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BEAT TeH L33TS - The Saga Begins

Google is a wonderful tool, some prefer Scroogle and that's fine. I am beginning to get comfortable with it myself. However, sometimes a question is a bit too complex and is shaded with a bit more nuance than Google can handle. Fortunately, Linux has a plethora of L33Ts to answer any question a new Linux User might have. This week's question was pretty good. Note to L33TS...L33T Juice is on sale at 7-11 this week. Looks like you need it. Final Score New User 1 - L33TS Zipp0, Nada, zilch-a-roony, goose egg...

Don't believe everything you read on Ubuntu forums -- Fluxbuntu still an Ubuntu stepchild

After thinking that I'm "breaking" some kind of news on Fluxbuntu becoming an official port of Ubuntu, I go back to the Ubuntu Forums and find out that the April 1 day meant that it was an April Fool's joke from Fluxbuntu principal Joe Jaxx, reports bodhi.zazen, the other Fluxbuntu biggie who posted it in the first place.

Nigerian school kids use Linux

Probably their first use with Linux not least their first look at a real computer. While these young African children will be interfacing with the computer using Sugar (pictured above) and applications such as Etoys, the underlying OS is Linux. Jessica Dolcourt posted a great article on the One Laptop Per Child initiative in Nigeria on CNET news. We are finally seeing the beginning of the first deployments of the laptop.

Is the embedded industry dead?

Foreword: In this guest column, Doug Gaff gives his take on last week's Embedded Systems Conference and ponders the future of the industry. What does "embedded" mean? As processors become more powerful and embedded devices are increasingly interconnected, Gaff contends that the distinction between "embedded" and "application" development is blurring.

The Road to KDE 4: Strigi and File Information Extraction

fter a short delay due to a heavy dosage of Real Life(tm), I return to bring you more on the technologies behind KDE 4. This week I am featuring Strigi, an information extraction subsystem that is being fully deployed for KDE 4.0. KDE has previously had the ability to extract information about files of various types, and has used them in a variety of functional contexts, such as the Properties Dialog. Strigi promises many improvements over the existing versions.

GNOME 2.18.1 Released

The latest release of GNOME is here: GNOME 2.18.1! This is the first release in a series of point releases for the 2.18 branch.

Build Scalable Web 2.0 Sites with Ubuntu, Symfony, and Lighttpd

How to scale a website using tools such as tmpfs in-memory file systems, eAccelerator, Memcached, Lighttpd, Symfony, Ubuntu, client-side caching, and low-latency DNS servers. A must read for web developers and systems administrators running their own dedicated servers.

Open source-based high-resolution cameras for Web developers

Foreword: This article describes the products and product design philosophies of a small Utah-based company offering high-quality, intelligent, network-enabled cameras based on open source hardware and software. Elphel hopes its newest modular camera design will attract Linux software and FPGA engineers interested in exploring high-definition videography, among other innovative applications.

Simplify Ajax development with jQuery

Are you tired of the boring repetition involved with DOM scripting and Ajax, then take a look at jQuery. jQuery is a JavaScript library that helps simplify your JavaScript and Ajax programming. Unlike similar JavaScript libraries, jQuery has a unique philosophy that allows you to express common complex code succinctly. Learn how to extend jQuery with plug-ins.

Bubba makes an exciting SOHO server appliance

Have you considered setting up a server on your home LAN, but shied away from the idea because you didn't want to dedicate a machine to the task, or want to spend a lot of time setting it up and managing it? If so, you might be interested in Excito's Bubba, a cute little Linux-based server appliance from Sweden that makes running and managing a server easy and fun.

California is trying to pass an open document requirement for all of it electronic documents

Mark Leno, a California State Assemblyman, has proposed a bill in the California Legislature that would make it a requirement that all California Documents will be an open XML-based format. is a website dedicated to supporting the bill.

SA start-up drops call costs with mobile VoIP

A South African start-up, Yiego Communications, aims at becoming the Skype of the mobile VoIP arena by drastically driving down mobile communications costs.

Cedega 6.0 Performance Preview

For those new to Linux or the yet to be converts, Cedega is an application that emulates Microsoft's DirectX and allows the user to play a variety of games within Linux that otherwise wouldn't be possible. While Cedega is not completely open-source and requires a monthly subscription, it is based upon WINE. WINE supports a variety of games but isn't designed solely for gaming and often lacks support for some of the newer DirectX titles. In this article we compared the gaming performance of Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Linux, Linux with WINE, and Linux with Cedega 6.0.

Reducing spam with OpenBSD and spamd

We all know about the rampant spam email problem. Nearly all of the potential solutions offered for it are based on the idea of the mail server receiving messages, classifying them as either spam or legitimate, and then processing further (deleting or forwarding messages) as appropriate. The problem with this strategy is that you end up using extra resources on the mail server. Here's a way to get the same result while minimizing resource usage by preventing the spam from reaching the mail server.

Cedega 6.0 Released

TransGaming Inc. a leader in the development of software portability products for cross-platform gaming, takes gaming on the Linux operating system to new heights with the release of Cedega 6.0.

Tips on Software Versioning

Article about most common schemes of software versioning and their significance.

Howto install a content filtering and virus checking proxy (Part I)

All Internet content carries a risk. Content Filtering helps companies and home users to stop unwanted data. It is used as part of Internet Firewalls or Proxy Servers to screen the content of all incoming Internet traffic. Content filtering usually works by specifying character strings that, if matched, indicate undesirable content that is to be screened out. Content is typically screened for pornographic content and sometimes also for violence- or hate-oriented content.

Like Your Distro...? We'll see

Did you know that donations to the Tux500 project were being tracked by distro? That's right, when you click the donation link, the first thing you see is a blank field that says "donation for:" That my brethren FanBoi's is where you put your distro of choice. That is where we find out which distro contributed the most. Now...WHO is going to have prime real estate on the engine cowl or spoiler of the car? Will it be VectorLinux? Maybe Mepis or about Ubuntu. Lord you Ubuntu guys make enough noise. I suppose now we will get to see just how much backing this distro has...or how many noise pollution credits ya'll should purchase.

Registration Open for 2007 Free and Open Source Software for ...

2007 Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) Conference September 24-27, Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria, BC.

Debian picks new project head

  • Heise Online; By Robert W. Smith (Posted by dcparris on Apr 11, 2007 5:38 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Debian
With about 1000 votes of active developers of the Debian team Sam Hocevar was chosen as the new Debian Project Leader. Mr. Hocevar, who has been a user of Debian for more than 10 years and a Debian developer since 2000, will replace Anthony Towns, who -- in a field comprising seven candidates in all -- had sought reelection. Anyone who wants to know the results of the ballot (and is not a by any chance a statistician) can make an attempt to decode the Debianesque way the results have been made public. A tip: The electoral procedure chosen did not restrict the participants to casting a single vote for an ideal candidate...

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