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Nokia to acquire KDE originator Trolltech

Trolltech, the originator of Qt, which forms the basis of the Linux KDE desktop environment, is being acquired by Nokia, the world’s number-one mobile phone vendor. Nokia expects its acquisition of Trolltech to accelerate its cross-platform software strategy for mobile devices and desktop applications, and to enhance its Internet services business.

Techfest 2008: Bombay, India

Bombay, India. While the official name of the city is now "Mumbai", the name "Bombay" is still used by a lot of the inhabitants, and its use draws images of one of the world's largest cities, a gateway to the sub-continent. Therefore an invitation to speak at Techfest 2008 (, a large student-organized technical showcase, was impossible to turn down.

USB Drives in Slackware 12.0

In Slackware 12.0, USB plug and play support is not functional by default. In order to get such functionality working again, we will use a quick solution that will allow for use of HAL and enable KDE to recognize and automount our USB devices.

There was apparently some kinks to be worked out in this release with HAL and automounting of USB drives and so, according to the changelog, was disabled by default. We are going to enable this again and get USB plug and play working again in our KDE environment.

SCALE Weighs In!

The SCALE staff continue to put the final touches on SCALE 6x

ATI Linux & X-Plane: It Works

X-Plane is marketed as the "most thorough, flexible, and realistic flight simulator available for personal computers" and ships not only for Windows and Macintosh platforms but also for Linux. Laminar Research produces X-Plane and while it's currently not part of our testing suite, we recently took X-Plane v9 Beta 18 for a test flight. Previously their community leader had classified using ATI Linux drivers with X-Plane as an "unusable disaster" with "insurmountable problems", but is that really the case? We explored the situation in this article.

Install Solaris (SNV78) DomU at Ubuntu 7.10 Dom0 (x86_64) on ASUS P5K Premium/WIFI-AP

  •; By Boris Derzhavets (Posted by dba477 on Jan 27, 2008 9:01 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Sun, Ubuntu
Recent posting by Jürgen Keil at OpenSolaris xen-discuss forum briefly states, that mentioned install runs without problems if disk entry of installation profile is referencing ISO image of SNV75A DVD. However, install Xen from Internet Repositories on Ubuntu 7.10 (x86_64) appears to be not quite trivial and was described by Bob Mertz in his blog .

Novell woos Red Hat developers

Novell has extended a set of development tools so they can be used to write applications and other software for rival Linux distributions, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. Novell announced earlier this week that its openSuse Build Service development tool, which already supports Novell's openSuse variations, Ubuntu and Debian, among others, will now support software from Red Hat, Novell's main competitor and the leader in enterprise Linux, and CentOS, a free "clone" of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

klik2 development: Milestone 2 reached

  • KDE Developer Journals; By Kurt Pfeifle (Posted by pipitas on Jan 27, 2008 7:21 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story

This weekend it's time to announce it. Finally: klik2 development has reached our internal "Milestone 2". --- Remember klik? That project that aims to make Linux end-user software installation and usage more easy than on any other platform? "Grandma-proof", if you like? By making to 'install' an application as easy as copying a single file to a USB thumbdrive or to a different computer? By implementing application-level virtualization, encapsulating each end-user program into a single file, following the 1 application == 1 file principle?

Freedom will not be brought by Free Software

  • Kin Calvin's Weblog; By Kin Calvin (Posted by KinCalvin on Jan 27, 2008 6:24 PM EDT)
  • Groups: GNU, Linux
Isn’t a user freer to install and use much more programs on SuSE Linux (Open Source) than on Debian Linux (Free Sofware) ? Couldn’t SuSE be freer because easier to use ? Isn’t a user freer to work on MS applications on Windows (closed) than on Linux (FLOSS) ? The answer is yes, even so the reason is clear. It is important to know that freedom cannot truly be brought to users by any licences, including GNU GPL. Indeed, Free Softwares will be spread without any idea of Freedom, if users are not aware of what sofwares they are using and why they have to use them more then others (which are closed).

LXer Weekly Roundup for 27-Jan-2008

LXer Feature: 27-Jan-2008

In this week's LXer Roundup we have an article on how to access Linux partitions from Windows, should your business choose KDE or Gnome when running Linux, Ken Starks Yanks The Window Shade, The Everex Cloudbook gets ripped apart by FCC, An open letter to Linus Torvalds, Apple cripples Sun's open source jewel and a field guide to free software supporters. Plus a humorous press conference, a couple of FUD articles and Linux For The Masses? Bet On This Winner.

