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Password vulnerability in Firefox

According to a message posted over the weekend on the Full-Disclosure mailing list, the latest version of Firefox,, contains a password management vulnerability that can allow malicious Web sites to steal user passwords. If you have JavaScript enabled and allow Firefox to remember your passwords, you are at risk from this flaw.

Study: Red Hat Benefiting from MS-Novell Deal Fallout

A global survey of open-source enterprise users of Alfresco software has found that deployments of Red Hat Linux have grown twice as fast as those for Novell SUSE Linux since Novell signed its controversial patent and interoperability agreement with Microsoft in November 2006. While Alfresco did not specifically ask community members the reason for their Linux choice, the findings are "not a coincidence and, while we can't be certain, customer unhappiness with the Novell-Microsoft deal is probably the most likely reason for that," Howells said. "There was also a backlash against Microsoft about its patent position during this time."

New Study Shows Enterprises Evaluate on Windows, Deploy on Linux

Alfresco open source barometer survey of 10,000 community members worldwide demonstrates strong preference for deployment on Linux over Windows; Red Hat use growing much faster than Novell SUSE after controversial Microsoft patents deal. “The survey found that the U.S. is leading open source adoption globally,” said Dr Ian Howells, CMO of Alfresco Software. “We believe the Global 2000 is seeking innovation and better value for their technology investments whereas in Europe open source adoption is often driven by governments seeking better value for their citizens. The research also showed that the U.K. lags behind in the adoption of open source suggesting less government emphasis compared with other European countries such as France, Germany, Spain and Italy.”

The Sorry State of Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) in Linux

  • OSWeekly; By Matt Hartley (Posted by gsh on Jul 23, 2007 10:13 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linux
Have you looked at the HCL (Hardware Compatibly List) for your preferred Linux distribution lately? Do you see it? Exactly, it's a mess. Even with a strong community effort working to keep the list updated and as fresh as possible, it's nearly impossible to make the list worth the page it's rendered on. Today, I'm going to be exploring one idea I have for making this a lot simpler and more effective. Rather than tasking hundreds to thousands of people into making this a reality, why not take a page from the bug reporting side of things?

An ingenious version tracking solution for

While allows you to save multiple versions of a document, that feature has a few drawbacks that limit its usefulness. For starters, saving all versions in the same file equals putting all your eggs in one basket. More importantly, this approach makes it difficult to share versions with other users and let them keep track of changes made to a document. One alternative, a full-blown version tracking system or a dedicated document management solution, is overkill if you only need a simple way to keep tabs on document versions and allow other users to keep track of them. A compromise solution uses to maintain an RSS feed of document changes.

How Open Source Could Benefit Elections

  •; By Matt Hartley (Posted by gsh on Jul 23, 2007 8:18 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linux
I do not honestly care which OS each of you choose to run. For some of you, it will be Windows, others OS X. And for a growing number of the remaining minority, your OS of choice will be one of the Linux flavors available today. But how would you feel if Microsoft Windows was powering the voting booth in which you were to select important elected officials? Would you, knowing of Microsoft's past security record, feel confident that using this OS and not being allowed to inspect the code, feel safe knowing that these machines could very well help to dictate the future of your perspective countries? Don't feel guilty, I don't really like it either.

What Happens Next on the US Vote on OOXML

As you may know, V1, the INCITS Technical Committee that had charge of the US vote on Microsoft's OOXML, failed to reach consensus on either approving or disapproving the specification. As expected, Microsoft has turned to the full INCITS Executive Board in an effort to salvage the situation. Between now and Labor Day, a complicated series of fall-back ballots and meetings has been scheduled to see whether the Executive Board can agree to approve or disapprove OOXML, in either case "with comments."

Ubuntu team announces next LTS release

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth says the next long term support release of Ubuntu Linux will be in April next year and that the organisation aims to release long term support releases every two years in an effort to woo enterprise users.

