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Lenovo embeds Linux in high-end and low-end notebooks

Lenovo recently made headlines by adding Linux as a pre-installed OS option on its top-of-range T60p. Now, InterVideo has revealed that InstantON, its Linux-based quick-booting media-player environment, is shipping in a lightweight Lenovo notebook. InstantON offers immediate access to media functions, before Windows boots.

The LBCN Linux Business Campus Nuremberg

The association founded in May is responsible for establishing an Innovation Center for Young Companies developing Linux-based or open source-based software in the Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg. The Innovation Center located in Maxtorhof offers young companies an attractive welcome package. This includes the first three months rent-free, a very attractive rent and the use of a joint infrastructure equipped to a high technical standard.

Report: LinuxWorld Analysts Cite Hottest Open Source Trends

What are some of the hottest trends in the Linux/open source market today? Avid activity among some resellers, abundant virtualization, and a growing tendency to mixed open source/proprietary deployments, according to a trio of top industry analysts, who helped to preview LinuxWorld San Francisco.

Second FLOSS Usability Sprint: Extreme Usability, August 22-24, 2005

Aspiration and Blue Oxen Associates is hosting "FLOSS Usability Sprint II: Extreme Usability" on August 22-24, 2005 at 1366 Mission in San Francisco, California.

Valgrind receives Google-O'Reilly Award; Releases 3.2

Julian Seward, father of the the famous Valgrind, an opensource tool for debugging and profiling your applications, won this years Google-O'Reilly Open Source Award for "Best Toolmaker". This years ceremony was the second of the annual event. Congratulations, Julian! In other news, Valgrind 3.2 has been released. The two most notable changes are huge speed and memory gains in Memcheck (up to 30% faster) and the addition of the popular Cachegrind. Additionally, the valgrind-based profiler frontend KCacheGrind is available as a seperate package.

Essential Tools and Techniques for Debugging Cell BE Systems

Software development for new architectures can be an intimidating prospect, but the Cell Broadband Engineā„¢ (Cell BE) SDK 1.1 provides the debugging tools you need to tackle it for the Cell BE architecture. This article describes how to use new versions of the GNU Debugger (GDB) to diagnose problems in both PPU and SPU programs.

Medical Manager Sold

  • GNU/Linux And Open Source Medical Software News; By Fred Trotter (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Aug 10, 2006 4:36 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Medical Manager has been sold again! ApparentlySage hasagreed to purchase Emdeons"Practice Services" for $565 million in cash Practice Services includes both Medical Manager and Intergy. This is of course very good news for the mm2mm project and MirrorMed. Which have sucessfully positioned themselves as an Open Source Medical Manager alternative.

Accessing DB2 UDB with PHP (Part 2)

Using PHP with IBM's DB2 universal databaseTutorial As mentioned in the previous tutorial on PHP/DB2, PHP is widely used in web applications and most web applications have a database component. The PHP extension for DB2 database provides access to one particular widely-used database from a PHP script.

Ubuntu adds a community manager

In July, Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical's head, started looking for a community manager for Ubuntu, the popular Linux distribution. Shuttleworth recently found his man, Jono Bacon, a UK-based technology consultant and writer. The Ubuntu position isn't just a cheerleader for Ubuntu. Shuttleworth described the job as "'uniquely Ubuntu' in that it brings together professional management with community integration."

Making Peace (and/or products) with Marketing

There are a range of ways that marketing can relate to engineering. At one end are companies where engineering is the core competency and marketing "leadership" is an absurdity. At the other end are companies where marketing tells engineers what to do.

Xandros joins OSDL and its Desktop Linux working group

Desktop Linux specialist Xandros announced Aug. 8 that it is joining the Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), and will participate in OSDL's Desktop Linux working group. IDC, meanwhile, expects desktop Linux to will make substantial gains over the next several years, accounting for $10 billion in annual revenues by 2008, OSDL said.

Stallman, Torvalds, Moglen share views on DRM and GPLv3

With the recent release of the second draft of the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3), digital rights management (DRM) is back in the news. The new draft may raise concerns about the rewording of section 3 of the license, which deals with DRM. The Free Software Foundation dislikes the term "digital rights management" and instead choose to call it digital "restrictions" management. But many people don't understand the implications of DRM on free software like Linux.

Asterisk Creator Gets Venture Backing

Digium, the company that spawned open source PBX and telephony software, Asterisk, has received $13.8 million in Series A funding from Boston-based telecom specialist venture fund, Matrix Partners.

Linux Professional Institute and Free Standards Group join forces

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI), (, the world's premier Linux certification organization and the Free Standards Group ( will combine forces in Latin America to promote Open Standards and professional certification
. The two organizations will initiate this relationship through their key participation in a five city IT tour in Brazil beginning in August 2006 which includes such leading companies as IBM and Novell, local LPI training partners and other IT organizations.

Open source vs. traditional enterprise software, part II

  • ZDNet; By Dan Farber (Posted by devnet on Aug 10, 2006 12:15 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Matt Assay responded to the Enterprise Irregulars postings, which I summarized here, on the question of whether open source will crush, extinquish, vanquish traditional, proprietary enterprise software.

[note: This is an interesting call and response from CMS developers of both proprietary systems and Open source ones - Scott]

Eliminate memory leaks with Rational PurifyPlus for Linux

With PurifyPlus you can automatically pinpoint hard-to-find bugs, application performance bottlenecks, and identifies untested code.

Free and Open Source Software Development Education Materials (for Free!)

I've been asked a few times over the past month for a set of references on free and open source software by people hoping to teach or learn about the concepts and mechanics of community development. They are not interested in a business model primer, although many of the references below would be invaluable to understanding the culture for a business person interested in open source software.

6u PPC CPCI SBC runs Linux

GE Fanuc Embedded Systems is shipping a 6U CompactPCI SBC (single-board computer) powered by a Freescale 1GHz MPC7447A or 1.4GHz MPC7448 PowerPC processor. The "C2K" features flexible I/O expansion, the company says, and is available with Linux in standard or ruggedized, conduction-cooled versions.

Chaper 4: Nagios Basics

Chapter 4 - from the book Nagios: System and Network Monitoring by Wolfgang Barth -- Reprinted by permission from No Starch Press and Open Source Press. Available at booksellers now. Full book details are at the bottom of the article.

Is Apple Serious About Open Source?

When Apple announced that it was moving Mac OS X to the Intel platform, one thing that didn't get much attention was that Apple would not be open-sourcing the Intel Darwin kernel. Now, Apple has reversed its course and has quietly announced that it will open-source the kernel after all.

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