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Special: Defending Openness
By Glyn Moody - Mar 08, 2006

If this threat is not dealt with swiftly and effectively, the main use of the word “open” in computing one day might be by anthropologists and historians as a quaint label for a sub-grouping in the increasingly marginalized hacker culture.
How Microsoft wastes its money on anything but software
By Hans Kwint - Mar 07, 2006
"Windows Server System outperforms Linux on TCO, reliability, security, and indemnification." No, your Linux News editor in the Netherlands is not joking, it is really true. I read it on MS' "Get the Facts" page, so it has to be. On the other hand, Windows bla bla also outperforms Linux on indirect costs for marketing FUD and paying people to create studies, etc. They also outperform Linux in getting lawyers to do their bidding, fixing software bugs which tie customers to them, and money going to political parties in the US.
Should DeLay's New Job Concern FSF?
By Tom Adelstein - Mar 06, 2006

With the Free Software Foundation beginning to take an active role in prosecution of Microsoft, perhaps they should look at the new guy in charge of appropriations for the Justice Department, the FBI, FTC and Intellectual Property Enforcement and possibly the future of GNU/Linux.
DNS Katrina: When VeriSign monopoly meets ICANN regulators
By Andy Oram - Mar 05, 2006

A new agreement illustrates the classic problems of regulated monopolies--and the tragedy of a regulator that doesn't do its job.

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Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS) aka "sal likes a bit of techno"
By salparadise - Mar 03, 2006

I have to confess that whilst I like all sorts of music, a bit of techno can be just what the doctor ordered. It blows the cobwebs away and gets the blood running. Making one's own can be even more fun. There are three applications that allow for this sort of music creation that I know of for Linux. Freebirth, Reborn and LMMS.
Comment of the Day March 1, 2006 - Google & Gates
By number6x - Mar 01, 2006
Microsoft has always defined itself in terms of its competitors. It can't seem to define a roll for itself without having a competitor. Related to:
Gates Sees Google Honeymoon Ending
Switching to SUSE 10
By Scott Randolph Ruecker - Mar 01, 2006

Back in November, sharkscott decided to go cold turnkey from XP to Linux. He's a rep for HP and works in places like CompUSA.

Lots of people posted to his thread on Lxer and helped him a lot.

So, on his own, he posted a nice piece on Digg.com

I started a thread on my switch to SuSE 10 from XP. I am pretty much a newbie still and with the help of those who responded I have come a long way in my knowledge and experience. I thought that it might be of help to someone out there who is like me. I know my way around a computer but I am not a programmer or system administrator by trade.

Ubuntu: Dapper Drake
By Andy Choens - Feb 28, 2006
I use Dapper Drake on my laptop because it doesn't do everything I want it to do. But, I'm bound and determined to make sure the final release can do everything I want it to do.
Comment of the Day -february 28, 2006 - What a HP Rep Does
By sharkscott - Feb 28, 2006
Scott writes: Ask them if they use IE, WMP(Windows Media Player), Quicktime, Itunes, Word, Excell, PowerPoint, Access and always ask them how many Anti-Viruses they are using. You have to make sure that you always end with the AntiViruses, trust me, I tell you why in a second.

You will find that roughly 99% of the people you talk to do not even use all of those programs I listed and do not use any outside of it. Almost all of them only use, IE, Word, WMP maybe Quicktime a little and whatever Anti-Virus or Anti-Viruses they have installed.

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Why pay-to-spam does not violate network neutrality
By Andy Oram - Feb 28, 2006

A new policy announced by America Online and Yahoo! will let email senders pay extra to bypass mail filters. This should not be compared to the much more serious issue of network neutrality, as critics charge.

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The Expandable, Versatile MadTux LivePC
By DC Parris - Feb 28, 2006
  LXer Feature: 28-Dec-05

LXer editor, Don Parris, takes a gander at the MadTux LivePC. Whether you just want to provide Internet access to visiting relatives, setup a computer lab down at the church, or support a high-tech, roaming workforce, you're likely to find the LivePC easy on the budget and heavy on the utilities.

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Linux News: What are the writers really writing?
By Tom Adelstein - Editor-in-Chief - Feb 27, 2006

If you learned critical analysis in school, you may want to apply it to ferret out what the press has to say. In this close-up of the forms of articles we separate journalism from bigotry. For example, John Dvorak's writing has always come into question, especially when he pens Will Apple Adopt Windows? You don't have to call him names or say he's stopped taking his medications like the Mac sites do. Just get a handle on the content he provides and you can dismiss him quickly.
Comment of the Day - February 26, 2006 - Microsoft Anti-Trust Settlements
By Gary Edwards - Feb 26, 2006

My informal ticker has Microsoft at $14 Billion paid in settlement fees and fines for illegal activities.

