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Advanced, customized searching with Opera and Firefox

Whether you're keeping track of the news, conducting research, viewing photos, or reading blogs, searching is an integral part of your Internet experience. Search engines, aggregators, and RSS all exist to help you find what you are looking for on the Web. If you make the same kinds of searches on a regular basis, then your browser can help you, too. If you use a recent version of Opera or Firefox, you already have the tools you need to perform advanced searches on any Web site quickly and accurately. Here are some tips on how you can customize the Opera and Firefox search bars and address-bar keyword searches, in order to include regular and advanced search options for your favorites sites.

Retool your Linux skills for commercial UNIX

Examine how to best migrate your Linux skills to take advantage of AIX and Solaris. This tutorial will show you how to cope and understand the nuances and differences.

Mandriva 2007 Beta 1 Screenshot Tour

DistroWatch reports - Available in four different flavours (KDE or GNOME, i586 or x86_64), you can get a glimpse of the next Mandriva Linux 2007 edition... Main changes: New Mirror structure; New network popup notifications (on network state mainly); Gnome 2.16 beta 1; Kernel 2.6.17; KDE 3.5.3; Updated wireless application (drakroam) (encryption mainly); Switch to new standard menus, XDG (in progress). OSDir has some sweet shots of the upcoming Mandriva Linux 2007 in the Mandriva 2007 Beta 1 Screenshot Tour.

Europe, Middle East, Africa Training News - July 2006

* Monthly trivia question
* Take Red Hat training: Get new music
* RED HAT MAGAZINE: A traveler's diary: Red Hat in Latin America
* TIPS FROM RHCEs: Sharing a hot spare device in software RAID

Report: Defense Department Marches Towards Open Source

In a new initiative to spur more use of open source software within the US Defense Department, the department's Office of Advanced Systems and Concepts has begun teaming up with Red Hat, Novell, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, and AMD--along with big systems integrators and "non-traditional" open source companies--to glean insights that will help shorten the learning curve to deployment.

Installing Applications on Ubuntu with Add/Remove

The term "Add/Remove Programs" seems more appropriate to Windows than to Linux however, Ubuntu does offer this option (besides apt-get and synamptic) to locate and install software on your Dapper Drake machine.

[Thanks to tripwire45 for this story. -- grouch]

SCO is Distributing ELF Under the GPL Still. Yes. Now. Today.

I have some pictures to show you. They should knock your socks off. They should knock SCO's socks off, too, and then they should knock a huge chunk out of SCO's case. I'm quite serious.


And what, pray tell, might the moral of this story be? To me, it's that once again the GPL has proven itself to be the MVP of the SCO wars. I hope none of you ever forgets that someone had the foresight many years ago to plan for the SCO's of this world. Richard Stallman was villified, sneered at, mocked and attacked for designing the GPL back then.

Linux headed into Boeing antisub aircraft

Aerospace giant will embed Wind River's version of Linux into the U.S. Navy's P-8A aircraft.

[This is something of a dupe. We do frequently run duplicate stories if the source is different, due to the different perspectives provided. - dcparris]

Bitrock InstallBuilder 3.8 Released - Includes Support for Linux ...

BitRock InstallBuilder now includes support for Linux on IBM z Series. InstallBuilder simplifies the installation process of multiplatform software, helping developers improve the packaging, distribution and deployment of their products.

[Note: Bitrock is not FOSS. Perhaps it will provide opportunities for some to migrate to a FOSS OS though. - dcparris]

Microsoft to charge for Office betas

Actually, it's a 'cost recovery measure'Microsoft is to start charging $1.50 for beta versions of Office 2007. From 2 August anyone wanting to download the software will have to pay the small fee.

[Included as a dose of humor. I think it's hilarious. - dcparris

Logicblaze updates open source ESB, announces OEM deal

LogicBlaze Inc, one of the SimulaLabs open source companies, is releasing the next version of its open source Enterprise Service Bus.

Linux continues to make strides

I don't think anyone will be surprised by this, but watch out for Linux (am I five years too late?). According to market-research company IMS Research, the role of Linux in mobile systems will maintain a steady growth path. In addition, an increasing number of companies are announcing plans to develop Linux platforms. Admittedly, Linux phones still represent a small segment of the overall handset market.

Logicblaze Upgrades FUSE Open Source SOA

LogicBlaze made a big splash in late March with the release of their FUSE open source SOA runtime environment -- and they've just announced a new 1.2 version of FUSE that's designed tocompete even more strongly with commercial SOA solutions.

Linux Format trials wikified tutorials

Linux Format magazine has taken some of its previous tutorial series and put them online in the form of a wiki. Covering RPM, sound production, Perl programming, Subversion and PHP, the goal is to let users update articles as new programs are released. More tutorials are planned if it's a success!

Review: Tabbing Through Firefox 2.0

  • LinuxPlanet; By Sean Michael Kerner (Posted by dcparris on Jul 31, 2006 3:33 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Mozilla
How many tabs can you fit in one Firefox 2.0 window? While not as culturally stimulating as the Tootsie Pop question, it is nonetheless one of the new features explored in this mini-review of Firefox 2.0 Beta 1.

Browser Killer Application - Gimbalz

Web browser UI and features are not designed for WebApps. Synchronization is something which is non-existent among WebApps. Gimbalz aims to provide the mix of OS and browser features for WebApps.

Fedora Weekly News Issue 57

Welcome to our issue number 57 of Fedora Weekly News. In this issue, we have following articles: 1 One Laptop Per Child: An Education Project 2 The K12 Open Source Interview Series Has Begun 3 OSCON Day 0 - Freedom 2.0 4 Donations and Big Developer Payouts 5 Use Fedora Directory Server For Manageable LDAP 6 Book review: Red Hat Fedora 5 Unleashed 7 Fedora Weekly Reports 2006-07-24 8 Fedora Core 4 and 5 Updates 9 Contributing to Fedora Weekly News 10 Editor's Blog

Wind River updates embedded Linux suite

Wind River has updated its commercial embedded Linux distribution, along with three vertical-market "Platforms" based on it. Many of the new features in Wind River Linux 1.3 target telecommunications, traditionally an area of Wind River strength. The company additionally updated its Eclipse-based development tools, and contributed some 300,000 lines of code to the open-source Eclipse project.

New Linux Kernel 2.4 maintainer

While releasing Linux 2.4.33-rc3 Marcelo Tosatti has announced that in future Willy Tarreau will maintain the Linux kernel series 2.4. Four and a half years ago Mr. Tosatti had at the age of 18 taken over the position of maintainer of the kernel series 2.4 from Version 2.4.15 upwards from Linus Torvalds. However, since the publication of the kernel series 2.6 Linux 2.4 has -- not unexpectedly -- seen its importance diminish. Thus of late Kernel 2.4 has only received minor corrections, with new functions and drivers for up-to-date hardware in short supply. Witness the patches for 2.4.31 and 2.4.32, which were down to 25 and 54 kilobytes (bz2 format) respectively, whereas, for example, the packed patch for upgrading 2.6.16 to 2.6.17 alone came to almost six megabytes.

CLI Magic: Feh for image viewing

  •; By Michael Stutz (Posted by dcparris on Jul 31, 2006 12:50 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: GNU, Linux
Too many Linux image viewers are tinged with little annoyances -- they take too long to load, are slow to redraw the display, have limited format support, sport inconvenient controls -- so when you want to settle on one, inevitably there's something to make you utter feh! in general discontent. Good call -- feh is the name of a speedy little viewer that packs in a surprising number of features for its size.

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