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Motorola to launch Linux phone in U.S.

Linux/Java has topped CEO Ed Zander's list of things to look for from Motorola as it attempts a financial turnaround, according to a story at At a New York press conference May 15, Zander introduced Linux-based "Rokr" and "Razr2" models, along with new top-level executives.

Through the Patent Looking Glass with Microsoft's Brad Smith

By now you've probably read more than you want to about Microsoft's announcement that it owns 235 patents underlying leading open source software, including many opinions about whether Microsoft's new assertions do, or don't, represent a real threat to Linux, OpenOffice, and other OSS. But you haven't read enough, I expect, about how patent cross licenses work.

A KDE hack: Faster mail searches in kmail, using mairix

  • Lateral Opinion; By Roberto Alsina (Posted by ralsina on May 16, 2007 5:43 PM EDT)
  • Groups: KDE; Story Type: News Story
A way to use mairix to speed up searches in kmail 100x

SAP and Novell cosy up

Companies announce joint support for customers running SAP on Novell's SuSE Linux. Customers want integrated stack and support, says Novell chief.

Adding a little Cream to (g)Vim

Even though I'm a die-hard Emacs user, there are times when I have to use the vi editor -- specifically gVim, the graphical face of the popular vi clone Vim. Since I use gVim so infrequently, I don't readily remember many of the editor's basic commands. Either I muddle through or reach for my well-thumbed copy of the vi Editor Pocket Reference. That was until I discovered Cream. With Cream, gVim becomes an easy-to-use editor -- so easy, in fact, you might not believe that you're using vi.

Open letter to Novell: Release the patent numbers!

LXer Feature: 16-May-2007

The technology industry has been in a buzz since last Monday's Fortune article in which Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith claims that the GNU/Linux operating system infringes 235 of Microsoft's patents. Microsoft refuses to tell the community what those patents are, but they told you, Novell.

What Does GPL3 Mean for the Enterprise?

What if you cry yourself to sleep at night because you really really want to have locked hardware and discriminatory patent agreements? No problem — knock yourself out. You just can't do it with GPL code.

A Guide to Virtualization on Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring

  • HowtoForge; By Adam Williamson (Posted by falko on May 16, 2007 1:23 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Mandriva
Have you ever wished you had another computer handy? Maybe you want to try a new operating system out. Maybe you want to test something experimental without potentially breaking your own system. Maybe you need to run some software that only runs in a different operating system. Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring comes with a range of virtualization options that can help.

Anatomy of the Linux Slab Allocator

Minimize the time required to manage memory and maximize available memory for general usage with the slab allocator. This article explores the ideas behind the slab allocator and examines its interfaces and their use. It uses the Linux kernel method that originated in Solaris of allocating memory of objects based on their size.

Linux: Open For Business

Linux and other open-source software can offer competitive advantages where cost and customization pressures are concerned.

Latest CrossOver for Linux ups 3D game performance

Many users can't avoid Windows applications for one or two tasks, or a game -- and that's where CodeWeavers Inc. comes in with its CrossOver platform. CrossOver 6.1, released May 15, enables enables Linux PCs and Apple Mactels to run more Windows applications and games, and with higher 3D performance, according to CodeWeavers.

Mahara's new release offers trio of improvements

Mahara -- an open source portfolio, weblog, resume builder and social networking system -- released its latest stable version of the Mahara 0.7 family, 0.7.2.

Optimize AIX 5L: Monitoring your CPU, Part 3

Understand performance tuning: controlling thread usage and CPU binding. This article addresses key tools and utilities you can use to analyze threads and administrate your processes.

Ubuntu Studio v7.04 Screenshots

Ubuntu Studio is an Ubuntu incarnation that focuses on software packages for the multimedia creation crowd. Found in Ubuntu Studio 7.04 are a horde of packages for graphic, video, and audio editing. The Ubuntu Studio theme has went black in a radical turn away from the traditional Ubuntu orange. If you are into multimedia editing and mastering, Ubuntu Studio is definitely worth checking out. In Ubuntu 7.10 all of the Ubuntu Studio packages should be available in the main Canonical repository.

Wikifying education

EduWiki is a new wiki-type site aimed at providing, and gathering, information related to schooling in South Africa. Besides age-specific information to help children with school, there will also be various community related information for the family.

GNUmed installation video manual

A video tutorial on how to install GNUmed's client and server part (including postgresql) on MS Windows has been produced and uploaded for public viewing. This is meant as a supplement for people who find the material on our Wiki ( too low level.

My eBay Fox Challenges Official eBay Companion for Firefox

Friendly Fox writes in with news of an unofficial build of Mozilla Firefox with features to help eBay users: "My eBay Fox is a customized version of Firefox that helps people use eBay more effectively. It includes an eBay Toolbar for Firefox, which gives users easy access to all of the important parts of eBay and a handy set of tools like price comparison, consumer reviews, and shipping information.

GNUmed installation videos available

One of our developers has put together a set of screencasts on how to install GNUmed:client installation (10 minutes)server installation (27 minutes) Enjoy, Karsten

Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Classroom in a Book

  •; By James Pyles (Posted by tripwire45 on May 16, 2007 3:38 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story

I've been doing an awful lot of writing about Flash lately. Not that I'm an expert, which is one of the reasons I'm reviewing this book. I find myself thrown into situations that require more of me than I currently possess; at least in terms of certain experiences. Like most people, I have an idea what Flash is and what it does, but am (or was) not so sure how Flash works. To answer my questions and to learn more, I decided to go to school.

C-SPAN video about "Best Care Anywhere" book.

C-SPAN covered a talk given at the New America Foundation promoting the newBest Care Anywhere. Thepanel featured the books author Phillip Longman as well as Kenneth W. Kizer, MD. No mention of theunderground railroad that I could tell (corrections welcome). You candownload the video from CSPAN. Does anybody know how to get this video to play under GNU/Linux?Fred Trotter

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