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Where are the Linux admins?

In the battle to spread the use of GNU/Linux, it is often forgotten that education has to be the starting point. People need to be educated to the point where they come to demand decent behaviour from an operating system; companies need educated admins to keep GNU/Linux systems running.

Fix IE Browser XHTML errors with correct MIME type

Learn how to configure Apache to tag XHTML documents with the media type application/xhtml+xml for browsers that support it, while still sending text/html to nonconformant browsers.

Exploring the Debian Installer

LXer Feature: 09-Mar-2007

Don Parris looks at the Debian Installer, providing something of an overview of the installation process, revealing one or two potential pain points and what the Debian Installer team is doing to improve it.

Create a Web-based interface for MySQL databases in a flash with phpMyEdit

If you've ever worked with MySQL databases, you are probably familiar with phpMyAdmin, a PHP-based tool that allows you to create and manage MySQL databases via a browser. It is an indispensable tool for anyone building a PHP/MySQL-based Web application. But while phpMyAdmin eases the task of creating and managing the back end of your Web application, it is of no help when it comes to designing a Web-based interface. To simplify creating PHP-based front ends, try phpMyEdit, an ingenious piece of software that can generate a functional Web interface in a matter of minutes -- no PHP programming skills required. Although phpMyEdit hides the complexity of generating a PHP-based interface, it still offers an easy-to-use yet powerful mechanism to customize virtually any aspect of the created front end.

Opera celebrates 1001st browser Widget

On March 6, the 1001st Widget was announced by Opera Software. Widgets, which are created by Opera users, are small, powerful Web applications that add unique and useful functionality to Opera's eponymous browser.

Five best practice Ajax design patterns

This article covers the basics of Ajax and shows some Ajax design patterns that have become proven best practice with Web 2.0 development.

Linux Mint freshens Ubuntu's palate

Ubuntu is a strong desktop distro, but it falls short for some users in a few areas. Where are the multimedia codecs and DVD support, and what's with all the brown, for heaven's sake? If you'd like multimedia support with a minty fresh theme, try Linux Mint 2.2, an Ubuntu-based distro that throws in support for Flash 9, Windows Media Format, DVDs, MP3s, and troublesome wireless cards.

SSH with GSSAPI or public keys slowdown

As of this morning, I found that ssh logins into my Debian etch boxes were monumentally slow. Using the -vvv switch it looked like the problem was down to a very long wait for gssapi-with-mic authentication. Trying with the -o GSSAPIAuthentication=no switch on the command line helped, although some boxes were also pausing for a very long time when dealing with public-key auth.

Opennms Could Be a Budding Linux-Like Success Story

Tarus Balog and a small group of developers are determined to do for networking management systems what Linux has done for software in general. Open up the field, the OpenNMS crew says, just as the Linux devotees of Linus Torvalds said to the Windows world.

Open source tree tracker debuts in San Francisco

In urban San Francisco, the public works department and nonprofit organizations work together to preserve and expand tree life as part of that city's efforts to create sustainability. The city today unveiled a new Web portal and open source application that will help those agencies, and the general public, keep tabs on a growing urban forest.

Mac vs. Linux: Which is More Secure

In last month’s column, I said “I’m more secure on a Mac than I was on Windows XP.” Some of you asked how Linux fares in that comparison. To that, I’ll say I’m marginally more secure on Linux than on a Mac, but I prefer a Mac anyway. I can almost see my inbox filling with flames from you penguin lovers everywhere, but let me explain my opinion.

Open source CRM: Tips and techniques

Who Creates Open Source? A consistent question regarding open source is, "Who writes open source software?" A second, often-unasked question is, "Why would anyone work on open source?" Many people don't understand why someone would program without financial compensation, because they view programming as unfulfilling drudgery. Alternatively, many people believe that open source developers must be students or unemployed, with an assumption that they work on open source in place of a real job.

Transition from Solaris to AIX

Change your mindset and make the transition to AIX from Solaris. In this article, use the filesystem management and tools available to you on AIX to make your transition easier.

San Francisco Maps Its Urban Forest Using Open Source

The City and County of San Francisco today announced the development and launch of a city-wide, dynamic online map of the city's growing number of trees. Autodesk, Inc. , through the Mayor's Office of City Greening, worked together with the City's Bureau of Urban Forestry (BUF) and Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF), a local San Francisco non-profit organization, to develop this Urban Forest Mapping System, which will serve as a central dynamic resource where San Francisco residents, community groups and city employees can update and share information about new or existing street trees that form part of the city's urban forest.

Allpeers makes the leap to open source

The folks behind AllPeers are hoping to stir interest in the Firefox-only P2P application by announcing the move to an open-source licensing scheme for the client application. The source code has been released and is dual-licensed under the Mozilla Public License (MPL) and GNU General Public License (GPL).

Fun with Ubuntu -- Top Ten Next Names, Part 1

Ubuntu enjoys giving it releases funny animal names. There have been "warty warthog", "hoary hedgehog", "breezy badger", "dapper drake", "edgy eft", and the coming "feisty fawn." Well, with nothing better to blog about this week, I've decided to provide my suggestions for names. So for this week, and next, I will present my Top Ten Ubuntu Release Names, five this week, and the rest next. Read em and weep!

Quest for the Non-Evil Open Source Business Model

  •; By Matt Hartley (Posted by gsh on Mar 8, 2007 5:59 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Community
I’m sure that I have spoke of open source business models in the past - both from the user and corporate point-of-view. However, the one thing that I don't believe has been fully explored is whether there is a viable way to monetize one’s efforts, and do so in such a way that your offerings remain accessible to all.

Hands on: Linux disaster recovery

The time you come to realise just how dependent you have become on your computer is when things go terribly wrong. Your partitions won’t mount, your files seem corrupt or, worst of all, your entire hard drive seems to have become unreadable. The first and most obvious piece of advice, as anyone would tell you, is to make regular backups. It is surprising how many people who have years worth of valuable files have few or none of them backed up.

Opinion: Linux-kernel virtualization finally on the fast track

Progress in the virtualization world sometimes seems slow. Xen has been the hot topic in the paravirtualization area for some years now -- the first "stable" release was announced in 2003 -- but the code remains outside of the mainline Linux kernel. News from that project has been relatively scarce as of late, though the Xen hackers are certainly still out there working on the code.

Internet Radio on Death Row

Internet Radio has been sentenced to death.In a move that recalls the Vogons' decision to destroy Earth to clear the way for a highway bypass through space (a thankfully fictional premise of Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy), the judges comprising theCopyright Royalty Board have decided to destroy the Internet radio industry so the Recording Industry won't be inconvenienced by something it doesn't know, like or understand.

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