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Open Source Software is framework for thin client applications.

ICEfaces(TM) professional grade open source software is engineered to meet challenges of enterprise application development and deployment. ICEfaces leverages standards-based Java Enterprise Edition ecosystem of tools and execution environments to resolve deployment issues such as scalability, availability, and redundancy. Standards-compliant solution for developing interactive and collaborative multi-user applications utilizes Ajax Push technology.

Open source software in practice

The next Northern Bloc seminar, to be held in Caernarfon on Wednesday 13 December, will discuss open source in practice.

Judge Deals SCO Setback In Lawsuit Against IBM About Linux Code

A federal judge on Thursday gutted SCO Group's $5 billion, Linux-related lawsuit against IBM - renewing debate about the Utah company's future.

[I can't wait till the proverbial fat lady sings - dcparris]

Human Rights OSS Provides Uncensored Internet to Countries like China has an interesting article on some Open Source software freeing up the internet to countries like China. "Upwards of forty countries now censor Internet traffic. Most of this censorship takes place in secret, without any public accountability or civilian oversight. Psiphon Open Source censorship circumvention tool is bringing a free Internet back to the people!"

Novell punts NetWare to Linux

NOVELL WILL shunt NetWare services onto Suse Linux with the next version of Open Enterprise Server (OES), its NetWare/Linux hybrid OS.

Social engineering on the rise

Sophos encourages 'computer common sense'

[Say, is anyone else getting the spam that includes Linux in the subject, and discusses it in the body, but really doesn't say anything? - dcparris]

Report: Open Source Is More Than Software Alone

Open source development is influencing phenomena far beyond software, including manufacturing processes, classroom teaching, and the types of media now emerging online, said CollabNet CTO Brian Behlendorf, best-selling author Thomas L. Friedman, and other members of a panel of business and technology visionaries.

Looking Back on Three Years of OpenUsability with Jan Mühlig

Just following the recent World Usability Day and a few months past the third birthday of OpenUsability I took some time to talk to Jan Mühlig, one of the OpenUsability founders and to get an inside look at some of the history of the project, how it works from the inside and some of the current direction.

Response to ZDnet article on Medsphere

Dana Blankenhorn has posted an article regarding my claim thatMedsphere has betrayed the community on ZDnet.Is Medsphere taking it back, is a great article overall, but its conclusion is terrible. From the article:Medsphere's board probably feels it was a Little Red Hen, doing all the work for a lazy community's profit. In his defense, Dana is one of many people who do not understand that Medspheres business model relies entirely on the community-built VistA codebase. Given its current actions, this makes Medsphere alot more like a"slimy brown leech" than a"little red hen". Still I am glad to see that the mainstream blogs are starting the pick this up. It is important for Medsphere's board to see that this issue will only get bigger and bigger, as it recieves more publicity.

Release-critical Bugreport for December 1, 2006

Bug stamp-out list for December 1, 2006

Oracle questions GPL open sourced Java

Oracle Corp's vice president of its Java platform group has questioned the decision made by Sun Microsystems Inc to release its reference Java implementation under the GNU General Public License.

SCO's Objections Denied! Wells's Order Affirmed - Novell Goes 1st.

Feast your eyes on this: Judge Dale Kimball has affirmed Judge Brooke Wells' June 28, 2006 Order. Here's the heart of it..

Linux Faithful: Vista No Threat

Don't dare ask Linux advocate Eric Raymond when he plans to run out to pick up his shrink-wrapped box of Windows Vista. Mr. Raymond is not alone. The Linux faithful were quick to dismiss Microsoft’s Windows Vista launch Thursday, saying it poses no threat to the adoption of the open-source operating system. Complex Vista pricing schemes and technical features will dog Microsoft and drive people to seek out Linux as an alternative to Vista, said Bruce Perens, founder of the Open Source Initiative.

Terra Opts for Open Source BI

Pentaho, a provider of Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities, announced today that international nitrogen products producer Terra Industries Inc. has selected the Pentaho BI platform to provide advanced reporting and analysis based on data in Terra’s SAP R/3 system.

2nd-gen Nokia Linux tablet rumor redux

Rumors of a successor to Nokia's Linux-based 770 Internet tablet are circulating around the Web again, today. Several sites show a blurry photo of a slightly larger, more rounded 770.

Nine ways to combat spam

  • IT Managers Journal; By Lorenzo Simionato (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Dec 1, 2006 11:54 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Anyone with an inbox nowadays knows that email spam is a real and serious problem. Luckily there are a number of techniques you can employ to contain this phenomenon and decrease the amount of junk mail you receive.

Thales' single board computers available with Sysgo's ELinOS

A leading provider of integrated PowerPC and Pentium-based VME COTS computing systems and solutions to OEMs and system integrators, and Sysgo, the European vendor of reliable device software, today announce that Sysgo's ELinOS, the first Industrial Grade Linux solution, is available aboard Thales' single-board computers (SBCs).

Techstats: Adoption of Open Source Databases

Solid Information Technology recently conducted a survey of attendees at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo held in San Francisco in August 2006 on adoption patterns of open source database technology. The goal was to uncover the barriers to adoption and what features were desired.

Open source lawyers take on e-learning patent

The Software Freedom Law Center has filed a request with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that is seeking to invalidate an "Internet-Based Education Support System" patent that is owned by e-learning provider Blackboard. Blackboard develops course management system applications that allow teachers in educational institutions and corporations to develop and support online courses including instructions, assignments and reading materials. The SFLC filed its request on behalf of the Sakai, Moodle and ATutor open source e-learning projects.

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