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Microsoft, Novell spar over Linux deal

Novell CEO issues open letter saying deal with Redmond is not admission the open-source OS infringes on Microsoft's patents.

New GPL clause to flip Microsoft-Novell deal on its head?

Eben Moglen, others are working to close license loophole by saying a promise not to sue would be applicable to everyone.

AdventNet Upgrades QEngine With Support for Geographically Distributed Test Automation

Enables QA Professionals and Test Automation Engineers to Perform All Aspects of Testing Across Geographic Locations

KDE e.V. Quarterly Report

  • KDE Dot News; By Jonathan Riddell (Posted by dcparris on Nov 21, 2006 1:41 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: KDE
The KDE e.V. Quarterly Report is now available for July to September 2006.

Microsoft to Novell: Respect

Ballmer in a china shopStatements yesterday from Novell and Microsoft sought to clarify and repair relations between the new friends, damaged by Steve Ballmer's comments last week.

Zygo Zone

Boldly bringing open source and Linux into the commercial depths of a shopping centre, Zygo Zone opened its first outlet this weekend.

Ubuntu Multimedia Center - A new Ubuntu-based Linux distribution

Ubuntu Multimedia Center is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with community and professional support.It is also a live cd that is ubuntu derived and also free. This system was inspired by the fact that ubuntu didn’t have much of a multimedia center.Because users would have to manually download the codecs for playing mp3’s and what not.The mail objective of this project is multimedia related programs available to users as easy as possible.

How to set up and configure DocMGR

Document management systems do more than just store and retrieve files -- they also provide versioning, security, indexing, and metadata capabilities. DocMGR is a GPL-licensed Web-based document management system that supports LDAP directory service integration so that users on the network can authenticate against LDAP directly.

AJAX and 2.0 madness

Web 2.0 has a lot to answer for. Why, incidentally, is it not simply Web 2? In any case, I have no quarrel with Web 2.0: what I do have a quarrel with is all the other 2dotohs that keep springing up. There is SaaS (software as a service) 2.0 for example and, most recently, Business Objects has been talking about BI 2.0.

AXIGEN launches a new, feature-rich version

After an intense beta testing campaign, AXIGEN, the professional mail server vendor, announced today the release of its Mail Server version 2.0.

Open source databases '60 per cent cheaper'

Open source databases can save enterprises up to 60 percent over proprietary products, according to data collected by Forrester Research. Noel Yuhanna, a senior analyst at Forrester covering database management systems, estimated that average savings on the total cost of ownership are about 50 percent. The data is based on surveys and customer interviews.

Vonage's Open Source Database Odyssey

In an interesting twist of irony, Oracle, which is taking aim at Linux leader Red Hat for being too expensive, is being undercut with an open source challenge to its namesake database. VoIP vendor Vonage Networks is deploying EnterpriseDB, which is built on top of the open source PostgreSQL database as an alternative to Oracle. EnterpriseDB Advanced Server adds Oracle compatibility to native PostgreSQL as well as performance improvements.

Avg Extends Products to Alternate Platforms

AVG has announced several new versions of their AVG antivirus offering for GNU/Linux and FreeBSD open source platforms. Avalanche will supply the AVG products to consumers and small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) in Australia and New Zealand.

Dirk Dashing: Secret Agent v1.02 released

My Game Company has released a Dirk Dashing bug-fix update for Linux!

Novell and the Brave New Open-Source World

For some people, when Novell recently made a deal with Microsoft, they might as well have sold their soul to the devil. At the same time, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been mouthing off about how Microsoft signed the pact because Linux "uses our intellectual property" and Microsoft wanted to "get the appropriate economic return for our shareholders from our innovation."

JBoss, Red Hat See European Market as Bellwether

Speaking at the JBoss World Berlin conference here, Werner Knoblich, vice president and general manager of the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) market for Red Hat, said JBoss momentum is very high in the EMEA region.

Novell counters community, Microsoft FUD

Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian today issued an "Open Letter to the Community from Novell," in which he defends his company's recent accord with Microsoft, and challenges recent statements made by Microsoft on the topic of Linux and patents. bookmarks extension for Firefox

Organizing your favorite Web sites with bookmarks on Firefox can be tedious, especially when you want to keep your bookmarks synchronized across several computers at the same time. That's why I started using, the social bookmarking service now owned by Yahoo! Besides allowing me to access my bookmarks from any computer at any time, does a great job on keeping my bookmarks organized with tags instead of folders, and I can easily share my favorite Web sites with my friends.

Fedora Weekly News Issue 67

In this issue, we have following articles: 1 FC6 downloads and installs Stats 2 Fedora summit wrap-up 3 Back from the Fedora Summit 4 FACTFest 2006 5 Getting ready for VANLUG 6 SELinux: setroubleshootd in action 7 Yum Extender Next Generation 8 Review: Fedora Core 6 9 Fedora Weekly Reports 2006-11-13 10 Fedora Core 5 and 6 Updates 11 Contributing to Fedora Weekly News 12 Editor's Blog

Microsoft Statement on Novell Agreement

"Microsoft and Novell have agreed to disagree on whether certain open source offerings infringe Microsoft patents and whether certain Microsoft offerings infringe Novell patents. The agreement between our two companies puts in place a workable solution for customers for these issues, without requiring an agreement between our two companies on infringement.

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