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Novell Automates Solution to Looming 2007 Daylight Savings Time Change

Novell ZENworks Patch Management Alleviates Patch and Update Burdens and Ensures Smooth Operations

`OSS needs Govt spur'

Meet C.Umashankar IAS, Managing Director of Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Ltd ( . He is a guest lecturer at IIM-B (the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore) for the e-governance training program targeted at senior Government officers, and a post-graduate diploma program titled `Reinventing government'. Also, he lectures at the National Productivity Council, New Delhi, on transformation of administration using e-governance.

2006 Members Choice Award Winners Announced

The polls are closed and the results are in for the 2006 Members Choice Awards. Among the winners are Ubuntu, Firefox, MySQL and The Members Choice Awards allow members of the Linux community to choose their favorite products in a variety of categories including Linux Distribution of the Year, Office Suite of the Year and Web Browser of the Year. The total number of categories this year was 21.

The complete list of the winners is as follows (percentage of votes received in parentheses):

KDE Commit-Digest for 18th February 2007

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest: The Dolphin file manager is moved into kdebase. Continued work in Umbrello courtesy of the Student Mentoring program. Graphical element representations start to be introduced in Kalzium. More new country maps in KGeography. KSpaceDuel begins the porting process to a scalable graphics interface, with further SVG intergration work in KMines, KWin4, KNetWalk, KBlackBox and KMahjongg. KolourPaint gains the ability to interface with image scanning hardware. Improved handling of the XPS document format in okular. Lilypond export functionality in KTabEdit. More work in the KDE Fonts Manager. The KNewStuff2 framework reaches new milestones in its reworking for KDE 4.

Novell: OpenOffice is key

The popularity of OpenOffice, the open source productivity suite, will be key to the financial success of Novell, said company president and CEO, Ron Hovsepian, who hopes to be a 'custodian' between the open source community and the commercial world.

Microsoft blasts IBM in dirty ODF war

IBM is hijacking the debate over document standards to promote its desktop suites while refusing to look at the merits of each standard, according to Microsoft's general manager of interoperability and standards Tom Robertson. Big Blue is one of the main backers of the Open Document Format (ODF), while Microsoft supports Open XML. "IBM does not want Open XML to be standardised. It does not want an alternative to be out there," Robertson told in an interview.

Software Review: Yellow Dog Linux 5 for PlayStation 3

Sony has been telling us for a while now that the PlayStation 3 is more than a game console, it is a computer. They tried this with the PS2 as well, when they released the Linux Kit for PS2, though that didn't make much of a splash. This time around, however, they built the PS3 with Linux in mind, and from the looks of things so far, Linux (any distribution) is going to have a lot to do on the PS3.

Open Source Network Configuration Management

Open source projects have had a significant impact in areas such as operating systems (Linux), databases (MySQL), web applications (Apache), and development tools (Eclipse). However, they have been slower in reaching other areas where open standards and community involvement can make an equally positive impact. Given the new focus on automation for enterprise network infrastructures, network inventory and configuration management is one such area ripe for hosting a vibrant open source community.

Debian Project Leader Elections 2007: Third call for nominations

We are two weeks and part of a day into the nomination period for candidates for the position of the Debian Project Leader...

Getting Over the Love-Hate Dynamic With Open Standards

The dilemma facing SIP and open source is that customers must build a network to serve multiple objectives -- only some of which are addressed by open standards. While the number of companies installing all-SIP or all-open source networks continues to grow, it's clear that some vendors secretly frown on the use of open

Building the £50 laptop

The first £50 OLPC laptops could ship to children in emerging economies within months. PC Advisor speaks to the people behind the project to see how they made the impossible possible.

24 Feb: Open Source Festival, Envisage '07

The Institute of Informatics and Communication, University of Delhi South Campus, has announced its second annual inter-collegiate open source technical festival, Envisage '07 to be held on 24-25th February 2007.

InterMedia Marketing Solutions Wins Inaugural Open Source Challenge With OrecX's Recording Platform At Linux World

InterMedia Marketing Solutions Wins Inaugural Open Source Challenge With OrecX's Recording Platform At Linux World InterMedi@ Marketing Solutions (InterMedi@) a leading direct marketer and information technology resource company was awarded the prestigious Open Source Challenge Award last night at Linux World.

An “Unbreakable MySQL” is unlikely to materialise

In October, Oracle sent Red Hat’s stock plummeting on the announcement that it would offer cut-rate support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, under the “Unbreakable Linux” brand. Could Larry Ellison now be planning a repeat with “Unbreakable MySQL”? In an interview with Computer Business Review, MySQL CEO Mårten Mickos says the possibility that Oracle might offer support for its own branded version of the open source MySQL database is very real, but he downplays the potential threat. In fact, he adds, “I hope they do that”.

The danger of Daylight Saving Time

Comment If the fuss currently being made about Dubbya's attempt to save energy by making the US go to Daylight Saving Time a fortnight early reminds me of anything, it's the hype we had to endure eight years ago about the Millennium Bug.

NVIDIA Linux 1.0-9XXX / 2.0-XXXX Details

Since last month's general availability of Microsoft Windows Vista, NVIDIA has introduced the Forceware 100.XX series. While we have yet to see any major NVIDIA Linux developments in 2007, we have decided to take one final look at this most recent driver series. In this article, we are retesting the 1.0-9626, 1.0-9629, 1.0-9631, and 1.0-9746 Linux display drivers. We have also added the NVIDIA 1.0-9751 display driver to the mix; if you've never seen the driver we will tell you in this article where you can get it. We are also shedding the first light on what will likely become the NVIDIA 2.0-XXXX display driver for Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD.

HP-UX Takes Storage to 'Limitless' Heights

Less than two months after HP bolstered HP-UX 11i version 2 with new security features, it has unleashed HP-UX 11i version 3. The refresh boasts improved storage, performance and virtualization features, raising the stakes against Unix competitors IBM and Sun — not to mention Linux.

Trolltech Qtopia Greenphone Live Photo Gallery

Last week at the 3GSM show in Barcelona, we spent some time with Trolltech, the folks responsible for the Linux powered Qtopia Greenphone. The Greenphone is a reference hardware design that is packaged with the company's Qtopia platform software developer's kit (SDK) for companies that wish to develop new mobile devices and services based on Linux. It is a fully functional smartphone that runs an embedded version of the Linux OS using version 2.4.19 of the Linux kernel.

Run Your Own Webradio Station With Icecast2 And Ices2

This tutorial describes how to set up an audio streaming server with Icecast2. In order that Icecast2 can stream audio to listeners we install Ices2. Ices2 is a program that sends audio data to an Icecast2 server to broadcast to clients. Ices2 can either read audio data from disk (Ogg Vorbis files), or sample live audio from a sound card and encode it on the fly. In this article we will let Ices2 read .ogg files from the local hard disk.

aKademy Talks Deadline Extended

Due to a beastie in the submissions system, the aKademy 2007 Programme Committee have extended the deadline for talk proposals until February 23rd. See the Call for Participation for some guidelines and how to submit. Confirmation to those who have already submitted has been sent out, let us know if you have no heard from us. If you contribute to KDE in any way it is likely others will want to know about it, so send us your abstract before next Friday.

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