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Kaspersky Labs' slated for Linux virus FUD

LINUX EXPERTS are dismissing as FUD a claim by Russian Anti-Virus outfit Kaspersky labs that it has invented a cross platform virus that can eat Windows and Linux systems.

[Yeah. Welcome to GNU/Linux Land, where we not only don't fear viruses, we patch our systems to be able to run them! - dcparris]

Group plots Desktop Linux printing improvements

If you think setting up and using a printer in Linux is too much trouble, take heart -- you're not alone. To come to grips with a wide range of Linux printing-related issues, the OSDL-sponsored Portland Project has just held the first Desktop Linux Printing Summit in Atlanta.

Linux Networx Names CFO

Salt Lake City, Utah-based Linux Networx has named a new CFO, saying today that it has hired Robert Neumeister, Jr. as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the firm.

First Impressions: Fedora Core 5

Last week I installed Fedora Core 5 on two aging but serviceable systems: my eMachines desktop (2GHz Celeron, 768MB RAM) and a Toshiba Satellite 1805-S204 notebook (1GHz Celeron, 512MB PC100 RAM). The desktop had previously run Fedora Core 4 while the laptop had been running Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger) for a few months and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 4 Update 1 prior to that.

Perens Launches Open Source Domain Parking Service

Seeking to offset recent gains by Microsoft, a leading open source evangelist has launched a service designed to boost domain parking on open source software. Author and developer Bruce Perens created in response to a 5 percent market share gain by Microsoft in this month's Netcraft web server survey. The shift was due to domain registrar Go Daddy shifting 4.5 million parked domains from Linux to Windows Server 2003. "It's time for the Free Software/Open Source community to fight back," wrote Perens, urging open source supporters to park their undeveloped domains with the new service, which runs on the Linux operating system and Lighttpd web server.

ODF ranks swell

Membership in the OpenDocument Format Alliance has almost quadrupled over the past month. The Alliance, a coalition of international organizations whose goal is to enable governments to have direct management and greater control over their documents, was launched March 3 with 36 initial members, but that has grown to 138.

Porting to 64-bit Linux

Linux was one of the first cross-platform operating systems to use 64-bit processors, and now 64-bit systems are becoming commonplace in servers and desktops. Many developers are now facing the need to port applications from 32-bit to 64-bit environments. With the introduction of Intel Itanium and other 64-bit processors, making software 64-bit-ready has become increasingly important.

128-bit Block Cipher "Camellia" Announced as Open Source

  • Technology News Daily (Posted by dcparris on Apr 18, 2006 11:55 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation is offing NTT's open source codes of the 128-bit block Cipher algorithm "Camellia", jointly developed with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Mitsubishi) in 2000, using the C and Java languages on the Camellia home page. This is based on the policy of expanding the international infrastructure technology to support a secure advanced information society as the first Japanese encryption algorithm.

Redflag Linux Launches JV With Miracle And Haansoft

Chinese domestic software company Redflag Linux has set up a joint venture company with Japan's Miracle Linux and South Korea's Haansoft to jointly promote the Linux operating system.

E-mail Filtering System Prevents Spam and Virus Threats to Small ...

Drake Consulting launches Web service that stops viruses and blocks spam.

Debian Weekly News - April 18th, 2006

Red Hat Magazine | April 2006

Oracle's Linux Push Is a No-Brainer

Opinion: Microsoft is Oracle's most threatening rival in its quest to get its own piece of the Linux pie.

Portal billing acquisition fits with Oracle's Linux plans

Oracle's decision to pay $US220 million for telco billing software developer, Portal Software fits neatly into its reported ambitions to gain, through acquisition, its own Linux distribution: release of a Linux version of the Portal billing system appears imminent.

Microsoft using Eric S. Raymond's code

Open source software advocate Eric S. Raymond is reporting that his name and copyright information for a bit of MIT-licensed code called the GIFLIB library are included in the end user license agreement of a Microsoft application called Expression 3.3.

Booting Knoppix from a USB flash drive

The following instructions decribe the process for installing Knoppix Linux on a USB flash drive. This allows the OS to be booted directly from the flash drive. The instructions have been tested to work on Dell Optiplex GX270 and GX280s.

Open Source as a Fragmented Market

  • Blogger: Open Source Culture; By Dawn Foster (Posted by dcparris on Apr 18, 2006 5:06 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Community
Dawn Foster comments on Dana Blankenhorn's post about the fragmented Open Source market. [Dawn's blog post is important, as it highlights the definition of a fragmented market - something that I view as a rather positive thing because the lack of a clear market leader means it will be more difficult for any one company to dominate the market as other companies have and do. Is a fragmented market a beneficial thing? Or is that a matter of opinion? - dcparris]

Jitterbit 0.9.9 Beta Released

Jitterbit released the latest version of its Open Source Business Integration software today. The new release of Jitterbit has a revamped installation that will make it much easier and faster to get the server up and running. This version also includes better XML and web services functionality, added support for databases, and better overall stability.

You can get directly to the downloads at the link below.

Download Jitterbit 0.9.9

Torvalds creates patch for cross-platform virus

Linus Torvalds has had an opportunity to examine the testing and analysis by Hans-Werner Hilse which we reported on yesterday, and has blessed it as being correct. The reason that the virus is not propagating itself in the latest kernel versions is due to a bug in how GCC handles specific registers in a particular system call. He has coded a patch for the kernel to allow the virus to work on even the latest Linux kernel.

Windows Guru Uses Linux To Push Windows

In the constellation of Windows network managers, Vlad Mazek's a shiny new star. He's a hyper-active Windows crusader who administers a fleet of enterprise-class servers. So with all that Windows experience, why did Mazek choose Linux for his latest Windows-promoting project? Mazek says, when you get right down to it, it's strictly about cost: Linux is cheaper, even for a Windows MVP. That's bad news for Redmond. And very good news for Linux.

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