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A Letter to the Gnome Foundation

  •; By Russell (Posted by roland on Oct 27, 2007 6:50 PM EDT)
  • Groups: GNOME, Microsoft
It appears that the Gnome Foundation is participating in ECMA TC 451 regarding resolving comments and contradictions for MS OOXML DIS 29500. Gnome’s participation in this activity is to the detriment of interoperability among office suits and a disservice to FOSS and everyone who has worked on Open Standards.

Lancelot revealed - an alternative to Kickoff menu for KDE 4

In this post you can get the general idea about Lancelot and see what it will look like. Already finished are Extender Button (the base of the no-click concept interface) and Action List View (contains extender buttons). You will also be able to put Plasmoids (desktop applets) into Lancelot, which means almost endless possibilities to build your very own menu layout. Linux Mint 4.0 - An Elegant Linux

Linux Mint 4.0 Beta was released yesterday October 26 2007 and I thought I would have a quick look at it. Linux Mint is not packed full of software but it does have a great look and well worth looking at. Check out the images as well as the Flash Video of Linux Mint 4.0 Beta in action.

Fluxbuntu 7.10 RC

Fluxbuntu has gone RC ! For those who do not know RC stands for 'Release Candidate'. Meaning it is ready for the general public. While it still not a final release it sure is gaining attention. From it's small size to low requirements, a lot of people are sure to take interest in this release!

Is Linux losing its way?

Is Linux really in as much trouble as some people are saying, following the negative US server shipments growth reported by IDC?

A First Tussle With Linux's iPhone Killer: The OpenMoko Neo1973

The Neo1973 is the first physical manifestation of a grand idea -- a new breed of wireless handheld built for the open-source age. It is the first release from the OpenMoko project, a group working to create a fully open source software platform for smartphones, a community-driven alternative to, say, the iPhone. Using Linux as a starting point, the OpenMoko developers have built a system which, although not everyday-usable yet, can be successfully installed and run on a variety of ordinary smartphone hardware: Treos, Motorolas, JasJars and so forth.

iPod-powered DJ console runs Linux

Numark is shipping the iDJ2, a Linux-based DJ mixing console built around the Apple iPod. The iDJ2 allows users to play two songs simultaneously from a single iPod, and offers music control with real-time scratching, pitch control, seamless loop, and full cueing.

Microsoft and open-source backers: best 'frenemies' forever?

There's a scene in the 2004 movie Mean Girls in which the most popular girl in the film's fictional high school finds out that a friend who now is a fast-rising social rival plans to throw a party without inviting her. "Who does she think she is?" sniffs the suddenly-threatened clique leader - or "Queen Bee," in the movie's parlance. "I, like, 'invented' her, you know what I mean?"

Maddog talks Linux devices

Jon "maddog" Hall has made a featured guest appearance on a podcast series devoted to embedded Linux development. The veteran Linux promoter discusses binary kernel drivers, mixing proprietary and GPL software, and his "secret" retirement plan in the latest episode of TimeSys's Linux Radio podcast.

SWsoft tries to virtualize China before VMware speaks the language

Virtualization player SWsoft hopes to continue its Chinese invasion via a new deal with local hardware heavyweight Inspur. While the likes of IBM, HP and Dell sell more servers in China, Inspur ranks as the top homegrown seller of corporate hardware. The company has now agreed to add a virtualization software component to its arsenal by pre-installing and/or reselling SWsoft's Virtuozzo package. Such a deal could be a win for SWsoft as it looks to gain ground in a market where VMware has yet to establish a dominant presence.

Miss Open Universe

It is my pleasure to announce totally new and exciting competition: Miss Open Universe.

[I am not sure about this, if it turns out to be porn I will punt it. - Scott]

Boost your browsing speed (part II)

This is the second part to improve even more your browsing speed on slow networks, this time is a personal proxy, or home proxy who will do the trick.

Celebrating Microsoft's 88 Million Copies of Vista

I think the Free Software community ought to share in celebrating with Microsoft their wondrous success in selling 88 million copies of Windows Vista... albeit from a different perspective.

Ontario Linux Fest 2007

  •; By Colin "Rhettigan" Dean (Posted by obsidianreq on Oct 27, 2007 4:20 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linux
An in-depth review of the Ontario Linux Fest 2007 that was held on October 13th. From maddog, to the Open Format Wars, and wrapping up with new technologies such as OLPC and the OpenMoko Project.

KHTML Vs Webkit: To Merge or Not To Merge

This past Summer, the news broke that the KDE project has plans to re-merge KHTML and Webkit. It appears the KHTML team is not going gently into that good night.

Boost your Browsing speed

If you have a slow Internet connection, like a congested ADSL or a Dial Up connection, you may be interesting in this article, so you can speed up a little your browsing experience.

ATI releases Catalyst 7.10 drivers for Linux desktops

  •; By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Oct 27, 2007 1:29 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
AMD and ATI weren't fibbing. The graphics company, now part of Advanced Micro Devices, has released high-end Catalyst 7.10 graphics drivers for the Linux desktop. ATI, once AMD bought it, promised to be more friendly to Linux desktop users. While this release still contains some proprietary bits, it does offer advanced 3D features for Linux users who are willing to use proprietary drivers.

Options for portalizing Domino applications

A developer can use a tool such as WebSphere Portal Application Integrator and the Portlet Builder for Domino to simply pull information, build a more tightly integrated view using products, create a portlet that retrieves Domino data via a Web Service, or create the portlet from scratch using the Domino Portlet API. This tutorial provides an overview of each of these techniques and their pros and cons. Download the newest Domino clients.

New York Times opens up code

The New York Times likes open source -- so much so that, as it gradually moves more of its print operations online, it is nurturing a Web development team that has released two of its own open source projects. XSL Cache is a PHP extension the Times is using to cache stylesheets on its Web site. DBSlayer is a tool the team developed to overcome LAMP scaling limitations that caused database replication processes to overwhelm the DB connection limits.

Open-Source Robotic Snap-O-Lantern

The Snap-O-Lantern is a robotic mini-pumpkin. Normally, it just sits there, in disguise as a boring old pumpkin. But, every twenty seconds he comes to life. His LED eyes turn on, his jaw slowly opens, and then SNAPS shut-- and he goes back into stealth mode.

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