Related to: Microsoft and Officials in IBM's Linux Hot Tub
Microsoft and Officials in IBM's Linux Hot Tub
By Tom Adelstein - Feb 25, 2006

Microsoft doesn't seem to worry about missing a software release. They also haven't worried about paying off private anti-trust cases. But when they start posting exhibits on their web site in defense of legal rulings, then doubt, suspicion, or lack of confidence in future outcomes have become a preoccupation in Redmond.

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Microsoft Evidence: A No-Show for IBM re Linux?
By Tom Adelstein - Feb 24, 2006
Congress may have failed to take into account Microsoft's special effects department. Instead of focusing on the movies, this might turn out as reality TV. Have you heard about the case of the disappearing email?

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The wake up call of the JBoss blueprint
By Gary Edwards - Feb 23, 2006

Gary Edwards post on Digg.com. He writes "I hope that important FLOSS communities like my beloved OpenOffice.org can rise to the occasion and learn from the JBoss blueprint."
JBoss is not Linux
By Tom Adelstein - Feb 23, 2006

Most Linux people don't know much about JBoss, the open source firm reported in talks with Oracle about a $400 million purchase. That tops any free software deals I can recall. Novell paid $210 million for SUSE in cash. So, what about this JBoss company? They did it without any initial outside funding, generated revenue and self-funded and stayed true to open source 100% while selling services.

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LXer Looking for Best Linux "Up and Comers"
By Tom Adelstein Editor-in-Chief - Feb 22, 2006
Is your company or organization a Linux startup or emerging business. Who knows about you? One of our missions involves finding "Up and Comers" in the open source and Free software community for our readers. We're looking for you and want to tell your story. Read more below.
An Interview with Falko Timme - the Perfect Linux Guy
By Tom Adelstein, Editor-in-Chief - Feb 22, 2006

Falko Timme will be thirty this year. He's possibly one of the most popular mentors for people wanting to become Linux system administrators on the Internet. His step-by-step tutorials have gained a large readership.

He was born in Celle, Germany. He studied industrial engineering in Dresden and Braunschweig and speaks and writes perfect English, even though it's not his first language.

I have interviewed a lot of people over the years. I don't remember an unpleasant one. But this interview with Falko stands out in my mind as the best. I hope you enjoy spending time with him. He's a remarkable person.

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Book Review: Kontact Compact
By Hans Kwint - Feb 21, 2006
A lot of people say, Linux doesn't break through because it lacks an equivalent of MS Outlook. But, in a forum post, I read, Kontact can do a lot of the tasks Outlook can. A bit later, I found on the KDE site, the German publisher Bomots offers a (German) book about "Kontact", KDE's Personal Information Manager (PIM). I decided, it's time to see if this book, "Kontact Kompact" by Andre Schreiber, is usefull for people looking for a 'replacement' of Outlook, and people willing to learn Kontact.

How is this a GNU/Linux Worm?
By cgagnon, AnomymousCoward and wjl - Feb 21, 2006
Comment(s) of the Day - February 21, 2006

cgagnon writes: Although not easily (my supposition based on information on the net...I don't do windows), php runs under windows and I would hazard a guess that the Mambo CMS would as well. So how is this deemed a GNU/Linux worm?

Then comes the next comment? Hmmm - PHP Version 1.x?

Connected to:
Linux worm turns on Mambo and PHP
How to Build a Linux Service Business
By Tom Adelstein - Feb 20, 2006

Interested in enhancing your project by adding an efficient service function. Open source solutions exist that can help you build a high quality, low cost solution. Interested? Read on.
What Linux distribution do you use as a desktop? Debian Testing and Unstable
By TxtEdMacs - Feb 19, 2006

Fedora Core 3 ... became my default desktop until late this past year when Debian Sarge was loaded followed by packages from mainly Testing and a few from Unstable on the tower.
What Linux distribution do you use as a desktop? Debian is King
By Sal Paradise - Feb 19, 2006

Out of them all, Debian is King
What Linux distribution do you use as a desktop? Gentoo
By chron - Feb 19, 2006
I use Gentoo. I switched from Debian when I built a dual Opteron. At the time there were only a few Linux distros that were ready to run in 64bit with dual ( 32/64 bit ) binary support. I tried them all and ended up trying Gentoo last.
Which Distribution Do You Use for Your Desktop? SimplyMemphis
By Gary Edwards - Feb 19, 2006

SimplyMepis is simply the best! I believe in Debian. And yes, i do suffer from portage envy, but Simply Mepis is the only distro to pass the "my wife the Realtor" test.
How to write an article
By Tom Adelstein Editor-in-Chief - Feb 18, 2006

Many people want to write but have a fear of rejection. When one understands the correct format to use, it makes it easier to articulate your ideas.
Howtoforge: Quality Linux Tutorials
By Tom Adelstein - Feb 18, 2006

My first encounter with Howtoforge began with "The Perfect Setup" for Debian Sarge by Falko Timme. I found a site loaded with fundamentally sound and easy to follow setups for Linux administration. This is a location on the WEB that people needing to administer Linux should bookmark. But then there's more.

