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Ruby and .NET - how will they taste together?

Wow, big news to start off my new blog. The Gardens Point GP Ruby .NET development team has announced an initial beta version of their system.

At this point, they claim that it can compile Ruby source into verifiable .Net v2.0 assembly, or it can run Ruby code directly in a compile, load and execute cycle. They do warn that their implementation is not yet complete, although it does pass everything in samples/test.rb (I wonder if they're using theRubicon/Rubytests stuff for further testing?).

Ingres And BEA Offer An Enterprise Open Source Choice For SOA

Ingres Corporation announced it has initiated a partnership with BEA Systems with the common goal of dramatically lowering costs and increasing flexibility by providing a proven, open source alternative for enterprise service-oriented architecture (SOA) development.

Tutorial: Triple-boot Win XP, Linux and OS X on an Intel Mac

Moving your entire product line of both hardware and software from one CPU architecture to another isn't an easy job, but given its progress so far I'd say that Apple could write the book on it.

Avid: A Trend In Motion; Firefox Rocks; IT Without Gates

I was asked last week why I keep changing the D-word in AVID e.g. Antivirus Is Dead, Doomed, Dying and Dysfunctional.
Last week I mentioned that I had upgraded Firefox to version 1.5. I never realized at the time, but have quickly come to realize that this is now no ordinary browser.
Retiring BG 2.1 will include the following features:
  • The Ballmer control interface will remain in place.
  • CTO functionality will be added to the Ozzie wizard.
  • Chairman functions will remain with Bill, but will be invoked by RPC.

Puppy Linux project spins 2.01th release

Puppy Linux 2.01 was launched June 19 for i386 PCs, a mere 18 days following the dispatch of v2.0.

A Dapper Drake in Your Server Closet?

Yes, I know you're sick of hearing about Ubuntu. Ubuntu this, Ubuntu that, everyone must love Ubuntu or else. Don't run away screaming just yet, because there are good reasons for all the Ubuntu buzz.

Tomahawk Linux update dual-boots Windows

Singapore-based Tomahawk Computers Ltd. has released an updated version (version 1.1.1) of its Tomahawk Desktop operating system, featuring a fully automated Windows Dual Boot, lead developer Sagara Wijetunga told via email June 12.

Embedded is a Services Industry - Part II

  •; By Curt Schacker (Posted by grouch on Jun 20, 2006 12:22 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Community
Foreword -- Positioning the intellectual property that goes into embedded systems as "service" rather than "product" distributes risk more evenly between client and vendor, writes embedded services company founder Curt Schacker. The service model fits the "no-cost" nature of software copying, and has been proven successful by free software vendors,

GNOME courts women developers with $3000 stipends

If you know any women who might be interested -- whether they're students of computer science or another field -- GNOME wants them to know about the program.

Wrist-worn Linux PC demoed at military tech conference

Eurotech's U.S. arm, Parvus, will demonstrate the company's innovative wrist-worn PC at a military technology conference June 19 in Washington, D.C.

The Web Might Be Taking A Shape We Don't Much Like.

In a few days she will go back and try to watch another video on her favorite website and find that it now costs .99 cents or she will have to join as a "member" to enjoy "premium content". Her reaction to this. Well that sucks.

SCO Back in the Linux Game? Wanna Buy a Bridge?

Would you believe that The SCO Group Inc., enemy of all things Linux, will be releasing a Linux distribution?

Gentoo seeks user representative

The Gentoo Linux team's User Relations Project, in order to better understand the motivations and needs of its users, is currently seeking nominations for the newly created position of User Representative.

ReviewLinux.Com Test Drive: Taking the Puppy for a Walk

  • ReviewLinux.Com; By Michael Perks ( (Posted by ReviewLinux on Jun 20, 2006 7:15 AM EDT)
ReviewLinux.Com takes the Puppy for a Walk! Puppy Linux 2.01 has been released and we thought should take a look at this very popular Linux distribution. 17 screen shots guide you through the test drive of Puppy Linux 2.01.

Master Firefox's Hidden Configuration Tools

Through URIs, you can view Firefox's Web page cache, and see other details about the browser.

Mandriva sound contest announced

To promote the upcoming release of Mandriva Linux 2007, Mandriva today announced a contest to find the best session startup and logoff music for the new release and all subsequent 2007 updates.

Dual boot AIX and Linux in a Clustering Environment

Learn useful techniques for making the most out of limited processing resources. This mini how-to shows you how to dual boot between AIX and Linux operating systems in a clustering environment, where available hardware resources are limited.

Linux Peanut Gallery Razzes Microsoft Transition

Last week's Microsoft succession news sparked an array of definitely NOT-for-attribution-comments from those who've watched the company forever. Face it, few tech execs have been as demonized as Microsoft chairman Bill Gates. Well maybe Steve Ballmer, his CEO, but I digress.

Linux 2.6.17 Kernel: Better Wi-Fi, Faster Performance

The latest stable version of the Linux kernel doesn't boast earth-shaking additions, but does include numerous improvements. (Linux-Watch)

Linux Kernel Takes on Niagara

Linux is adding support for yet another architecture in its latest release of the 2.6.17 kernel.

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