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aKademy Awards 2006

This year aKademy will continue with tradition created at aKademy 2005 of awarding the people that made an outstanding contribution to KDE in the last year. The award ceremony will be on Sunday, September 24th at 17:50-18:00.

Intel "Monahans" CPU module samples, Linux due soon

Toradex is sampling what it calls the "world's first" embedded computer module based on Intel's new Monahans XScale processor. The SODIMM-sized Colibri PXA290 comes a Windows CE 5.0 BSP pre-installed, with a Linux BSP expected in November, a company spokesperson said.

Cape Breton police use IBM open source tools to analyze investigations

The Cape Breton Regional Police are preparing to use an open source database tool to analyze information about their investigations - starting with a murder case that's already been solved.

Asterisk 1.2.12 and Zaptel 1.2.9 released!

Asterisk 1.2.12 includes a number of bug fixes, including fixes for two regressions that occurred in the 1.2.11 release. Specifically, the AGI 'GET VARIABLE' command has now gone back to its previous behavior, and CDR records now reflect the CallerID number instead of ANI in the situations that this was the case in earlier 1.2 releases.

Crash-course in FOSS at FreeDel 2006

Just as the sun over the northern part of India gives way to the clouds and rains, comes one of the major annual conference on free software, FreeDel. Organized in the capital of the country by the local Delhi-Linux Users Group, FreeDel is a two-day event showcasing the best the Free Software world has to offer. This year the event will be held on the 16th and 17th of September, at the Bio-Informatics Center of Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Is Ubuntu Christian Edition Needed?

Despite good intentions and an so called "apparent need," I'd say that the developers and supporters (for Ubuntu CE) are going in the wrong direction...they're trying to repackage an already great distro and re-brand it with a label and an idea. It's not working and it's taking away from what they originally set out to accomplish.

Prior art won't solve the software patent problem

The Open Source Development Lab (OSDL) has a project to educate the US Patent Office about ideas already known ("prior art") so as to prevent issuance of "poor quality" software patents which would cover those known ideas. It works by annotating free software packages in free software repositories so that ideas in them can be found more easily. It sounds like a good thing because the problems are hidden. The GNU Project does not participate in the project, and you should think twice about it too.

Citi backs free software

The Cape IT Initiative today announced its support for free and open source software saying they see huge opportunity in FOSS and do not believe that Africa can afford to pay billions of dollars into the coffers of offshore proprietary multinationals.

Google Public Service Search makes for easy phishing

  • NewsForge; By Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Sep 15, 2006 1:42 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
You might want to be very careful before entering your username and password on any "new" services from Google. Developer Eric Farraro has uncovered a potential hole in Google's Public Search Service that allows a malicious (or mischievous) person to put up a fake Google sign-in page to collect usernames and passwords for real Google services.

Is open source getting to Microsoft?

The software giant on Tuesday published the Microsoft Open Specification Promise, a document that says that Microsoft will not sue anyone who creates software based on Web services technology, a set of standardized communication protocols designed by Microsoft and other vendors. Reaction to the surprise news was favorable, even from some of Microsoft's rivals.

Microsoft and the Broken Window Theory of Economics

Microsoft is reporting (at El Reg) that by releasing an operating system it will magically create $40 Billion dollars rather than simply suck money out of Europe. They've done this by positing a story similar to the theory of "broken window" economics. Let me explain...

Release-critical Bugreport for September 15, 2006

Some bugs have an additional set of tags indicating they only apply to a particular release: O for oldstable (woody), S for stable (sarge), T for testing (etch), U for unstable (sid) or E for experimental. X indicates that the package is not in testing.

Alfresco Launches Open Source Records Management Solution

Alfresco, provider of an open source enterprise content management solution, announced the availability of the Alfresco Records Manager preview release. This release offers an unobtrusive, simple to use, drag-and-drop approach to records management.

Dm Solutions Launches Commercial Support For Open Source Web ...

DM Solutions Group announced the launch of DMSG Premiere, the first commercial support service dedicated to open source Web Mapping technologies. For the first time, users of MapServer, MapGuide Open Source and related technologies can develop applications with the heightened assurance and technology backing that a commercial support service can provide.

Research finds mobile companies overclaiming

  •; By Jason Norwood-Young (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Sep 15, 2006 9:56 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Cell phone companies have been significantly over-exaggerating their user figures, leading to a drop in average revenue per user figures for both MTN and Vodacom, according to a report released yesterday by research house World Wide Worx.

Levanta Opens Door To Open Source

With a new name and focus on the channel, Levanta is hoping to win over service providers looking for deployment tools and managed-services opportunities in the Linux space. Levanta, formerly Linuxcare, San Mateo, Calif., last month unveiled the North American Partner Program+, its new U.S. channel initiative, at LinuxWorld. Program+ opens up opportunity for VARs to resell Levanta's popular Intrepid M, a Linux server-management appliance.

Idaho Linux users will celebrate software freedom

The Idaho State Linux Users Group will host a Software Freedom Day celebration Saturday in Pocatello. There will be a presentation on open-source software, raffle prizes, free operating system CDs, and an "install-fest."

Choosing the Right Continuous Integration Server

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Paul Duvall (Posted by IdaAshley on Sep 15, 2006 7:54 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: IBM
With so many Continuous Integration (CI) servers to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. In the second article of the series Automation for the people, development automation expert Paul Duvall explores a handful of open source CI servers, including Continuum, CruiseControl, and Luntbuild, using a consistent evaluation criteria and illustrative examples.

Army Considers Shift to Open-Source Programs

Following the trend of the nation's government agencies, universities and post offices, the South Korean military is considering jumping onto the open-source bandwagon.

Security Updates for Camino and Seamonkey Released

Based on Gecko, Camino 1.0.3 and Seamonkey 1.0.5 have been released. All users of earlier versions are encouraged to upgrade. See the Camino 1.0.3 Release Notes and the Seamonkey project page for more information

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