20 MOST Popular Linux Games

I spent some time compiling this list and seeing how many nice games are available for Linux I couldnt help but wonder: why are we still using Vista? There are so many Windows advocates who bring as anti Linux argument an “absence” of games for Linux. Well, they are wrong! There are enough games from Linux and the great news is that they are free and fun!

Install Office 2007 fonts for Linux

To be compatible with many Office 2007 documents, you need to install the new ClearType Collection fonts introduced in Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007: Calibri, Cambria, Candara, Consolas, Constantia, and Corbel.

Tweaking Hidden Ubuntu Settings With Ubuntu Tweak

Ubuntu Tweak is a tool that lets you change hidden Ubuntu settings, for example: hide or change the splash screen, show or hide the Computer, Home, Trash, and Network icons, change Metacity, Nautilus, power management, and security settings, etc. Currently Ubuntu Tweak is available only for the Ubuntu GNOME desktop, i.e., it will not work on Kubuntu or Xubuntu. This short guide shows how to install and use Ubuntu Tweak.

Installing Flash 9 on Ubuntu 64-bit

Well if you are like me you have installed Linux and opted for the 64 bit edition, there is only one problem with this Flash does not work with the 64 bit Linux kernel. So there are work arounds and here is the simplest and my favorite.

How to run Windows and Linux at one place

With the latest release of VirtualBox, Windows and Linux can be run together simultaneously, and you don't even need to switch between the two. Using the seamless Windows feature of VirtualBox, you can run two different operating systems simultaneously on a single PC and you can use the applications of both operating systems from the same desktop simultaneously.

Simple Home File Server (Based On Ubuntu)

  • HowtoForge (Posted by falko on Jan 27, 2008 11:44 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Ubuntu
This tutorial explains how to turn an old PC with additional hard disks into a simple home file server. The file server is intended for home use. The home file server is accessible by Windows and Linux computers in the home network.

Running KDE4 (Final) on Mandriva 2008

This month the KDE Community announced the immediate availability of KDE 4.0. This significant release marks both the end of the long and intensive development cycle leading up to KDE 4.0 and the beginning of the KDE 4 era. We will see major improvements in almost all areas. The Phonon multimedia framework provides platform independent multimedia support to all KDE applications. The KDE 4 desktop has gained some major new capabilities like the Plasma desktop an increased KDE Window manager a lot more. Lots of KDE applications have seen improvements as well. Visual updates through vector-based artwork, changes in the underlying libraries, user interface enhancements and new features and new applications. We will also test the new document viewer (Okular) and the new file manager (Dolphin). This workshop will describe how to install KDE 4 on Mandriva 2008.

History of Linux

  • Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; By Ragib Hasan (Posted by tuxchick on Jan 27, 2008 9:50 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Community, Linux
In The Beginning:

It was 1991, and the ruthless agonies of the cold war were gradually coming to an end. There was an air of peace and tranquility that prevailed in the horizon. In the field of computing, a great future seemed to be in the offing, as powerful hardware pushed the limits of the computers beyond what anyone expected.

But still, something was missing.

And it was the none other than the Operating Systems, where a great void seemed to have appeared.

Supporting The Latest and Greatest; Supporting the Oldest and Slowest

Like most people who do tech work of some sort or another for a living I love my toys. I’d love to have the latest and greatest gee whiz system and if I won the lottery I probably always would. Today’s best full-featured distros all have native 64-bit versions. One of my favorites, Vector Linux was a little late to the table but I’m pleased to report that the current release, Vector Linux 5.9 Standard, has a 64-bit version in beta right now. Good news.

Bill Gates is NOT Satan, Says Satan

Sick and tired of hearing various "Bill Gates is Satan" jokes, the Prince of Darkness today issued an edict demanding an end to such friviolities. "How dare you compare Bill Gates to me!" Satan snarled during a fake press conference from the Fire & Brimstone Briefing Room broadcast live on CSPAN. "Yes, we all know Windows is an evil piece of cr@p -- and I applaud Bill Gates for his efforts -- but he doesn't even come close to the sheer vileness that I possess!"

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