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Puppy Linux 2.10 says "woof"

Distro founder and chief maintainer Barry Kauler on Sept. 13 announced availability of the Puppy Linux 2.10 live CD. The latest version of the Australia-based distro features a Linux kernel, the JWM desktop windowing environment, and a "massive" package upgrade.

Announcing Fedora Core 6 Test3 (5.92)

The Fedora Project announces the third and final test release of the Fedora Core 6 development cycle, available for the i386, x86_64, and ppc/ppc64 architectures, including Intel based Macintosh computers. Be aware that Test releases are recommended only for Linux experts/enthusiasts or for the technology evaluation, as many parts are likely to be broken and the rate of change is rapid.

Red Hat takes Xen baby step

Red Hat has lurched closer toward the Xen server virtualization package by including the software in a beta release of its server operating system. And now the company is begging people to test out just how well Xen functions with RHEL 5.

Massive desktop Linux migration kept quiet

Why has the country's biggest known desktop Linux implementation gone relatively unpublicised for so long?

Linspire Tempts White-Box Vendors with CNR Royalties

Linspire Inc. launched a revamped partner program on September 14 that will pay system builders a percentage on all commercial Linux software and services purchased by users of either Linspire or Freespire pre-installed desktop and laptop computers using the company's CNR (Click N' Run) technology.

XML Voice Editing Toolkit for Eclipse Gets Updated

The newly updated Compound XML Document Toolkit now supports Eclipse 3.2 and Eclipse WTP 1.5 and can build Web applications that include voice and graphics without extensive hand coding.

Mandriva Powers Up a Serious Business-Server Linux

The company claims that Mandriva Corporate Server 4 is fully compliant with the LSB (Linux Standard Base), and therefore should have interoperability with products from other LSB-compliant vendors.

Touch drivers developed for Linux, Mac OS X

A new range of touch drivers for Linux and Mac OS X systems is now available from Elo TouchSystems, a div. of Tyco Electronics Corp. The offerings complement the company’s line for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and legacy operating systems, including DOS and OS/2.

Legal issue arises over electronic patient files

  • GNU/Linux And Open Source Medical Software News (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Sep 14, 2006 7:46 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
There's a federal push to digitize health care records, but experts are worried over allegations that a Boca Raton company [Dr. Notes] cut some doctors access to electronic patient files after they failed to pay fees. It turns out there is no current law that would stop a software vendor from doing so, federal and state agency officials say. The laws that cover patient privacy and access to records apply to health care workers, not third-party vendors...of the clause in Dr. Notes license agreement, Just because it's in the fine print somewhere in a place a normal person wouldn't see it doesn't mean you can enforce it.

KDE 4 Krash Packages on Mac OS X, SuSE and Kubuntu

Packages for the first KDE 4 developers snapshot "Krash" have started appearing. Most exciting is packages for a whole new platform, Mac OS X. More details are on Benjamin Reed's blog. For the traditionalists packages are available from openSUSE and Kubuntu. If you are a KDE application developer, this is the easiest way to start porting your application to KDE 4.

Alleged GPL violation spurs accusations, lawsuit

Alexander Maryanovsky, the developer of Jin, a Java-based chess client, has filed a lawsuit in Israel that alleges multiple violations of the GNU General Public License (GPL). In the suit, Maryanovsky alleges that International Chess University (IChessU), a startup offering online chess tutoring, and Alexander Rabinovitch, its CEO, violated both his copyright and the GPL in its production and distribution of the IChessU client, a piece of software based on Jin. Both sides agree on the general outline of events, but differ in their interpretation of the GPL and its applicability.

Going Live With Apodio And Dynebolic

I'm trying to discover why three out of three of my selected hard-disk recorders refuse to work on my Debian Etch (Demudi) system. Once again I ask myself the relevant questions: Is it me ? Is my computer trying to tell me something ? Is it something I said ? Whatever the reason(s), my reviews of those three programs must remain in limbo until I figure out what's wrong. The applications are all known to run perfectly well on other machines, so I'm sure there's an external problem. When testing new applications one must be prepared with the newest dependencies.

How to bridge the gap between XML and Ajax with JSON

This article provides different approaches for using XSLT V2 to generate JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) from XML data for use in Ajax applications.

China's sub-£100 PC launches

A Chinese PC vendor has begun shipping a box with its homegrown Godson CPU, with a price tag of between $175 to $200. Thanks to current exchange rates, that's under £100. Eventually, though, OEM ZhongKe Menglan Electronics expects to sell the unit for $125.

Reinventing Voice & Data Networks

The latest to hit the market in Carrier Grade Linux is CGL 3.2-which comes with a promise of high availability, performance, security, reliability, and hardware optimization

Report: Serving Non-Profits: A Case Study

The challenges of deploying open source in a non-profit environment are real, but not insurmountable. One Georgia business makes a living deploying IT solutions to K-12 schools, and reveals how they have been successful using open source to do it.

KToon: Simple 2D animation

If you are running Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows, you have access to many different animation applications, ranging from Adobe Flash to Anime Studio. That is not so for Linux. While many think of animation in Linux as a lost cause, there are alternatives. The relatively new KToon calls itself "the open source animation revolution." KToon has a small learning curve and an intuitive interface, making it an excellent choice for simple animation within Linux.

Howto report bugs the Debian way

So the days are getting shorter, the nights longer (good for hackers and other programmers), and all around the world there will be bug squashing parties, where Debian developers and other interested people will work on the next - latest and greatest - version of Debian GNU/Linux, codenamed “Etch”.

The ethics of Open Source FUD

I don't have to argue here that the FOSS community has been the victim of FUD tactics a number of times. To name a few myths: no support, open to attack, unprofessional, viral licenses and so on. Each and every time the community has answered in a appropriate, accurate and responsible way. But how effective has that been? Well, not. We're fighting it every day.

[I could not agree more. - Scott]

MythTV - Record and playback all your favourite TV soaps in GNU/Linux

  • All about Linux; By Ravi (Posted by dsTst on Sep 14, 2006 12:48 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Roundups; Groups: Linux
This is a brief synopsis of the PVR for Linux that is MythTV. It also contain a number of useful links which help in setting up MythTV in a simple manner.

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