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Ie 49, Firefox 38

I was looking at my traffic log today and noticed Firefox showing up alot.

[ (not a blog) has always had a strong Firefox and GNU/Linux showing, primarily because of the organization's involvement in the FOSS community. In fact, MSIE accounts for less than 15% of traffic in recent stats. What's happening at your blog? - dcparris]

WAN Technologies CCNA 4 Companion Guide and Lab Manual

Books are usually reviewed separately, however both of these publications are inexorably linked as study and lab texts for Cisco's Netacademy WAN Technologies course (part 4 of the CCNA Network Academy curriculum). Of course, they are meant to be used in concert with the online content but can also be independent of it and thus can be said to "stand alone". Still, there are two different authors involved and information is presented differently. What if one book is excellent but the other...well...isnt? Here's where we find out.

Desktop Linux--What Happened, And What Didn't, In 2006

Mozilla, Adobe, and Novell made some major news in desktop Linux this year, and smaller developers introduced interesting innovations. But on the whole, 2006 was just about as memorable for what didn't happen on the Linux desktop as what did happen, with interoperability issues of various sorts playing big roles on both sides of that stage.

Linux claimed to be running on Zune

With Linux running on iPods for a few years now, it would seem that it was only a matter of time before someone got a version of the operating system up and running on Microsoft's Zune, especially given the fact that the player's Freescale iMX31L processor can already handle the OS.

Formatting cells in Calc

I've seen spreadsheets that are basically interactive tutorials, and many more loaded with what Edward Tufte refers to as"chartjunk" -- embellishments that do nothing to make the presentation of information more effective. Yet, generally, spreadsheets are treated pragmatically. Certainly, few people worry about their layout than the layout of text documents. Still, even if you share this attitude, learning the basic formatting options for cells in Calc can be worth your time. Many of the options directly effect how you interact with spreadsheets, and even the purely visual ones can make your lists and calculations easier to read at a glance.

How To Crash and Break Xfce4 In Xubuntu Edgy

While I stand by my glowing review of Xubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft), I have yet to find any release of any Linux distribution which was free of bugs or quirky behavior. The latest releases of the Ubuntu family of distributions are no different.

Red Hat Might Just Be Getting Serious

  • Project Management For Everyone; By John Milan (Posted by dcparris on Dec 30, 2006 4:15 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Red Hat
I admit it. I've always discounted Red Hat a little bit-- like the kid down the street you have fixed in your mind as perpetually 10 years old. Until he looks you in the eye and says 'Hello' in a baritone.

Unix: Pretty Spry for "Dead."

Since SGI's bankruptcy and many changes for most Unix vendors, many media outfits have been playing the "Unix is dead" card pretty heavily.

Reporter's dream assignment: Free Beer

The open-source movement isn't limited to computers. The "code" for a good brew is making the rounds. Marketplace strong-armed reporter Ethan Lindsey into tracking down the source.

[Boy, this really messes with the whole "it's not free as in free beer" thing. - dcparris]

Linux Install Series Part 2: Backing up your Mac before taking the plunge...

  • Open Engineering; By Amit Uttamchandani (Posted by amituttam on Dec 30, 2006 1:53 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: GNU, Linux
A good read for Mac users as well as all Linux/UNIX users. Some good tips.

Yellow Dog goes gold for PS3

Terra Soft Solutions this week released Yellow Dog Linux 5.0, a Fedora-based distribution tailored to run on Sony PlayStation 3, for free download. It features a graphical installation program, an updated 2.6.16 kernel, and Enlightenment 17 as the default desktop.

Fedora Legacy shutting down

In case any of you are not aware, the Fedora Legacy project is in the process of shutting down. The current model for supporting maintenance distributions is being re-examined. In the meantime, we are unable to extend support to older Fedora Core releases as we had planned. As of now, Fedora Core 4 and earlier distributions are no longer being maintained.

Amsterdam's Open Source Experiment

In a recent interview with IT Business Edge, open source expert Bernard Golden said Microsoft’s response to the success of Linux (or open source in general) has been to create an ecosystem around its products — presumably so it isn’t so easy to replace Windows components with open source ones.

Five Open Source Predictions for 2007

Open-source advocates are predicting big things for open source in the coming year.

Kate OS Linux rev adds graphical package manager

The KateOS project team, which maintains a full-featured Linux distribution derived from Slackware Linux, last week released an installation version. KateOS version 3.2 features a 2.6.18 kernel, Xfce as its default desktop, and native support for the KDE and GNOME desktop environments.

Adempiere Project's Red1: Malaysia Primed for Open Source

"In enterprises, you don't have to go 100 percent open source." said ADempiere founder Redhuan D. Onn, aka Red1. "Eighty percent of the IT expenditure would go to the business software such as ERP, SCM, business intelligence, reporting tools, etc. This is where open source should be targeted at -- where you can save the most."

[Hmmm... I would have said you don't have to go 100% percent proprietary. But that's just me. I'm proprietary-free in '07

Running Internet Explorer in Ubuntu Linux

  •; By (Posted by gg234 on Dec 30, 2006 7:48 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Ubuntu
Running Internet Explorer in Ubuntu Linux

Linux: Ubuntu Founder On Microsoft “Challenge”

Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth talks why it may finally be time for Linux to out-innovate Apple and Microsoft on the desktop.

[Gosh, I thought we had already done that. - dcparris]

Hot or Not: Web application vulnerabilities

There's no doubt that web applications have become the attackers' target of choice. In September, Mitre Corp.'s Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures list - a tally of publicly disclosed vulnerabilities - ranked cross-site scripting in the number one slot. In fact, cross-site scripting attacks surpassed buffer overflow vulnerabilities. And four of the top five reported vulnerabilities proved to be within web applications.

Red Hat to launch Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 before March

Red Hat is the biggest vendor of Linux operating system worldwide and the company is expected to ship the next version of its premium Linux product on February 28.

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