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IBM will send you a DVD boatload of Linux applications

IBM will send you a DVD packed full of its Linux applications at no cost.

Ubuntu Wants a Bigger Piece of Desktops, Servers

The 2007 road map for the Ubuntu Linux operating system includes continuing its focus on the desktop, paying more attention to the server and garnering additional corporate support. Speaking at Ubuntu user conference UbuCon here at Google's New York complex on Feb. 16, Steve George, director of support and services at Canonical, said, "The view from the Ubuntu side is that Microsoft has too much of the market. We're going to continue rolling out and making Ubuntu easy to use on the desktop and we'll add increased focus on the server this year." Canonical is the sponsor of the Ubuntu project and maintainer of the Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Dell to add Linux-certified desktops, laptops

The public spoke and said, "We want a Linux desktop," and Dell listened. On Feb. 23, the company announced that, as a result of "the community's interest in open source solutions like Linux and OpenOffice..., we are working with Novell to certify our corporate client products for Linux..."

Ruby Performance

Antonio Cangiano posted aRuby Implementation Shootout on his blog last week. While it's an interesting piece (and will likely be more interesting over time), it's still very premature.

Turbolinux ships first Wizpy handhelds

On Friday Japan's Turbolinux begins dispatching the first batch of its Wizpy handhelds to people who ordered them from its Web site. The flash-based multimedia player contains a version of Linux, so it can be used to boot a PC into the operating system, allowing users to access their files in their own working environment on almost any PC.

Fedora 7 Test 2 Screenshots

Fedora 7 Test 2 is being pushed out the door this Tuesday (February 27), but thanks to the excellence of Pungi we decided to run our own spin. New in Fedora 7 Test 2 is the artwork along with quite a few other changes that we commented on in our Fedora 7 Preview earlier this year. In this article we have some of the first screenshots from Fedora 7 Test 2. To say the least, Fedora 7 is shaping up extremely well!

Linux Commercialization Transforms Community

Last week, I had the privilege to address the North Texas Linux Users Group. Ralph Green asked me to present information on my upcoming book called"Linux System Administration" by O'Reilly. I only had the cover and the gallies, since production goes to press in early March. So, I showed those.

Solid Donates Database Benchmark Suite to Open Source Community

Database heavyweight Solid has contributed a new database benchmark suite to the open source community, providing an effective means to evaluate real-world database performance for nix.

News: HP Sees Big Bucks in Linux

HP is making $25 million by supporting the free Debian GNU/Linux distribution in what may ultimately turn out to be a challenge to commercial distributions from Novell and Red Hat.

What You Need to Know About Linux Rootkits.

Overview A rootkit is a group of software tools which an attacker can use to hide their tracks. A rootkit can also contain software which allows the attacker to get root access and steal or remove files on a system. Another goal for a rootki...

Single-core DSP dev kit bundles Linux, virtualization

TI will bundle VirtualLogix's Linux distribution and platform virtualization layer with a DSP development kit that targets multimedia applications. TI's TMS320DM6437 Digital Video Development Platform (DVDP) for DaVinci technology will include a trial version of VLX-DM (digital multimedia) v2.0, along with a no-cost, royalty free Linux BSP (board support package).

Know the Best Zip for Your PHP Version

Pierre Alain Joye, in a new post over his blog talks about which Zip suits your PHP versions. He tries to clarify incessant queries by users about which zip version to use whether the bundled version of PHP4 or in 5.2+ or always rely on PECL.

Wizpy Delivers Linux to Windows PCs, Macs

Turbolinux last week began shipping its new, portable Wizpy device, which allows users to plug into nearly any USB 2.0-enabled PC and boot up using the Linux operating system. The device is sold in 2 GB and 4 GB versions and comes preloaded with Firefox, Thunderbird, Skype, OpenOffice 2.1 and the Fuji OS.

Voipowering Your Office: Recovering SipX Passwords and DNS Done Right

Last week we downloaded and installed SipX, and logged into both the Web interface and the Linux command shell. Today we'll learn how to recover lost passwords, and then spend some quality time getting DNS (Domain Name Services) done right. DNS mistakes are among the most common problems SipX admins trip over, so we're aiming to eliminate the trip hazards.

Pquery, a New Tool for PHP

Dion Almaer in the Ajaxian web site informs you about the PQuery. For the uninitiated, PQuery is a set of helper classes for JQuery, the JavaScript library. This library allows you to integrate AJAX, Effects and other JQuery functionality into your PHP scripts. He says it has a small footprint and is compatible with PHP4 and PHP 5 versions.

Clipmarks - double-edged FireFox extension

In a bid to improve online efficiency with a handy note taking tool, James Archibald tries out the Clipmarks Firefox extension. Several hours later , after absorbing useless trivia from around the internet, he realises Clipmarks is a slick little extension.

Patents cut both ways for Microsoft

If I held Microsoft stock (which I don’t) I would be furious. Here is Steve Balmer focusing on Linux, making the tired claim that there is so-called Intellectual Property in Linux that violates patents held by Microsoft. Meanwhile Microsoft gets hit with a hefty patent violation of its own; 1.5 billion (yes, that is a “B”) for the use of the mp3 patent without payment of royalties. It appears that patent obligations are for others, not for Microsoft to worry about.

Note to new Linux users: No antivirus needed

One of the most common questions I hear new Linux users ask is "What program should I use for virus protection?" Many of them lose faith in me as a source of security information when I reply, "None." But you really don't need to fear malware on your new platform, thanks to the way Linux is built.

Small Player Scores Big Open-Source Win

1&1 Internet plans vast expansion of services using open-source software from a tiny newcomer. Can it really compete with Microsoft's Exchange?

European spend on open source software hits €22bn

The national value of Europe’s investment in free/libre or open source software today is €22bn, representing 20.5pc of the region’s total software investment, a senior UN researcher will tell an intelligence briefing on open source in Dublin later this week. Rishab Ghosh, a senior researcher at the UN University in Maastricht, will tell the Open Ireland conference in Dublin that the spend in the US on free/libre or open source software (FLOSS) stands at €36bn and accounts for 20pc of software spend in the US.

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