One Laptop Per Child production to start

The One Laptop Per Child project, aimed at providing an educational computer for developing countries at a cost of $100, has begun production of hardware. The first mass produced laptops are due to come out in October this year.

Microsoft confident of OpenXML success

Company says there is still a long way to go before a final decision is made on the adoption of OpenXML as an ISO standard.

VMware learns to measure itself

Births benchmark for AMD, Intel and the server crowd. Not afraid to help itself while it helps others, VMware today rolled out a public version of its homegrown virtual server benchmarking tool.

E17 as a Desktop — don’t try this at home!

  •; By Piotr Maliński (Posted by michux on Jul 23, 2007 2:50 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Linux
E17 is a still being developed version of a graphical environment called Enlightenment. E17 has been developed for a long time already. Updates have been appearing often, but they used to become obsolete in a few weeks after releases. Has anything changed suddenly? No, nothing really. Stable release of the environment is not planned anytime soon, but this of course isn’t a problem for us to have a glance at what Enlightenment has to offer at the moment.

DistroWatch Weekly: Sabayon BE 1.0 and Puppy 2.17, Gentoo Foundation, Debian tidbits, openSUSE News

  •; By Ladislav Bodnar (Posted by dave on Jul 23, 2007 2:05 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Newsletter
Welcome to this year's 30th issue of DistroWatch Weekly! As you might know Ladislav is still on vacation and I'm here with you for one more week. So here we go. Happy reading!

The ‘Cost’ of GPLv3 is the Loss of All Threats to Free Software

We continue to explore the Linspire/Microsoft affairs and we identify some discomforting facts. As we stated before, personal benefits were possibly (even probably) part of all those recent deals.

Ubuntu’s best move ever

"Was it the Dell laptops deal? The costless CD shipping from Shipit? The launch of the fully-free Gobuntu? Or will it be the liberation of the proprietary Launchpad platform? No, good people. Ubuntu’s best move ever has happened quietly, and it’s on its homepage."

Index of open source clinic management systems ?

Just bumped into this question which asked "Which open source clinic management system you will recommend which has Patient ,Drug Management and also synchronization with clinic inventory?".

Linux: 2.6.23-rc1, Merge Window Closed

As expected, Linus Torvalds released the2.6.23-rc1 kernel two weeks after the release of 2.6.22, ending the merge window, "and it has a *ton* of changes as usual for the merge window, way too much for me to be able to post even just the shortlog or diffstat on the mailing list".

KDE Commit-Digest for 22nd July 2007

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest: Plasma progress, with new Plasmoids: Browser, Notes, 3D Earth Model, Twitter, Desktop, and Tiger (scripting example), and the development of a mouse cursor data engine. Bug fixing spree in TagLib, K3b, and the Kopete Cryptography plugin. Support for encrypted storage devices in Solid, with better integration of device support in Amarok. Further integration of Plasma in Amarok. Work on making Konsole follow KDE settings more strictly. Much work on revamping Ark for KDE 4...

Ubuntu Live 2007 Day 1

Starting out the first-ever Ubuntu Live 2007 conference was Mark Shuttleworth's keynote followed by Stephen O'Grady and Jeff Waugh. The day was broken up into a variety of sessions from the deployment of an open-source model at Purdue-Fort Wayne to building cross-OS applications on Linux. Starting off the day was the announcements of Canonical Landscape for system monitoring and management and Ubuntu 8.04 being a Long Term Support (LTS) release. The day had ended with free food and drinks along with some entertainment and other fun. The Ubuntu Live 2007 conference is being put on by Canonical and O'Reilly in Portland, Oregon this week prior to the start of OSCON 2007. Phoronix served as media partners with O'Reilly for this event.

Installing Beryl On A CentOS 5.0 Desktop

This tutorial shows how you can install and use Beryl on a CentOS 5.0 desktop (the system must have a 3D-capable graphics card). With Beryl, you can make your desktop use beautiful 3D effects like wobbly windows or a desktop cube.

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