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Why technical writers aren't using FOSS

I once thought that technical writers would be one of the next groups to adopt free and open source software (FOSS). I reasoned that they were advanced computer users, and might absorb an interest through their daily interactions with developers. However, after discussing FOSS on the Techwr-l mailing list a few months ago, I realized I was wrong. A handful are using FOSS professionally, and a few were inspired by the discussion to try it. Yet most showed only mild interest. Some echoed myths that everyone in the FOSS community has heard before about lack of support or quality. The majority, though, showed a mixture of pragmatism, a clinging to the familiar, and a double-standard that, taken together shows just how large a gap still separates the FOSS community from many of those it might immediately benefit.

Firefox with vi(m) keybindings

Browsing through other blogs on here recently, I came across a piece explaining how to set Firefox to use vi key bindings. Which sounded great; unfortunately, the method as advertised no longer works (Firefox

Users turn to second-hand Microsoft licences

Sales of second-hand Microsoft software licences have doubled month-on-month since the market was opened in November 2005, according to the Staffordshire start-up that spotted the opportunity in Microsoft's small print and Britain's insolvency laws.

openSUSE 'Best of Show'

Linux The Novell-sponsored openSUSE project was named “Best of Show” as "best total industry solution" at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in Boston and Syndey. Although I personally never have been persuaded by awards of this type, as other products are often better, in my opinion, I think that this award indicates SUSE Linux can still provide the needs of its users.

Red Hat-JBoss Acquisition Creates First Open Source Supergroup ...

Butler Group says the acquisition will create the first "open source supergroup", deliver a number of advantages to Red Hat and JBoss, and strengthen the business proposition for the enterprise market, where software buyers are more sensitive to technology provider financial viability and business stability.

Very pro open source: James Gosling

The father of Java will be in South Africa for Sun Tech Days on 3 to 4 March. Tectonic's Jason Norwood-Young catches up with James Gosling to chat about Java, open source, and why he has no time for safaris and Johnny Clegg.

Triple-booting with GRUB, LILO, and Windows XP

Wondering how to create a triple-booting system that involves Windows and two Linux distributions -- one that uses the GRUB bootloader and the other using LILO? Here's a hands-on procedure that lets you do just that, without tweaking cryptic configuration files and messing with geeky commands.

Open source and open medicine take centre stage at UN research symposium

Can an Intellectual Property regime designed to protect private interests be reformed to "lock everyone in"? What results when government authorities promote free, open source software in their jurisdictions? Who (if anyone) should own or control access to the human genome sequence? What parallels can be drawn with the fundamental principles of 'openness' for science and society as a whole?

Smoke, Mirrors and SCO

The longer SCO's case against IBM and Linux drags out, the more it appears that there's nothing there at all.

My Indomitable Thoughts on GNU, Linux, Open Source, Java and Free Cats and Dogs

Here is an opinion which delves deeper into the world of Open Source, GNU, Linux and Java and tries and analyses why it is sound principle to sit up and take notice when RMS talks on topics related to freedom.

Motorola Takes Linux to Mobile Task

Linux is coming to a phone near you soon if Motorola has anything to say about it. According to a company executive, the cell phone giant is now positioning Linux to be its default platform for innovation. Motorola has been using Linux on its cell phones since 2003 when it released its A760 device.

Homeland Security Survey Takes First Pass at LAMP

First results are in for the Department of Homeland Security’s vulnerability survey of some 40 Open Source projects. Early findings, released by Stamford University and source code analysis software vendor Coverity reveal that the LAMP stack has a higher-than-average code quality, with fewer than 0.2 defects per 1,000 lines of code.

eWEEK Magazine Awards SWsoft Virtuozzo Analyst’s Choice

Virtualization Software Wins "Excellent" Rating for Usability, Performance and Management

Quick Xgl Tutorial for SUSE Linux 10.1

Scott Morris says....the recommended setup for Xgl is on the Gnome desktop with an nVidia card. So, that’s what I did. Here is the quick and dirty version, not for the faint of heart. will be writing a more user-friendly version of this tutorial for publication later on this week. Here are a couple screenshots of mine with it working.....

First look: ajaxWrite

ajaxWrite could easily become the victim of inflated expectations. The first of a series of online applications by Ajax13, a new company headed by Michael Robertson, the founder of Linspire, ajaxWrite was announced last month with a string of exaggerated marketing claims. Moreover, ajaxWrite's FAQ describes it as a beta, when its features seem alpha-quality at best. Surrounded by such hype, the current release of ajaxWrite risks being dismissed out of hand, instead of being seen for what it is: a basic foundation for a fresh entry into the field of online applications, a rapidly evolving but unproven area of development.[ED: The articles writer is not very impressed but I think it is pretty cool - Scott]

Open Source Edition of OpenLink Virtuoso Released

  • LinuxElectrons; By ByteEnable (Posted by dcparris on Apr 12, 2006 7:50 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
BURLINGTON, Mass. – OpenLink Software is now offering an Open Source Edition of its industry-acclaimed Universal Server, OpenLink Virtuoso.

Microsoft move an endorsement of Linux, crows Novell

A senior Novell executive says Microsoft's recent decision to support two versions of Linux in its virtualization software is a ringing endorsement of open source in the enterprise. “It's a tremendous message from them,” said Novell Canada CIO Ross Chevalier.

The business of Linux in China

  •; By Ingrid Marson (Posted by henke54 on Apr 12, 2006 6:30 PM EDT)
The contingent of Chinese companies at the conference was so strong that LinuxWorld held a special "Linux in Beijing" day, where different companies discussed how to boost the use of Linux on servers, desktops and mobile devices.

Red Hat Keeps Grip on Fedora

The company reverses its decision to turn control of the free Fedora operating system over to the Fedora Foundation. (Linux-Watch)

OpenSPARC and Which One has it Right?

Last summer, IBM set up Power,org, to promote its PowerPC chip as what it called "open hardware." This year, Sun launched the open source project around the source code for its Niagera microprocessor. But what does "open" mean in the context of hardware?

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