware, and tools.

As usual, the conference was organized by the Real-Time Linux Foundation. The links below will lead you to a summary of each talk, and to a link for downloading the associated paper (PDF file). Enjoy . . . !

MIT's Free Patent Online Course

  • Groklaw; By Pamela Jones (Posted by tuxchick on Nov 18, 2005 11:23 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Groklaw's akStan found something truly useful. He was looking for a paper on symmetrical-components analysis of three phase electricity, he tells me, but he found a patent course instead, on MIT's Open Courseware web page.

Dr. Robert Rines, who has been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, taught the class from his book, Create or Perish, and the book is available, by chapters as PDFs. The course homepage has a graphic showing Thomas Edison's 1879 patent application for an "Improvement in Electric Lights." The final chapter is interesting, because he talks about some of the problems with the patent system, but you know about all that already. What is probably the most valuable chapter for us to read is the one on how patent law works, chapter 3 [PDF]. It explains what can and can't be patented. They keep stretching that line, of course.

Linux for Video Production

The GStreamer technology at the heart of PiTiVi has been in development for six years. It provides a means of stringing together different components to satisfy various multimedia needs. As an example, an application can read in a file, send it through a decoder plugin, run it through an effects plugin, and then display it to the screen or create an encoded file. GStreamer provides a comprehensive means of hooking together these different plugins in an infinite number of combinations. The plugin architecture opens up the development process to allow anyone to make GStreamer plugins for a range of different needs

'Nightmare' drove desperate user to open source

  • Computerworld; By Rodney Gedda (Posted by tuxchick on Nov 18, 2005 10:17 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
"We saved seven salaries worth over one year. It was so dramatic they gave me a big raise and I was promoted from system administrator to IT manager. And because of the savings we get more productivity out of old hardware."

IPv6 Forum chief: the new Internet is ready for consumption

  • Computerworld; By Dahna McConnachie (Posted by tuxchick on Nov 18, 2005 9:45 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
IPv6 is not a pipedream. Founder of the IPv6 Forum Latif Ladid took time out from the IPv6 summit in Canberra to talk to Computerworld about why the new Internet Protocol is a pie to be consumed here and now.

Tiny USB hard drive dongle runs Linux

Tom's Hardware has reviewed a USB dongle based on a miniature 1-inch hard drive. The Zinside H2 is based on a Cornice 3GB "Storage Element" drive, and comes with a Ubuntu Linux installation CD that the publication used to install the older "Warty Warthog" release, creating a portable but slow Linux desktop.

Can Open Source Defeat Microsoft?

While there are of course proponents and detractors on both side of the line, many analysts have identified open-source software and nonproprietary formats as building up strong momentum against Redmond. But the open-source movement does have legitimate detractors.

[Ed: This article is well-balanced - partly truth and partly fiction. - dcparris]

Network Operating Systems: Hard(ware) Choices

  • Enterprise Networking Planet; By Charlie Schluting (Posted by tuxchick on Nov 18, 2005 8:05 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial
If switching operating systems is something you're considering, don't forget to think about how your decision might limit future hardware purchases. There are tons of things that Linux and BSD will run on, but like all other ventures into the untested waters, you can never be certain that everything will work. Perhaps it's beneficial to purchase hardware from a manufacturer that has tested these devices alongside their operating system?

Make your Eclipse applications richer with view linking

The Eclipse platform allows pluggable components -- plug-ins -- to help create a rich graphical user interface (GUI) application. With Eclipse you can enhance a user's app experience by adding views to the GUI. This article will teach you how Eclipse makes it easy to link views and provides ways to adapt view linking to non-UI scenarios.

Install Linux on Your Ipod Nano has posted instructions for installing Linux onto Apple's iPod nano, providing video-playback capability in full-color with new movie support in iPod Linux. Detailed instructions denote each step of the process, providing graphic illustrations where necessary to complete the installation process. Earlier this month, iPodNN noted that iDoom offers support for the Nano in full color, providing the Nano has iPod Linux installed.

Google Global : Open Source, API, Mission - CNET Japan

Angela Lee, Google’s International Product Manager, followed the Blog Search Session here at CNET Japan’s Fall Innovation Conference with a overview of Google’s global mission, and growth in Japan’s search market. Angela introduced herself to the crowd a bit and then described Google’s mission to organize the world’s information.

Mozilla Uncages Latest Firefox Beta

The third release candidate for the upcoming Firefox 1.5 browser has been posted for download as the open-source Mozilla Foundation strives to attract new users.

Microsoft Makes Windows Validation Plug-In For Firefox

Microsoft this week released a plug-in for the rival Firefox browser so that users can validate their Windows systems prior to downloading software from the Redmond, Wash.-based developer's Web site.

Introduction to new visual shell: Vshnu

  • LinuxMagazine; By Jerry Peek (Posted by bstadil on Nov 18, 2005 4:56 PM EDT)
Do you spend a lot of time moving around the filesystem with cd commands, typing ls to see what’s there? Do you build lists of arguments on the command line using wildcards or filename completion? If you do a lot of work with files and directories, vshnu is worth a look.

Is Linux-centric OIN Underfunded?

An informed source says the newly created Open Invention Network (OIN) has received $40 million, down precipitously from the $280 million originally envisioned by its founders. The sources also says that erstwhile founding members Nokia and Yahoo also dropped out of the original announcement, and that the company was months late in its founding.

Why did SuSE Linux's founder resign from Novell?

When SuSE Linux founder Hubert Mantel announced his resignation from Novell ast week, he became the third former SuSE executive to leave in the past six months. There was much speculation as to why Mantel left, which was sparked, in part, by the manner of his leaving. He announced his resignation via a Linux e-mail discussion list, claiming that SuSE had changed so much it was no longer the company he had founded 13 years before.

Of Dada and Open Source

  • Onlamp; By François Joseph de Kermadec (Posted by tadelste on Nov 18, 2005 3:20 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
A little while ago, I read on the O’Reilly Network an blog entry about a cool mailing list manager called Mojo Mail. Not being in the market for such a software at the time, I read the interview with great interest, nodded thoughtfully at the mention of a successful, cleanly laid out, “it just works” open source project and went ahead trying to figure out how to speed up iDisk browsing. Little did I know that Dada Mail (the application’s new name) would be essential to my publishing experience a few years later and that usable iDisk browsing would only be possible courtesy of the folks at Panic, within approximately the same time frame.

Novell Defends SUSE Against MS-Sponsored Study

In a company Weblog posting, Novell Senior Manager of Public Relations Kevin Barney said the report "aims to confuse the market about the value of Linux and downplay the various reliability, security and TCO issues Windows users are facing."

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