For me it was SUSE 10.0

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Jan 18, 2022
2:52 PM EDT
Back in 2008 I got started with FC1, FC3, Ubuntu, De Mundi then Kubuntu and then SuSE 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 and then 10.0 was the one I installed first.

I'm Garuda Linux on my computer at the moment.

Here is a link to my very first post on LXer:

Jan 19, 2022
8:50 AM EDT
The now defunct Mandriva Linux of 2007. RIP.

Jan 19, 2022
9:34 AM EDT
As I noted in their comment thread, Slackware 1.1.x (I believe 2, but I could be wrong) back in Feb. 1994.

I still use Slackware, though I also use Linux Mint on my laptop.

Jan 19, 2022
11:16 AM EDT
I started playing with linux around Suse 7. Got a bit more serious around Suse 8 and by the time 9 came out, that was all I was using on my home computer. I made the switch to Mint 4 or 5 years ago and haven't looked back.

Jan 19, 2022
2:04 PM EDT
My first install was Fedora 5.1 ... I couldn't even run a GUI but watching it update over the internet was fascinating. Did a lot of Gopher and Telnet back then.

I purchased Fedora through 8.0 after which I switched to SuSe then at some point started using Opensuse, which remains my main distribution.

It has been a great learning experience along the way, although I never progressed beyond advanced user.

Feb 09, 2022
4:58 PM EDT
Caldera OpenLinux 1.1, then RHL 5.0, both bought at Softpro. Followed RHL (5.1, 5.2, 6.0, 6.1, 6.2...) until 9, then switched to Mepis and so discovered Debian-based distros. Current x86/x64 favorite is Exe-Gnu which is TDE over Devuan (and Palemoon as native browser); if you want to try it, follow the Live-CD links over at Trinity is the maintenance fork of KDE3.5, which I prefer for getting work done.

Aug 22, 2022
6:34 AM EDT
Mandrake Linux in 2000.

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