Wrong Kristofferson....

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Oct 31, 2005
11:51 AM EDT
From the sound of things, you should be referring to "The Silver-Tongued Devil and I" instead of "Me and Bobby McGee".

Oct 31, 2005
2:43 PM EDT
Gosh! I never thought I'd meet anyone else who had ever even known Kristofferson sang! I can still sing "The Silver-Tongued Devil and I" from heart. Frankly, Stagger Mountain might not be too far off the track, either. After all, Sun is seeing the laughing dagger. Somehow, though, Linux' bleeding heart won't be bleeding in their hand.

Oct 31, 2005
3:00 PM EDT
In a sense Linux's greatest victory has not been over MS, but over the traditional SUN Unix. MS has always been the evil empire, but, Sun has been more like the dog in the manger. The problem for SUN is that Unix has stayed pretty static while Linux has grown and prospered under FOSS. The only really significant contribution that SUN has made to FOSS is the OpenOffice project. Thank god that is well established at this point. Red Hat's determination to obtain full security certification will undoubtedly draw more customers from Unix and may very well be a final nail in SUN's coffin.

Nov 01, 2005
2:12 AM EDT
What you mean Kristofferson can act?

As for Sun, it all comes down to extremely bad management, they could of been so much more other than just becoming a footnote in the history of linux.

Nov 01, 2005
3:38 AM EDT
What you mean Kristofferson can act?

Convoy? A Star is Born?

OK, Fair point.

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