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The Myth of a Linux Talent Shortage. Is it true? You tell us.
By Tom Adelstein, Editor-in-Chief - Feb 17, 2006

Last fall I wrote an article entitled "Critical Shortage of Linux Talent Slowing Adoption". I composed a parody, a spoof about the ignorance of human resource management. I wrote:
Most human resource people believe Linux is an air conditioner company. They get confused between the term Linux and Lennox. So, HR recruiters define their job profiles like this:

Linux programmer needed by enterprise. Skills required:


Five to ten years of relevant training and master plumbers' license required. Will accept equivalent for H1B applicants. Microsoft Certifications a plus.
The article title has become an urban myth and from the comments I have read about it, most people took the title to heart and never read the article. So, let's set the record straight.

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How to Misunderstand the Current Impact of Open Source Software
By Tom Adelstein - Feb 16, 2006

Commercial software companies like SAP don't get it about Free or Open Source Software. Neither do Venture Capitalists. The ecosystem doesn't rely on a medium of exchange but first on faith and trust and then monetization. Those concepts don't fly well in a system where decision makers cannot take a long-term approach to business. Look how long it took Linux to get into the mainstream and look at the changes in the industry once it broke through.

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Charlotte Linux User Group tackles GPLv3
By DC Parris - Feb 16, 2006
  LXer Feature: 16-Feb-06

Charlotte, NC - The Charlotte Linux User Group, in a monthly meeting Saturday, discussed the provisions of the GPLv3 draft. Members of the group expressed concerns about the language used in the anti-DRM, license compatibility and license termination sections of the revision draft. The anti-DRM section was seen by some as a potential show-stopper for many developers, while the license compatibility section was seen as potentially encouraging further adoption.

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wyoGuide, another way to improve the Linux desktop
By Otto Wyss - Feb 14, 2006

Improving the desktop by improving the applications

Network Neutrality and an Internet with Vision
By Andy Oram, O'Reilly Media - Feb 13, 2006

In recently-aired plans by telephone companies, content providers who are willing to pay extra would get their content delivered at a higher bandwidth. While it's easy to wax indignant over telephone companies' presumptuousness in deciding what packets should travel at what times, it's harder to step back and take in the economic issues driving the proposed change. And there are technical questions about it as well.

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Get around MS software when using Windows with portable apps
By H.Kwint - Feb 13, 2006
  LXer feature

On a lot of locations, you are forced you to use Windows, but you are not allowed to install anything on your networked PC. Probably, you think this also forces you to use other MS software; like MS Office and Windows Messenger when using the MSN IM-protocol. Well, think again, because It is possible to put 'portable' apps like Firefox, OpenOffice and Gaim on an USB stick, and use it in Windows without installing anything.

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What would Linux users do without flamebait?
By Tom Adelstein - Feb 13, 2006

People new to the Linux community may not understand the controversy created in comment sections, mailing lists, etc. At first, I never did understand it myself. As a writer I learned that the craft has two jobs or functions: Interpret events so the reader can better understand them and challenge people to think in different ways. Let's take Pamela Jones as an example.
Comment of the Day - February 13, 2006 - BSA Wins OSS Promoters of the Year
By number6x - Feb 13, 2006
number6x writes: "Make sure any management types you come in contact with see this article".

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BSA Offering Rewards of $50,000 for the First Time in the USA
Comment of the Day - February 10, 2005 - Lessons Learn in Brazil
By Mario Miyojim - Feb 10, 2006
Mario writes: ",,, if any of you is young and ambitious, fear not and go ahead and fight for what is right. You will have nothing to regret in the future".

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History's on the Linux Side of the Equation
Comment of the Day - February 9, 2006 - You Misunderstand Pieces of Our License
By Ned Lilly - President/CEO, OpenMFG - Feb 09, 2006
Ned Lilly responds to yesterday's reader comment.

Related to:
Comment of the Day -February 8, 2006 - OpenMFG isn't Open Source
History's on the Linux Side of the Equation
By Tom Adelstein, Editor-in-Chief - Feb 08, 2006

I once read an essay in which the author wrote: "No one can cheat you out of ultimate success but yourself". When it comes down to making irresponsible decisions about Linux and Open Source Software, you might make the kinds of mistakes that people have made in the past in other endeavors thinking they knew the future as it slipped through their fingers.
Comment of the Day - February 6, 2006 - I use Xandros 3.0.2
By Rajiv G Gunja - Feb 06, 2006
When we asked the question: What Linux Distribution do you use as a desktop? We received an overwhelming response. In a short time, a question posed to LXer readers generated unparalleled activity on our site and on other sites around the globe. We now have several hundred replies we can use to create a statistical model to project Linux desktop use.

