perhaps someone should start a fund...

Story: A plea for relief from Microsoft's escalating anti-competitive tactics.Total Replies: 1
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Mar 12, 2004
10:17 PM EDT
...that all linux users can contribute to, to pay for a legal challenge to microsoft's tactics. To nail them once and for all for lying and cheating, to expose the ownership of baystar by Paul Allen, to "remind" people how many small companies microsoft have destroyed and to make it widely known in the public arena that microsofts wealth is being used to abuse due legal process, to buy politicians, to bribe governments and to pervert accepted business practice.

(apologies if there already is one - if there is, where is it that i might contribute?)

And to provide funding for an organisation to take Linux "to the people" in the form of public demonstrations of Linux up and running and advertising campaigns on the television and in the press. (this may involve calling on all LUG's worldwide to help)

Mar 13, 2004
6:44 AM EDT
Good idea, but I think we should be careful to separate between exposing MS's illegal practices and routing for the alternative we like the best, Linux. The point we need to get forward is that a monopoly is not good for anyone but the monopolist. And we want to have competition between Windows, Linux, MacOS, *BSD and anyone else who wish and can compete. This message was edited Mar 13, 2004 4:49 PM

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