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Is the Google Web Toolkit right for you?

The recently released Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a comprehensive set of APIs and tools that lets you create dynamic Web applications almost entirely in Java code. However, GWT is something of an all-or-nothing approach, targeted at a relatively small niche in Web application development market. This article shows you what GWT can do and will help you decide if its the best tool to use for your web development.

Laszlo and Goodmail Partner to Provide Trusted Web Mail Solution for Internet Service Providers

  • PR Newswire; By Press release (Posted by grouch on Jun 28, 2006 7:14 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Press Release
CertifiedEmail Support in Laszlo Mail Provides Additional Security for Consumer Web Mail

Wells Grants in Part IBM's Motion to Limit SCO's Claims! In *Large* Part.

Feast your eyes on this, my friends! Judge Brooke Wells' Order Granting in Part IBM's Motion to Limit SCO's Claims [PDF]. Finally, SCO's refusal to offer specificity has cost them, as it should. There is almost nothing left in the case as far as the challenged items are concerned.

Linux and Windows get hitched - 2X ThinClientServer v3 makes ...

Convert PCs to thin clients & manages them & thin client devices from any vendor

Bell Micro in Deal With Red Hat

Bell Microproducts Inc. on Tuesday said it reached an agreement with Red Hat Inc. that allows Bell to develop products based on Red Hat's enterprise version of the open-source computer operating code Linux.

Sgi's Linux cluster with 1,024 Itanium CPUs

Despite the dire financial situation at SGI, the system vendor managed to demonstrate once again the scalability of Linux in operation with 1,024 Itanium 2 processors running on the Novell/Suse distribution of the Open Source system. SGI thus broke the old record of 512 CPUs that it had also set.

Transitive's QuickTransit Virtualization Software for Linux

Transitive Corporation has announced the first two products in a series of new QuickTransit products that are being developed as part of its new Solaris/SPARC Migration Initiative.

The products are:
- QuickTransit for Solaris/SPARC-to-Linux/Xeon and
- QuickTransit for Solaris/SPARC-to-Linux/Itanium

Firefox Really Rocks; AVID: The Barkless Dog

My complimentary comments on Firefox last week were understated. I had cause this week to spend more time with some other Firefox plug-ins.

Ess's ebizframe Now on Red Hat Linux

Eastern Software System's (ESS), service provider and enterprise resource planning (ERP) company, flagship ERP product 'ebizframe' is now available on Red Hat Linux in addition to Windows.

Two South Africans first to certify for Ubuntu

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and Canonical have announced the world's first Ubuntu Certified Professionals: Fred Strauss and Khayeni Ndlovu of Johannesburg, South Africa. Strauss and Ndlovu were amongst a group of six who wrote paper versions of the Ubuntu certification exam at LinuxWorld Johannesburg on May 18, 2006.

Cutting Edge Launches New ANStor64 Company to Sell All-in-One NAS/iSCSI Software to Storage Appliance Market; Gary Goodman Named Vice President and General Manager

ANStor64 OS is among the first to offer native 64-bit capability, complete NAS/iSCSI functionality and same time use in a single operating system

Bank Hack Shows Need for Separate Servers

A single compromised server leaves 100 banks vulnerable. Also: OpenOffice/StarOffice virus hype, online banking surveys and rogue hotspots.

Sun says open-source Java possible in 'months'

  •; By Jeremy Kirk (Posted by dcparris on Jun 28, 2006 1:08 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Sun
A Sun Microsystems executive said today that the company is "months" away from releasing its trademark Java programming language under an open-source license.

[It's a good thing this ain't the sun we set our clocks by - we'd already be months (or years) behind the times. - dcparris]

Nandor Tanczos – The Open Source revolution

At one level, the open-source revolution has been won. When you use a Nokia phone, trade on eBay or do a Google search you're using open-source technology. Open-source pioneers such as Richard Stallman, founder of the free software movement, fiercely believed in the need to liberate cyberspace from the grip of proprietary vendors such as Unix and Microsoft.

Yankee Group: Time Is Ripe For Oracle Linux

Oracle Corp. building or buying its own Linux stack offers possibilities that would allow the company to compete with established open-source market leaders Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Novell SUSE Linux, according to an analyst.

Linux Terminal Servers for Any Business

  • Linux Journal; By Mark Rais (Posted by dcparris on Jun 28, 2006 11:30 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
How businesses can tap the power of thin clients with Linux Terminal Server (LTS).

Taiwan mandates Linux-ready PCs

Government requires future desktop PCs to be compatible with Linux, but is not pushing for the open-source operating system to be installed.

Who Should Govern the Internet (Act II)

  • Standards Blog; By Andy Updegrove (Posted by Andy_Updegrove on Jun 28, 2006 10:18 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial
Last year, many countries were up in arms over the fact that the US, via an agency of the Department of Commerce that maintains a contract with ICANN, controls the root directories of the Internet. Now they have an opportunity to make their objections known again.

Network based (encrypted) backup in 15 minutes

Open source based data backup tools have come a long way. This article shows how to quickly setup network based backup all using freely downloadable open source tools. A combination of Amanda, Samba and open source encryption tools enable this setup. Backup configuration on two different Linux distributions and a Windows client is shown.

Openlogic updates and re-brands open source stack

Open source management and services firm OpenLogic Inc has launched a new version of its certified open source software stack, and changed the brand from BlueGlue to OpenLogic Enterprise.

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