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The founder of explains the goals of and expresses a desire to build a community around the site to help further improve it. New forum section has been opened at for that purpose and is accessible through

Live migration of Xen domains

Virtualization is all the rage these days. Advances in x86 performance, as well as the increasing energy requirements of servers, make efficiently provisioning machines a necessity. Xen, an open source virtual machine (VM) monitor, works with just about any Linux distribution. One useful feature for shops that care about high availability is Xen's ability to migrate virtual machines while they are running. By using VM migration, you can pool computing resources just as you can pool storage. Here's how.

Day one at OSCON

The eight annual O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) kicked off Monday at the Oregon Convention Center. The first two days at OSCON are all about tutorials, with half-day presentations by key contributors to open source projects discussing how to make use of their tools. OSCON has several tracks, including tracks for Web applications, databases, Perl, JavaScript and AJAX, Ruby, Linux, programming, and business.

The secret of GNU/Linux desktop adoption

Having been engineering director at one company that became public, and a founder and CTO of another, as well as a long time professional software engineer working at such companies as Matushita Electric (Panasonic), and even Rand McNally, yes, the people that make maps, I must admit, in all those occupations, I have at most rather infrequently encountered these Microsoft Windows operating systems I hear so many people talking so much about.

PHP encryption for the common man

  • IBM developerWorks; By Thomas Myer (Posted by solrac on Jul 25, 2006 3:39 PM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM, PHP; Story Type: News Story
In this increasingly virtual online world, you have to be careful to protect your data. Learn the basics of encoding and encrypting important bits of information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, and even entire messages. Get an overview of what it means to encrypt and decrypt information, as well as some practical examples involving passwords and other data, using PHP's built-in functionality.

Power Architecture’s New Identity

Michael E. Sullivan of IBM discusses how Power Architecture technology is being reborn under as a community-driven architecture and brand inspired by the open-source Linux model. Learn what motivated the changes, what they will mean for customers and partners, and what the new logo symbolizes.

Ubuntu heads for the mainstream

Mark Shuttleworth, millionaire cosmonaut and self-funded Linux guru, has managed to make his Ubuntu project the Linux distribution of choice in just two years. But now the friendly brown OS with the cute drumming noises faces an awkward journey towards the commercial mainstream.

Finding the right documentation

One of the ongoing problems with documentation at MySQL is that it is getting ever larger. Not only is the size of the docs increasing, but the formats and languages that we support is increasing too, and that is making it more and more difficult to effectively list them and make sure they are available.

Nigeria to buy 1m Negroponte laptops

The One Laptop per Child initiative for the developing world is gaining ground, with Nigeria planning to buy one million laptops. But the Microsoft/Intel EduWise consortium is also making headway in the same market.

AMD prices are dropping

The announcement and the first tests of the new Conroes as well as some serious price droppings of Intels legacy Netburst chips (aka P4, Pentium D8xx, Pentium D9xx, and so forth) had started the price war. Now AMD reacts.

Kernux is out; kernel mode webserver for Linux

Kernux, developed by Girish A., Krishnendusekhar J. and Tony Augustine, a group of three Linux newbies, is a fully kernel-mode http-daemon for Linux. They coded it as their academic main project for the Bachelor of Technology Degree course in Information Technology under University of Kerala, from Amrita Institute of Technology and Science, Kollam, Kerala, India.

The Open Source Revenue Model

Matt McAlister has a really interesting piece examining an Open Source CRM (SugarCRM) versus He observes a trend through the lens of SugarCRM that is happening more and more - companies focused around Open Source software that drive revenue from services alone:

Manage Collaboration With Alexsys Team 2

Alexsys Team 2, a client-server-based software package, assists businesses in organizing customer-service-oriented project teams such as help desks. This relatively inexpensive software provides an easy-to-set-up framework for managing collaboration, but also offers depth and versatility if you need them.

My sysadmin toolbox

I've been a system administrator since 1988, working mainly with Solaris and one or two versions of BSD. Here are some of the things I use all the time, including a number of scripts I've written myself to leverage already useful *nix tools; they're not flashy, but they save me a ton of keystrokes.

Linux app converts speech files to searchable text

Wizzard Software is shipping speaker-independent voice recognition software aimed at adding large-vocabulary, offline voice-recognition capabilities to server-based Linux applications. The company says WizzScribe SI can convert large volumes of audio data into searchable text, for data-mining, storage, analysis, and information archiving.

This does not appear to be FOSS. If FOSS equivalents exist, we would be interested in learning more about them.

Re-thinking the Windows Refund

LXer Feature: 25-Jul-2006

LXer's Don Parris challenges the Windows Refund movement to rethink its platform.

SLAX project mints live CD v5.1.7

SLAX Linux developer and lead maintainer Tomas Matejicek announced on July 22 the availability of the bootable SLAX 5.1.7 live CD, a relatively lightweight distro that features a KDE desktop and a 2.6.16 kernel. The SLAX live CD was formerly known as Slackware Live CD.

Linux Mail Server Scales Up to Enterprise Needs

One difficulty all commercial Linux-based e-mail and groupware products face is the availability of free open source software with similar functionality. Scalix Corp.'s Scalix Server addresses this with free versions (Community and open source Community Raw editions), but its business model seeks to woo customers to more advanced groupware in its Small Business and Enterprise editions.

GoblinX version of SLAX-based live CD rolls forth

The GoblinX project team released its latest SLAX-based distribution, GoblinX Mini 1.4.0 live CD, on July 24. The release sports a 2.6.15 kernel and the Xfce windowing environment. The release boasts several important improvements, according to the team.

Google and the new punk era of IT

Google recently shocked the IT world by revealing that it actually builds its own servers, a strategy delivering economic advantage over its competitors, and leaving corporate IT departments in the dust. The technology press was full of the industry's reaction, chiding Google and reminding us that conventional wisdom is that traditional server companies like Dell, have the unbeatable advantages of economies of scale and manufacturing know-how. Turns out that thinking is plain wrong.

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