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Microsoft's Courtroom Flashback

Today in Iowa, attorneys have once again taken Microsoft to court over anti-trust charges associated with its Windows operating system. [...] The lawyers are also seeking compensation for the time people have had to spend repairing security breaches--a figure that they put at a minimum of $50 million. “The illegal bolting of Internet Explorer to the Windows operating system created a larger ‘attack surface’” and made the operating system more vulnerable, asserts Richard Hagstrom, co-lead counsel for the plaintiffs.

[This is a first :-) MS getting sued for it's security record. If it sticks it could mean a quick death for Windows when world+dog starts doing the same -- Sander]

Open-source SDKs create collaborative messaging apps

Conversant has released a "complete" suite of open-source software development kits (SDKs) for building collaborative applications based on the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). The SDKs, collectively known as SoapBox Studio, support version 2 of the .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework (CF) managed application environments.

Trolltech's Greenphone: A reasonable first effort

Linux users have been salivating over Trolltech's promised Greenphone for the better part of a year. The "open" Linux phone platform, powered by Trolltech's Qtopia 4 embedded software stack, is bundled with a Qtopia software development kit (SDK) designed to kick-start mobile Linux application development. The first batch of devices has now shipped, and I spent a couple of weeks with a review unit. While it's an interesting package, it's only a first step and in no way a finished product.

Open source applications for Mac OS X

The amount of free software available to Mac users is comparable to that available to users of other *nix variants, thanks to the BSD underpinnings of Apple's flagship operating system. Software package management projects like Fink and MacPorts (formerly DarwinPorts) make installing and running a wide variety of console, daemon, and X11 applications simple. But what about slick, free, open source applications using the native Mac APIs that look like they might have shipped with your Mac?

Google and Health Informatics

Over the years google has provided more than a few effective free to use solutions. Does this blog post by google's VP mark the beginnings of innovative 'google' type solutions for Healthcare? While the blog mainly focuses around improving search of Healthcare Information (for patients?). He does allude to the concept of electronic personal health records. It would be interesting to see what eventuates of this. While google solutions do not tend to be opensource they tend to open in terms of publishing APIs, allowing extensibility etc. On the other hand, some would argue that this furthers the sinister google trend of learning more and more about its users.

Acronis becomes Red Hat partner

Storage management software vendor Acronis Inc. has joined the Red Hat ISV (independent software vendor) Partner Program, which offers software vendors the opportunity to easily access the tools and resources necessary to develop and test their applications on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a leading open source platform from Red Hat Inc. in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company has also joined as a Red Hat Ready Partner, according to Acronis of Burlington, Massachusetts.

Via, Puppy Linux tout "affordable" computing

Puppy Linux was guest-of-honor at an "Affordable Community Computing Workshop" this week in the Philippines, where participants assembled and took home ultra low-cost, PC-like computing devices. The workshop was sponsored by Via and several organizations working to close the "digital divide" in the Philippines.

LDAP Series Part VI - Directory Service Modeling

  • Linux Journal; By Tom Adelstein (Posted by dcparris on Dec 2, 2006 2:31 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
LDAP services exist in a TCP/IP context. It's an Internet service that uses daemons, requires an administrator, configuration files and structure. In some ways LDAP resembles a Linux file system with a root, limbs instead of directories, etc. Unlike the directory configuration of an operating system, LDAP is flexible in its structuring. That flexibility translates into a design makeup you can simply create. We call the hierarchical model a Directory Information Tree (DIT). Whoever designs the DIT needs to know something about how to model data.

Linux Gazette #133 is out!

Linux Gazette...making Linux just a little more fun!

Creating a declarative security model for RCP applications

This article explains how to build a flexible security model for Rich-Client Platform (RCP) applications by leveraging features provided by the Eclipse platform.

SCO shares collapse under weight of ruling

  • The Register; By Ashlee Vance in Mountain View (Posted by dcparris on Dec 2, 2006 12:09 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: SCO
$1.20 to go: SCO Group shares went south in a hurry during Friday's trading, as investors reacted to the company's legal misfortunes. announces contest winners has announced the winners of its template and clipart contest. The judges distributed a total of five cash prizes totalling $1,700 for templates, and three cash prizes totalling $1,300 for clipart, as well as two Honorable Mentions for templates. In addition, the project will send T-shirts and other merchandise to many of the other entrants.

Open Source Software is framework for thin client applications.

ICEfaces(TM) professional grade open source software is engineered to meet challenges of enterprise application development and deployment. ICEfaces leverages standards-based Java Enterprise Edition ecosystem of tools and execution environments to resolve deployment issues such as scalability, availability, and redundancy. Standards-compliant solution for developing interactive and collaborative multi-user applications utilizes Ajax Push technology.

Open source software in practice

The next Northern Bloc seminar, to be held in Caernarfon on Wednesday 13 December, will discuss open source in practice.

Judge Deals SCO Setback In Lawsuit Against IBM About Linux Code

A federal judge on Thursday gutted SCO Group's $5 billion, Linux-related lawsuit against IBM - renewing debate about the Utah company's future.

[I can't wait till the proverbial fat lady sings - dcparris]

Human Rights OSS Provides Uncensored Internet to Countries like China has an interesting article on some Open Source software freeing up the internet to countries like China. "Upwards of forty countries now censor Internet traffic. Most of this censorship takes place in secret, without any public accountability or civilian oversight. Psiphon Open Source censorship circumvention tool is bringing a free Internet back to the people!"

Novell punts NetWare to Linux

NOVELL WILL shunt NetWare services onto Suse Linux with the next version of Open Enterprise Server (OES), its NetWare/Linux hybrid OS.

Social engineering on the rise

Sophos encourages 'computer common sense'

[Say, is anyone else getting the spam that includes Linux in the subject, and discusses it in the body, but really doesn't say anything? - dcparris]

Report: Open Source Is More Than Software Alone

Open source development is influencing phenomena far beyond software, including manufacturing processes, classroom teaching, and the types of media now emerging online, said CollabNet CTO Brian Behlendorf, best-selling author Thomas L. Friedman, and other members of a panel of business and technology visionaries.

Looking Back on Three Years of OpenUsability with Jan Mühlig

Just following the recent World Usability Day and a few months past the third birthday of OpenUsability I took some time to talk to Jan Mühlig, one of the OpenUsability founders and to get an inside look at some of the history of the project, how it works from the inside and some of the current direction.

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