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BIND 9 DNS Administration Reference Book

This book comes to me in an unusual way. I received an email from the publisher and editor asking if I'd be willing to review BIND 9 DNS Administration Reference Book. Ok, that's not unusual. In fact, it happens to me all the time. What is unusual is that I'd never heard of Reed Media Services before. One reason is that they seem to be a smaller publishing house that was originally started to "print newsletter publishing, online publishing (including related software design), and providing related internet hosting services". The other reason is that they've only produced two books thus far (The OpenBSD PF Packet Filter Book is the other one).

Backing up and restoring your DSL configuration

Damn Small Linux (DSL) is primarily a live CD, or emulation thereof, which means that the base system is read-only. So how do you save your settings? Mastering DSL's backup and restore method is essential to enjoying DSL without using a traditional hard drive install. Here's how to back up your DSL settings, files, and applications to a single archive file on a local medium (such as a floppy disk, pen drive, or hard disk).

iTunes 7.3 on Linux with Wine

  • Wine-Review; By Thomas Wickline (Posted by twickline on Oct 2, 2007 8:28 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial
This is a quick tutorial on how to install iTunes 7.3 on Linux with Wine, iTunes 7.3 includes QuickTime Player 7.1.6 and support for Apple's iPhone.

Office shootout: Impress vs. Microsoft PowerPoint, round 2

How does the current version of (OOo) compare with Microsoft Office in its ability to produce slide presentations? The last time I tried to answer that question, two years ago, both OOo Impress and Microsoft PowerPoint had features that the other lacked. To see how the two programs compare now, I installed Microsoft Office 2007 and 2.3, and went through the process of designing a slide show from start to finish. To my surprise, the results were more decisive than in my last comparison. They're not enough to award a knockout victory, but, even based on points, the winner is clear.

How To Set Up VMware Tools On Various Linux Distributions

This document explains how to set up the VMware Tools in the following guest operating systems: Ubuntu 7.04, Fedora 7, PCLinuxOS 2007 and Debian Etch. Installing VMware Tools in your guest operating systems will help maximize performance, provide mouse synchronization and copy & paste functionality. This article also shows a way of making VMware Tools start automatically when you start a guest operating system.

Firefox big, Linux growing on Tectonic

Tectonic attracts thousands of visitors each month and while we don't always know who you are we do, thanks to Google Analytics, have a pretty good idea about your tech preferences. So here for the bean counters are some numbers on Tectonic for the past month.

Linux Gazette #143 is out!

Linux Gazette...making Linux just a little more fun!

The Real Value of Ohio (GNU)LinuxFest

Saturday night, as I was leaving the Ohio LinuxFest after party, One of the organizers shared with me her aphrensions about the value of the event, and how the community resoundingly put those apprehensions to rest.

Fedora Weekly News Issue 103

Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 103 for the week of September 24th.

The Mono Project: You Might Expect the Unexpected

Back in February, Ralph Green asked me to speak at the North Texas Linux Users' Group. I discussed Linux administration and then took questions. Some one in the audience asked me about Mono. I gave a cavalier answer having a bias against it. Then someone else in the audience said that I needed to get my facts straight.

On the Fridge: KDE Invasion in the Canary Islands

Ubuntu's Fridge is reporting that Kubuntu is taking the Canary Islands. KDE is being installed on all of the school computers in the Canary Islands by the way of mEDUXa and in their universities with Bardinux, both derivatives of the Kubuntu GNU/Linux operating system. KDE's Aaron Seigo and Jonathan Riddell toured the schools in which mEDUXa is in use and spoke with the developers during the Jornadas de Software Libre conference. During that conference, Aaron Seigo presented KDE 4 and its exciting capabilities as well as an introduction to KDE and Qt programming.

LiPS synchs with OMA on mobile Linux

The confusing world of standards for mobile versions of Linux became a little less confusing last week with a declaration of "alignment" between two key players.

Reg Developer goes West

Register Developer is changing. We've moved our base of operations form the UK to Silicon Valley, where under a new editor - the Register's former software editor, Gavin Clarke - we will build on the work of Martin and David, who successfully established Register Developer.

SourceKibitzer benchmarks open source Java projects and developers

Ever wondered how much your contribution was worth to a project? If you are a Java developer helping out one of the hundreds of open source Java projects, head over to SourceKibitzer. It's a social network of Java developers that provides various metrics for open source Java projects.

Calgary Open Source Systems Festival

COSSFEST 07 (Calgary Open Source Systems Festival) will bring together professionals, students and enthusiasts who share a common interest in Open Source software. This one-day conference and expo will be made up of speakers and hourly workshops. Booths featuring hardware vendors, software companies, services companies, and (of course) user groups will be on hand. This event is the largest free technology event in Calgary!

Are 'naked PCs' good for businesses?

On Monday. European think tank the Globalisation Institute made a submission to the EC proposing that all PCs and laptops should be sold without an OS in order to foster competition and bring down prices, saying the current practice "imposes an extra cost on virtually every EU business." Three-quarters of's 12-strong CIO Jury IT director panel have now backed that call for naked PCs, although the argument is far from straightforward.

ASUS Blitz Extreme

Over the years of reviewing ASUS products we've seen a number of interesting motherboards but the one we have our hands on for review today is one of the most interesting we have ever seen. This motherboard is the ASUS Blitz Extreme and packed onto this ATX PCB is Intel's P35 Chipset with ICH9R Southbridge, dual-channel DDR3-1333 memory support, CrossFire support, "voltiminder" LEDs, load-line calibration, Stack Cool 2, SupremeFX II audio, LCD poster display, and the ASUS Fusion Block System. The Fusion Block System is an integrated thermal hybrid cooler designed to cool the motherboard's chipset and other key components, but can also be inserted into your computer's water cooling loop for even greater performance. The ASUS Blitz Extreme belongs to their Republic of Gamers line with other motherboards such as the Striker Extreme, Blitz Formula, Crosshair, and Commando. This may be the ultimate gaming and overclocking platform, but how well does this $300+ USD motherboard work with Linux? We will tell you today.

Build 'em Right, Build 'em Strong, Build 'em Linux

This is presented to you as dictated from helios. Ken is away having medical needs met and this is being typed as I listen to the playback. I will assure you that I present it literally and without personal input. - perseis

Linux Journal: How Not To Run A Business

LXer Feature: 01-Oct-2007

I have to wonder- where on Earth did Ms. Fairchild get the idea that alienating her customers is a good business practice? So what if she finds sexist, demeaning humor funny? It doesn't belong in Linux Journal. I paid my subscription money in good faith for many years, trusting to receive good Linux articles. If I want to read about blowjobs or read about how helpless and stupid women are, I don't expect to find it in Linux Journal. There are abundant sources for that elsewhere.

SamePlace: A Jabber client for Firefox

If you spend most of your computing life in Firefox, it makes sense to consolidate other online activities in your browser. There are extensions that can help you to do just that: you can manage your bookmarks with the extension, chat on IRC channels using Chatzilla, and read RSS feeds in Sage. Jabber instant messaging users have their own extension: the SamePlace, a nifty IM client that, besides the basic Jabber functionality, offers a few unique and useful features.

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