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Will HP Follow Dell With Ubuntu Linux PCs?

  •; By Joe Panettieri (Posted by alc on Jun 26, 2007 10:32 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: HP, Ubuntu
Joe Panettieri (The VAR Guy) submits: Initially, I was skeptical about Dell's (DELL) decision to sell selected consumer PCs with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed. But after a few days of testing, I'm a skeptic no more. And I'm not alone. Dell insiders tell me that the Ubuntu PCs, introduced in late May, are selling well -- though they decline to share exact sales figures with me.

How to build a dirt easy home NAS server using Samba

A huge problem in most digital households is a growing collection of data without an easy way to share it and store it in one spot. Music. Movies. Pictures. Documents, backups, operating system images. Wow! Where do you put all of this stuff?

New York legislators keep e-voting software in public hands

  •; By Marc L. Songini (Posted by alc on Jun 26, 2007 8:37 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
With this year's New York Senate and Assembly session now ended, local voting activists are chalking up a victory for the public at the expense of Microsoft Corp. and the e-voting industry.

Dell to offer Ubuntu on more systems

Dell isn't resting on its recent consumer Linux PC laurels. The computing giant has added a new laptop -- the Inspiron 1420 Notebook -- to its Ubuntu Linux 7.04 offering. It is also replacing the Dimension E520 desktop with the new, low-priced Inspiron 530.

Firefox 3 and Google team up for offline apps

  •; By Barry Collins (Posted by alc on Jun 26, 2007 7:04 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Mozilla
Mozilla and Google are collaborating on an effort to make web applications work offline. Firefox 3 will be the first internet browser to offer offline web application support when it launches at the end of this year.

Apache Maven 1.1 released

Apache Maven 1.1 was released yesterday as the final release with new features to the 1.x branch of Maven. Maven is an open source project management tool for Java developers.

The Solaris Installation Experience

There's a problem with Solaris and Sun knows it. The installation experience of Solaris (along with other areas) could be greatly improved. The installer doesn't "suck" as it's easy and known to Solaris administrators, but for a Linux or Windows user it could prove to be a bit challenging. In the Linux world it's no longer a challenge to install a Linux distribution on your hard drive, especially with the excellent work that the Ubuntu team has done in improving the user experience for a desktop installation. However, in this time while Linux has become just as easy to install as Microsoft Windows (if not easier), Solaris has not really evolved to make the experience easier and attractive to potential customers.

Linux Desktop Solution Supports 'Let's Play a Million' Campaign

  • Omni Technology Solutions; By Trevor Poapst (Posted by TrevorP on Jun 26, 2007 4:57 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Press Release; Groups: Novell
Linux desktop solution helps in a fundraiser to donate a million soccer balls to improve children's lives through sport.

The Federal Government Sanctioned Spam Trap

Would you like to buy a mailing list and start a Broadcast Campaign? Then just put some kind of message at the bottom of the email that says unsubscribe or opt-out and a physical address like 201 Mullview Place, Bigfoot, Montana 59106. Make sure you have a subject line and a header.

What's new with Ruby

Wow! There have been big events in the Ruby universe recently. I’ll be writing about several of them over the next couple of weeks, but today I want to touch on one that gets pretty deeply into Ruby.

Add star ratings to Web pages with AJAX Star Rater

If you want feedback on the contents of your Web site, let your visitors rate your pages. Some content management systems include this functionality by default, but if yours doesn't, you can add rating capabilities with AJAX Star Rater, a PHP/MySQL application that allows you to display AJAX-ified star rating bars on any Web page.

Open source 'leaving Asia behind'

The open source community risks leaving Asian users and developers behind, thanks to cultural differences and western business's tendency to treat programmers there as code monkeys rather than software designers, a senior Novell staffer has warned.

Ohio LinuxFest call for papers deadline is nearly here!

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- June 26, 2007 -- The call for presentations deadline for Ohio LinuxFest 2007 is approaching rapidly. The last date for presentation submissions is July 15, 2007.

Untangle Brings the Open Source Movement to Small Business Network Security

Only open source platform to unify security products providing, a free and better alternative to SonicWall and other appliance vendors

Understanding the Common User

Linux is simply the best. Open, free of charge, stable, reliable, flexible, and scalable. And God only knows why people do not want to use it [...] There’s a lot of choices. Hundreds of them! So… what is this thing that stops people switching? Well, I’m sure the blocker is right here — it is the choice. But there's more to it.

21 day hack-a-thon produces Moonlight

A 21 day hack-a-thon has resulted in the initial stages of Moonlight, a Linux version of Microsoft's upcoming Silverlight, which aims to rival Adobe's Flash Player.

Desktop Debian Etch (and Ubuntu)

I started using Debian in late 2002, today I am a Debian package maintainer and use it full time every day at my job as a Debian Sysadmin. On the flip side I’m also an Ubuntu enthusiast and now an official Member of the project, I use Xubuntu (XFCE version of Ubuntu) on my desktop, work extensively with the Ubuntu community, and attend and help organized events with the Ubuntu team here in Pennsylvania. My work with Debian trickles down into Ubuntu, as almost all of the work in Debian does, the packages I maintain end up in Ubuntu repositories, the tools developed for Debian are adopted by Ubuntu.

LPI expands Africa network

The Linux Professional Institute has named its new aproved training partners including trainers in Tanzania, Tunisia and the Ivory Coast.

Did Microsoft copy the Ubuntu Logo?

Did Microsoft copy the Ubuntu Logo? Take a look at this image and judge for yourself.

Linux powered Blue Gene/P becomes the fastest computer in the world

IBM has just announced the arrival of Blue Gene/P, which triples the performance of Blue Gene/L, the previous holder of the official world’s fastest computer title. And it is powered by Linux, of course!

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