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Linux XP Desktop project debuts English version

Linux XP Desktop 2006, a Russian-language Linux distribution that mimics Windows XP, on Sept. 21 introduced its first English-language version. The Russia-based project claims that its distribution provides "extensive" compatibility with Windows XP, including an XP-like theme and icons, plus the ability to run thousands of Windows applications.

[Is this an abuse of libre software licensing? I recommend caution here folks. - dcparris]

Presenting source code text with Eclipse CDT

Discover how the Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) text editor events works best for you.

Desktop Linux distributions -- from A to Z

There are hundreds of Linux distributions. has published a list of the ones we think are especially interesting for desktop Linux users -- from Arch Linux to Zenwalk -- and we plan to update the list on an ongoing basis.

IBM alphaWorks Takes a Look Back and Moves Forward

As part of its 10th anniversary, IBM’s alphaWorks took a look at how things started and what’s yet to come.

Where are the Linux Workplaces?

  •; By David Heffelfinger (Posted by dcparris on Sep 22, 2006 4:12 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: GNU, Linux
When I was in college, lower level CS course assignments were done in DOS PC's networked through Novell Netware. Once a student got to take higher level courses, he/she was given an account into one of the department's SunOS Unix servers. Most students from basic courses suffered from "Unix envy", the Sun boxes were perceived as being much more powerful than the humble PC's. As a I entered the workplace, I brought my college perception that Unix workstations are more powerful than PC's with me.

GNOME plans October Boston summit

The GNOME development will host its sixth Boston Summit Oct. 7-9 at the MIT Media Lab. The Boston Summit is a three-day "hackfest" for GNOME developers and contributors, the team said on its website.

Ati releases Catalyst 6.9 for Win and Linux

ATI HAS JUST released the new Catalyst driver. To our surprise, the new drivers bring in Crossfire support for Intel's latest 965 chipset. ATI claims the Crossfire works in Direct 3D applications but it doesn't work on OpenGL.

[This article might be of use to readers who use ATI's cards. - dcparris]

How Much Abuse Will You Take from Microsoft?

Opinion: Instead of being masochistic, users of Internet Explorer and Windows should try Linux, or at least Firefox. (Linux-Watch)

LPI Exam 102: Linux Documentation

In this tutorial (the fourth in a series of nine tutorials on exam 102 topics), Ian Shields introduces you to Linux documentation. Learn how to use and manage local documentation, find documentation on the Internet, and use automated logon messages to notify users of system events.

Proposal to fund Debian reveals debate about developers' motivations

A group of leading developers calling themselves Dunc-Tank is preparing to pay selected Debian developers to complete specific projects. But although Dunc-Tank's first goal is the practical one of ensuring that the next version of Debian is ready for its scheduled release, its announcement has also publicized a previously private debate about what happens when free software developers suddenly receive pay for what they are already doing for personal reasons.

Tiny WAP Linuxes

Building your own wireless access point, or router, or firewall using Linux and a single-board computer is fun, with the usual bonus of having complete control over your stuff. There are kazillions of tiny Linuxes- which one should you try?

Interview: Elizabeth Krumbach of LinuxChix

As women become more involved with open source communities, it's important that their voices be heard. The dot is beginning a new series of interviews with women who contribute to F/OSS. Our first interviewee is Elizabeth Krumbach, who is the coordinator for the Philadelphia area LinuxChix chapter.

Novell's Nasdaq Headaches

  • Linux Watch; By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols (Posted by dcparris on Sep 21, 2006 10:01 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Novell
Novell faces the possibility of Nasdaq delisting due to a delay in filing its last 10-Q, caused by the company's ongoing stock option audit. (Linux-Watch)

A survey of open source cluster management systems

In computing world, the term "cluster" refers to a group of independent computers combined through software and networking, which is often used to run highly compute-intensive jobs. With a cluster, you can build a high-speed supercomputer out of hundreds or even thousands of relatively low-speed systems. Cluster management software offers an easy-to-use interface for managing clusters, and automates the process of queuing jobs, matching the requirements of a job and the resources available to the cluster, and migrating jobs across the cluster. Here's an introduction to five open source CMS applications.

Amd goes Torro on Torrenza open source socket

AMD, displaying a rare breed of initiative for a chip manufacturer has opened up the hardware specifications for its Opteron server processor, enabling other chipmakers to design co-processors that will be socket compatible with an Opteron motherboard.

[LXer applauds AMD's boldness. - dcparris]

Hackers fire up anonymous Torpark browser

An international group of computer security experts and human rights workers has released an anonymous, fully portable web browser based on Mozilla Firefox.

SA education software wins global fans

South Africa—developed educational application framework, Kewl, has been recognised by the international community and is being adopted by a number of global open courseware providers.

Gentoo Announces 'Seeds'

The aim of the project is to create stage4 tarballs which can be used to 'seed' new boxes with ready-built Gentoo solutions.

Munich Begins to Switch Windows Out for Linux

Munich has begun its migration to Linux on the desktop, a year later than planned and nearly three years since the city announced its move to open source software.

Double your fun with QuadKonsole

Sometimes it's the simple ideas that produce powerful applications -- like a terminal emulator that provides several shells side by side in a single window. A few days ago, I was looking for a way to split windows in Konsole when I ran across QuadKonsole, a program that embeds several Konsole instances in a single window, making it easy to switch between shell sessions and keep an eye on all of them at once.

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