We also will feature comments from the forum posts such as Rajiv's. He makes a compelling case for his favorite distribution. You can find all the posts in our Linux Meta Forum. Thank you.
Linux Training and Laptops Go Hand in Hand at LinuxCertified
By DC Parris - Feb 05, 2006
  LXer Feature: 31-Jan-06

LinuxCertified is a growing company that started off loading GNU/Linux on refurbished laptops for students, and now market their own brand. LXer's Don Parris interviewed Rajesh Goyal, LinuxCertified's Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. Meet the company that goes where you are to make sure you know how to manage your GNU/Linux systems.

IBM Offers Migration Guide for Linux as Free Download
By Tom Adelstein Editor-in-Chief - Feb 05, 2006

Rebooks became one of my favorite benefits of partnering with IBM. I even had an opportunity to write one for Global Services on how to install Insight Server. So, when Chris Almond offered their newest book on release to our readers, I jumped for it.

Now, here's how you can get ISBN 0738496081, a 446 page system administrative guide and something about the book itself.
Internet Explorer: No Catching Up with Firefox Now
By Fernando Lopez - Feb 05, 2006

Mozilla FireFox already has the technological lead in the browser market and the momentum has just started to build. So, how can Internet Explorer catch up? They would have to open the code completely and allow their community developers to start writing extensions.
New Vendor Interview: MadTux
By Herschel Cohen - Feb 05, 2006

The MadTux is a new Linux vendor with a mad idea for pushing Linux out to the wild. At present with wide pipes on their end, download speeds are limited on the client side only by the potential capacity of the users' ISP. The fees are modest, but you no longer have to wait at the mailbox looking for the latest distribution if it matches one on the MadTux list. In the interview we try to understand what attracted them to Linux and why they see this business as providing an important service to the Linux community.
Comment of the Day - February 5, 2006 - Switching to SUSE 10
By pmcc - Feb 05, 2006
sharkscott started a thread in November discussing SUSE and has 22 replies. He wrote: "Today is the day that my casual relationship with Linux gets serious". We missed pmcc's comment, however, sharkscott picked it back up today. We're pleased he did. You can see the thread if you're interested in the saga of our readers interested in SUSE.
Open source Windows Server, Microsoft's next poisonous pill?
By Hans Kwint, LXer Senior Editor - the Netherlands - Feb 05, 2006
  LXer feature

When Microsoft launched its first shared source initiative, Eric S Raymond called it a 'poisonous pill'. His opinion was, anyone who ever saw the 'shared' code, could be sued by Microsoft if the viewer ever wrote code that even looked like the shared Microsoft code. The latest Microsoft initiative to 'open source' parts of the Windows Server to settle with the EC may be one of the latest of Redmond's poisonous pills.

What Linux distribution do you use as a desktop?
By Tom Adelstein - Feb 04, 2006

I don't believe the reports from IDC and others on desktop Linux use. I keep fiddling with statistics and I get a higher figure. Now, I'm counting more than Novell's Linux Desktop and the Red Hat desktop. I'm curious if IDC even counts Linspire. But, if you start looking at downloads and do a scatter chart, the percentage runs higher than people say.

So, I started a thread in Lxer's Linux Meta Forum to get a feel for what people use.

Please go to that thread and let me know what you use. Please, also tell me why you use that distribution, if you have any annoyances with it and if you'd like something added.

On Digg.com
Comment of the Day - February 3, 2006 - The underlying value system of FLOSS
By Gary Edwards, Founder OpenDocument Foundation - Feb 04, 2006

Thanks Tom for pointing out the underlying value system of FLOSS. What makes FLOSS work isn't so much that efforts (products) are cost free, although that goes a long way towards initiating mass participation and use. It's that FLOSS is a vast exchange system where value is routinely traded, in exchange for participation and effort.

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The Two Faces of Microsoft: Pervasive Brand Recognition
By DC Parris - Feb 03, 2006
  LXer Feature: 02-Feb-06

Microsoft is preparing a publicity campaign to address their image as a 'big' company. In this, the first of a series of four articles, LXer's Don Parris points to the pervasive nature of the Microsoft brand, and how keeping that separate from the corporate reputation keeps regular consumers in the dark.

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Firefox Extensions Say it All
By Tom Adelstein, Editor-in-Chief - Feb 01, 2006

If you have any doubts about the source of innovation in information technology, you should look at the Mozilla web site. I just counted 1,028 extensions contributed by the community. Then take a look at the themes section. Even the colossus of Redmond with its billions of dollars hasn't mustered that kind of development effort for IE from its community over the years. Now, let's get familiar with underlying reasons.

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