Dilbert, Office Space, and Layoffs

Posted by tuxchick on Mar 17, 2011 2:11 PM
LXer Linux News; By Carla Schroder

LXer Feature: 17-Mar-2011

Yes, life really is a cartoon, and it is impossible to be too cynical. Nevertheless good things happen and life is good.

As you fine fellow LXerers know, I have been toiling since July 2008 as the estéamed Senior Managing Editor of Linux Today and Linux Planet. Not sure what "Senior" means; probably old, grumpy, and not worth a raise so I got a longer title instead. This week I was laid off, along with a number of my co-workers. Save your sympathy because while it sucks to be given the boot, it's all good. I can't say a whole lot without incurring the wrath of lawyers, so use your imagination to fill in the gaps. You'll probably be close to the truth.

Running Linux Today and Linux Planet was a bi-polar experience. I liked both sites; they have long and honorable histories all the way back to 1999, and I think they have played important roles in the Linux and FOSS world. I did my best to keep them relevant and useful. But it was an uphill battle, for various reasons.

The best part is both sites had real communities of both long-time and new readers. The Linux Today Talkbacks aren't quite as lively as they used to be, and I never had enough time to participate as much as I wanted. But I loved reading them, all full of smarts, wit, peeve, insights, humor, and great rants.

Linux Planet's core audience was a mixed lot, from desktop users to hardcore coders and admins. Some of my best story ideas and solutions to problems came from readers.

I never saw LXer or any other Linux sites as being competitors. A rising tide lifts all boats, and the more successful any individual site is the better for all of us. LXer, Linux.com, Slashdot, Tuxmachines.org, Junauza.com (Tech Source), Techrights.org, LWN.net, Groklaw.net, Distrowatch.com, Linuxpromagazine.com, Linux-Mag.com, Linuxjournal.com, and all the many other Linux news, howtos, books, and blog sites are all part of a big mutually-supportive ecosystem, whether it's intentional or not. Something for everyone, and everyone has something to contribute.

I had to stop being a LXer editor when I was hired for Linux Today. Well hurrah, I'm back and happy to be a contributor here again. See, I told you it's all good!

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