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SAP Certifies Its Applications To Run On Red Hat

Red Hat today announced that SAP AG, the largest provider of business software solutions in the world, has certified the SAP NetWeaver platform on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform. The certification includes the virtualization technology embedded in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 for use with SAP applications.

With new code base, Supergamer is fun again

Supergamer is a unique Linux distribution whose primary focus is on fun -- specifically, gaming. Supergamer VL, now based on VectorLinux, is all new, with additional games, new code base, and new look and feel. Let the games begin.

Disassembling the Oracle Data Block on Linux

The following document discusses the Oracle bbed tool. The name bbed is an acronym for Block Browser and EDitor and it is shipped with the database. It is intended for Oracle internal use only and the company never publishes any details about it.

Maddog mad about Linux thin clients

Well-known Linux luminary Jon "maddog" Hall is CTO and "ambassador" of a startup selling Linux-based thin clients and network appliances. Koolu currently has two hardware offerings that run Ubuntu Linux, and work with Google Apps in energy- and pollution-sparing installations for business, government, and education.

Do we still need LUGs?

In the world of Linux, many things have changed in the last decade. The operating system itself has grown up, and is no longer an"upstart." But one mainstay of the Linux community, the Linux user group (LUG), appears to be on the decline in some areas. Attendance is down, LUG presidents say, and some groups have stopped meeting. Does this mean we don't need LUGs anymore?

Linspire preps impending software updates

It's a bit later than Linspire had planned, but the company's CEO Kevin Carmony told DesktopLinux that the new commercial version of its Linux distribution, Linspire 6.0, along with the free version, Freespire 2.0, and its revised CNR (click-and-run) software update system, should be out before Augus

Sabayon Linux 1.0 Business Edition Screenshots

Sabayon Linux has released a "business edition" of its popular LiveDVD distribution known for its use of desktop accelerated effects and being based upon Gentoo. Sabayon Linux 1.0 Business Edition ships without the eye candy and games and is for when art meets business. This business edition ships with an optimized server profile, the Linux 2.6.22 kernel, and the latest proprietary display drivers. An easy firewall management package, KMyFirewall, has also been included.

Linux: KVM Adds Support For SMP Guests

A recently merged KVM patchset included support for guest SMP, various performance improvements, and suspend/resume fixes. KVM stands for Kernel-based Virtual Machine, "a full virtualization solution for Linux on x86 hardware containing virtualization extensions".

GnuCash 2.2.0 released

The GnuCash development team proudly announces GnuCash 2.2.0, the new stable release of the GnuCash Open Source Accounting Software. With this new release series, GnuCash is available on Microsoft Windows for the first time, and it also runs on GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris and Mac OSX.

Linux: PlugSched, Pluggable CPU Schedulers

Updating the pluggable scheduler patches for the 2.6.22 kernel, Peter Williams noted, "probably the last one now that CFS is in the main line". CFS author Ingo Molnar asked, "why is CFS in mainline a problem? The CFS merge should make the life of development/test patches like plugsched conceptually easier." Peter explained, "it means a major rewrite of the plugsched interface and I'm not sure that it's worth it (if CFS works well). However, note that I did say probably not definitely :-). I'll play with it and see what happens."

Living with a Computer--in 1982

  • The Atlantic Monthly; By James Fallows (Posted by gus3 on Jul 18, 2007 7:56 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial
"I'd sell my computer before I'd sell my children. But the kids better watch their step. When have the children helped me meet a deadline? When has the computer dragged in a dead cat it found in the back yard?"

Mozilla Firefox Released with Fix for firefoxurl:// Exploit

Mozilla Firefox has been released and is currently being distributed to Firefox 2 users via the application's built-in software update system. The browser upgrade fixes several security bugs, which are detailed in the Firefox section of the Mozilla Foundation Security Advisories page. Firefox includes a fix for the firefoxurl:// security exploit, which allows an attacker to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to trick Firefox into executing malicious code.

Newbie flunks firefox update

OK, Desktop Linux heads, I'm a confessed newbie trying to switch to Linux from XP. My simplyMEPIS install from an ISO went well, but now, on day two, my attempts to install the just-released Firefox update have failed.

More Pragmatic Questions about F/OSS on Proprietary Platforms

Thanks to everyone who commented on The Dubious Benefits of Porting F/OSS to Windows. There are a lot of good points in the comments. For example, Simon Hibbs responded that more users of a piece of software increased the value of that software. This is important for programs that follow open standards, such as Mozilla Firefox, or and Abiword. In one sense, I see the value of open standards and unfettered access to data as more important than the four software freedoms. If I had to choose one over the other, I’d choose open standards… but I think that’s a false dilemma.

Pan - a feature-rich newsreader for Linux

If you still visit Usenet or occasionally participate in its discussions and newsgroups, you can get by with Linux newsgroup readers that are integrated into browsers or email clients such as Thunderbird, Evolution, and the Opera Web browser. But if you're an advanced user who wants a more feature-rich newsreader, you need Pan.

Retiring the sparc32 port

For the last couple of years the sparc32 port did not have an active upstream maintainer, so the task of kernel maintenance has been shifted on to the developers and contributors, working on Debian's sparc port. It was suggested that support for it should be dropped in the next Debian's release. While there were a few objections, nobody stepped up to the plate and volunteered to become a new sparc32 maintainer. Thus, the only option we have at this point is to officially declare that lenny will not include support for sparc32 hardware.

Open News Podcast Episode 20 Released

This week on Open News Intel And OLPC Join Forces, Open Source Adoption In Italy And Japan, Flash For Linux Vulnerabilities, A new Scheduler For The Linux Kernel, Easy TV To Replace Zap2it, BBC Gets An Ear Full From Open Source Users, GnuCash 2.2.0 release and Wine-Doors.

Open XML Suffers a Setback on the Road to ISO Ratification

A U.S. vote on whether or not to support the application for ISO approval failed to pass.

Firefox eats into IE share in Europe

A recent report showed that Firefox now accounts for almost 28% of the European browser market while Internet Explorer's dominance is begin to wane with 66.5%. XiTi monitor reported that behind these two browsers were Opera, Safari and Netscape, with 3.5%, 1.7% and 0.3% respectively.

Software Freedom Day 2007 - Bigger than ever!

September 15th marks Software Freedom Day, the world's largest celebration and outreach effort about why transparent and sustainable technologies like Free & Open Source Software are so important. Community groups in more than 80 countries organise local activities and programs on Software Freedom Day to educate the wider public about free software: what it is, how it works and its relationship to human rights and sustainability. We already have over 140 teams around the world registered: join them in spreading the word! Registrations for Software Freedom Day teams that want to receive a free SFD team pack close in two weeks, so register now!

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