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The latest Podcast. Topics include an LQ stats update, Sun Open Sources Java under the GPL, IBM cool to Sun’s Open Source Java plan, Samba team asks Novell to reconsider, is SugarCRM Open Source and Adobe releases the source for its ActionScript Virtual Machine to the Mozilla Foundation.

Criticism mounts over Birmingham's Linux project

  • ZDNet UK; By Richard Thurston (Posted by dcparris on Nov 18, 2006 1:32 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
Criticism is mounting over the termination of a large-scale Linux project in Birmingham.

May: Red Hat Summit 2007

Tuesday, November 14, 2006: The third annual Red Hat Summit 2007 is going to take place from 9 to 11 May 2007 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina in San Diego, California. The open source knowledge exchange summit is designed especially for IT decision makers, enterprise architects, current and future Red Hat customers, engineering managers, open source enthusiasts and partners from around the world.

System Administration Toolkit: Problems and pitfalls

  • na; By BlueVoodoo (Posted by solrac on Nov 17, 2006 11:57 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
This article focuses on some of the most common problems and issues facing UNIX administrators and ways to achieve a safe and effective resolution.

Linux Distribution Debian 4.0 "Etch" suffers delays

The developers of the Linux distribution Debian have now made the first Release Candidate of the new installer, which represents the most important new feature of the new Debian Version 4.0 ("Etch"), available. The RC1 makes use of the Linux Kernel 2.6.17 for all architectures that support Debian; for a list of further changes and new features please consult the developers' announcement.

Red Hat drives Open Source adoption

Red Hat, a provider of open source solutions, announced its flagship events for 2007, including the Red Hat Summit 2007, JBoss World 2007 and FUDCON 2007. Red Hat is designing these events to encourage content-driven agendas for the company's various constituencies and customers and to add further value to the deployment and development of open source solutions. Each venue will engage audiences and help attendees to gain insight into the latest open source technologies, trends and issues. Calc adds support for Excel VBA

As an Excel user, you may have looked at and found that it doesn't support Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the Microsoft Office macro language. If you've spent years building hundreds of Excel macros, the fear of losing them all could keep you locked in to Office. If so, it's time to look again; Novell has taken's source code and create a version of its own that supports Excel VBA.

Web Hosting Provider Adds Fedora Core 6, Debian Etch ...

Web hosting provider ( has announced the addition of new versions of Fedora Core 6, Debian Etch, and Ubuntu 6.10 (edgy) Linux to its service offerings. Each technology will be available through each of VPSLink’s hosting plans.

Collection of Kaiser EHR Troubles Links

  • GNU/Linux And Open Source Medical Software News (Posted by dcparris on Nov 17, 2006 8:00 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: GNU, Linux
Here's a collection of links about Kaiser's problems with its electronic medical record: (links omitted) quote from one:'Kaiser is the tip of the iceberg. I wonder how much money has been wasted in the US on EMR and so-called electronic health records? Kaiser isn't the only organization to waste tons of money based upon false hopes for unproven systems. Unfortunately, the billions of losses are paid by health care consumers.

Epatec dwarf PC makes a capable thin client

  • NewsForge; By Michael 'STIBS' Stibane (Posted by dcparris on Nov 17, 2006 7:13 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: GNU, Linux
What can you do with a tiny 200MHz computer? We tested such a computing dwarf, the Epatec eTC thin client, and found you can save big money with this box by using it as a thin client.

Running Linux on Sony's PS3

Running Linux on Sony's PS3 console isn't just allowed, it's encouraged. PCBurn has a quick overview of the PS3, Linux, and links to the relevant information.

Black Duck Welcomes Sun's Decision to Open Source Java

Black Duck, the provider of software compliance management solutions, has given the thumbs up signal to Sun Microsystems’ decision to open source Java. Many organisations are using open source code to develop software, and the Sun announcement means that any company using Java will need to understand the implications of the licensing terms of the open source General Public License (GPL) and the impact on software that is developed with Java, the company said.

Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA) Ontology Released as Open Source

  • GNU/Linux And Open Source Medical Software News (Posted by dcparris on Nov 17, 2006 4:51 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: GNU, Linux
The Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA) Ontology has been released under an open source license locatedhere. From the announcement:'In response to the increasing demand from the life science and biomedical informatics communities and the private industry for an anatomy ontology that can empower computer applications in biomedicine and provide a basic science framework for the integration of biological data from different sources, the University of Washington and the FMA Ontology Research team hereby release the open source license for the Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA) ontology and grant licensees a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, copyright license to reproduce, publicly display, publicly perform, prepare modifications of, and distribute the FMA ontology with or without modifications. For more information on the availability, terms and conditions of the license and on how to access and download the Release version of the FMA ontology please visit the FMA Ontology Research Project site [url=at']at'[/url]

The implications of Sun open sourcing Java

  • Computer Business Review; By Staff Writer (Posted by dcparris on Nov 17, 2006 4:04 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: GNU, Sun
The long-awaited open sourcing of Java is finally upon us, with Sun announcing the first of a set of releases planned through into 2007. The question of which license Sun would adopt is now settled: it's the GNU General Public License version two. However, key questions are yet to be answered - namely whether the move will help Sun's revenue, and whether open sourcing Java may be a step too late.

Mapping the Future of Open Source Data

Some time toward the end of this year, FortiusOne plans to open a public data repository and social network for data sharing to encourage the creation of dynamic online map mashups that combine multiple data sets

An open platform for Linux

In its attempt to educate its existing customers as well as prospective clients about the evolving role of Linux, Novell organised a multi-city event. We had covered the Mumbai leg in an earlier issue. Here we write about what happened at Delhi and Bangalore—there were different speakers in each city.

Gates on Vista, Linux and more

In the second part of his interview with, Bill Gates talks about his favorite feature in Vista, why he'll keep pushing for a new file system and the role of open-source software.

Seven tips for leading FOSS programmers

  • IT Managers Journal; By Bruce Byfield (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Nov 17, 2006 12:04 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Books about management techniques rarely mention how to lead computer programmers. The few that do sooner or later reach for a cliché and compare the effort to herding cats -- J. Hank Rainwater, for instance, uses the phrase as his title. Partly, the comparison reflects how much the topic is outside the corporate mainstream. However, the comparison also reflects the conflicting nature of the job. The typical IT department represents a separate culture within a company, and a successful manager must both understand that culture and act as a bridge between it and the rest of the company, trying to explain each to the other.

Open Letter: Questions about Microsoft Corp. Intellectual Property

In a question-and-answer session after his keynote speech at the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) conference in Seattle last Thursday, [Steve] Ballmer said "Linux[™]"uses our [Microsoft Corp.] intellectual property" and "Microsoft Corp. wanted to "get the appropriate economic return for our shareholders from our innovation."
Now, as a Linux user and editor of a Linux users site, I have some questions about this remarks.

[ I sent the thing to WagEdds Rapid Response Team, look forward to hearing from them - hkwint ]

O'reilly Radar: System76, Linux Hardware for Everyone

Last week at the Ubuntu Developer Summit, I spoke with Carl Ritchell, co-founder of System76. For years I've been seeking the Nirvana of a company that would ship me professional, high-quality, Linux-only hardware. Various large companies offer half-hearted Linux options. Several sketchy-looking resellers offer brand-name hardware with Linux installed over the top, but it's either a distro I don't want, or it's all old hardware.

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