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Desktop Linux Integration Nears With Portland Project Beta Release

The “Portland Project,” the collaborative venture that simplifies the process of porting and integrating applications for Linux desktops, announced the Beta release of its programming interfaces for GNOME and KDE environments. Several of the global Linux distributors have indicated a commitment to support their application vendors with early versions of the Portland Project tools.

LPI Exam 202: Network Troubleshooting

In this last tutorial, from a series of seven tutorials on Linux Professional Institute exam 202 topics, review tools and commands that help you detect and solve networking problems. Also, review the locations for basic configuration files that affect network status and behavior.

RIPLinux: Data Recovery and Partitioning Tool

  • The Linux-Tutorial; By ffreeloader (Posted by tripwire45 on Jul 8, 2006 8:19 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Linux
Just ran across this yesterday. It is the fastest live cd I've run across and has a huge selection of data recovery and partitioning tools along with memtest and a browser so that you can do research while booted into the live cd.

Firebird 2.0 RC3 (omega) is out. What's next ? Gold Final Release

  • firebirdnews; By (Posted by mariuz on Jul 8, 2006 7:46 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Announcements; Groups: Community
Builds for Windows and Linux of the new Firebird 2.0 RC3 (probably the last RC) are out.

Mysql Cluster 5.0 ALTER TABLE In-Depth

  • MySQL Developer Zone; By Martin Skold (Posted by dcparris on Jul 8, 2006 7:14 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: MySQL
In this Developers Zone article we take an in-depth look at how the ALTER TABLE command is implemented in MySQL Cluster 5.0.

Good news for Linux users in court battle

A U.S. magistrate has struck down many of the SCO Group Inc.'s claims against IBM Corp., saying SCO failed to show its intellectual property was misappropriated when Big Blue donated software code to the freely distributed Linux operating system.

[Schools also seem interested in SCO v. IBM. -- grouch]

Going beyond JSP with Ruby and Seaside

This article discuss how code generation works in Ruby, and it delve into a more radical component-based approach in Seaside.

Fresh brew - Sun's plans to open source Java

  • Computer Business Review; By Tony Baer (Posted by dcparris on Jul 8, 2006 5:36 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Sun
Sun's new CEO Jonathan Schwartz ended years of speculation last month when he announced that the company plans to open source Java. Tony Baer reports from Sun's annual JavaOne conference in San Francisco.

NSpluginwrapper: A cross-architecture browser plugin tool

NSpluginwrapper is a cross-architecture tool designed to let Firefox users on AMD64 and PowerPC Linux use i386-only, binary Web browser plugins -- such as those frequently provided by closed source, commercial interests. Following a protracted delay after its initial, binary-only release back in May, NSpluginwrapper is now available with source code.

QotD - about package management

Ok, this quote isn’t really new - in fact, it is from Thu, 18 Aug 2005, but I found it just today when reading the blog of one of the two authors of the planet

School Successes

I asked for successes at schools using Open Source Software, and I received a wide variety of them. Although schools aren't typically thought of as a small business, I believe if a technology will work in schools it will work anywhere.

Open source promise turns sour at Orwell High

An open source systems deployment at Orwell High School in Felixstowe, Suffolk, has reportedly been abandoned by the school's IT manager, leaving pupils with a hybrid OSS/proprietary system that is far from useable, and has impacted the pupils' academic performance.

[Sounds like someone needed to think about the 7 Ps - yes, all 7 of them. - dcparris]

Linux school lab 'expelled'

The story of how a Toronto school's fully functional Linux lab was replaced with an elderly Microsoft system is spreading.

Bell Micro In Linux Land

Based on VAR demand, Bell Microproducts has signed a deal to become a certified distributor of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Introduction into Nexenta Zones

The article explains how to setup Nexenta Zones via remote Debian APT repository and shows some benefits of using OpenSolaris Zone HW virtualization technology.

Building Network Appliances With Linux, Part 4: Locking Down the Firewall Box

Last time we left off after installing Webmin. Now it's time to configure the two network interfaces, then lock down security. Obviously, a firewall, like any network border device, must be highly secure.

Linux Users Beware: SCO's Still Got You In Its Sights

  • InformationWeek; By Paul McDougall (Posted by dcparris on Jul 8, 2006 12:35 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Humor; Groups: Linux, SCO
In Monday's issue of InformationWeek, I take a closer look at the latest turns in SCO's quixotic court fight against IBM. To get you through the weekend, here's a critical tidbit you need to know about now if you're a Linux user, or if you're even thinking about using Linux.

[Please note that I have categorized this as humor - couldn't figure out how else to classify it. - dcparris]

Debate arises over an open raster graphics format

The open source graphics community is debating the creation of an open specification for a new raster graphics file format. Many feel that the time has come to define an extensible, shared format to exchange complex documents between a variety of application programs -- including raster image editors, viewers, and related tools like vector and page-layout programs.

Trolltech goes public

Norwegian open source software company Trolltech completed an IPO on July 5 and is now listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Børs).

The week in technology: Microsoft goes open source

Microsoft backed down on its proprietary stance over document formats but, if it was hoping for a pat on the back from the wider internet community, it should have known better.

[A better headline would have been "Microsoft proves how obstinate they are". - dcparris]

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