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Reasons Why Google Will Fail With Enterprise Apps

I recently discovered that Google is taking a leap into the enterprise world with their web based applications. And to Google fans,

Cygwin - Elite survival skills for the harsh and primitive Windows-land

  •; By Pandu Rao (Posted by raopm on Mar 13, 2007 6:09 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
Cygwin makes it possible for Linux command-line maestros to function in a Windows world. This article demonstrates some advanced Cygwin concepts and tips to make the most of your Cygwin installation.

Powerpc softcore FPGAs gain commercial Linux 2.6

LynuxWorks has launched a new version of its commercially supported embedded Linux operating system aimed specifically at Xilinx FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays). BlueCat Linux Micro Edtion (BlueCat-ME) supports Xilinx FPGAs with embedded PowerPC cores, and those that use their programmable logic elements to run Xilinx's 32-bit MicroBlaze softcore.

Candidates for Debian Project Leader sound off

Once again, the Debian project is gearing up to elect a new project leader, with voting set to begin late this month. As we did last year, we asked the DPL candidates to sound off on some of the issues that will face the Debian Project in the next year.

Mandriva Moves in on Business Linux Desktop

Mandriva on March 8 announced the launch of the beta version of Corporate Desktop 4.0, its enterprise-dedicated Linux desktop. While best known for its home user Linux desktops, Mandriva (formerly Mandrakesoft) has long been angling for the business market with both its server and desktop offerings.

Fedora Weekly News Issue 80

Welcome to our issue number 80 of Fedora Weekly News. In this issue, we have following articles:

1 2 Million Fedora Core 6 Installs
2 Fedora Core 6 Linux Eclipses 2M User Mark
3 Talking points for Fedora 7 release
4 Fedora Infrastructure needs your help!
5 Fedora 7 and the wireless world
6 Ambassadors Report: Chemnitz LinuxTag
7 Review: Fedora 7 Test 2
8 Security Week in Review 2007-03-04
9 Fedora Weekly Reports 2007-03-05
10 Fedora Core 5 and 6 Updates
11 Contributing to Fedora Weekly News
12 Editor's Blog

Three Minutes With IBM's Linux Leader

Scott Handy started with IBM in 1983 as a systems engineer and went on to sales, marketing, and strategy positions covering large accounts, channels, small and medium business, and IBM products for Windows NT, Sun Solaris, and OS/2 Warp. Now, as vice president for Linux and open source, he is one of the main public faces articulating IBM's open-source strategy. IDG News Service Senior Writer Elizabeth Montalbano caught up with Handy at the sidelines of the recent LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit in New York. He talked about how the industry giant manages to support a vast product portfolio for Linux and open-source initiatives.

Roll your own social network with Elgg

  • ITManagersJournal; By Mayank Sharma (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Mar 12, 2007 11:11 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
First, blogs moved from personal platforms to corporate tools. Now, wouldn't it be great to put social networking to work in your organization? Elgg is an open source application for creating social networks. It can be customized with themes and extended with plugins to work with other social networks or plug into an organization's existing wiki and forum boards. It lets users collaborate on projects within organizations or share notes within a university.

New Tiny Silent Linux PC

Home Automation projects can always use tiny, silent PCs, and here's a new one. The little disk-less Linutop PC is around £230 and runs Xubuntu from a USB stick... "Linutop has Linux-based diskless computer. It offers has completely silent, low-power operation in year extremely small package. Its hand purpose is to surfing the Internet.

Mozilla wrestles with Firefox 3.0 security moves

Mozilla Corp. is still wrestling with adding a security feature to Firefox that its browser rival, Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer 7, uses on Windows Vista to keep malware from hijacking computers. In Vista, IE7 uses a technique Microsoft calls Protected Mode -- another name for "low rights" -- that blocks disk access to all but a temporary-files folder. The idea is that if an exploit -- a drive-by download, for instance -- attacks IE7 through a browser vulnerability, it can't install code on the PC's drive.

Open-xchange Unveils Community Project To Build Open Source ...

Open-Xchange, a provider of open source collaboration software, has inaugurated the opening of the Open-Xchange Community project and the availability of source code and development documentation for its latest AJAX-based e-mail and groupware technology.

French parliament picks Ubuntu for Linux switch

Starting this summer, 1,154 parliamentary desks will feature Linux-based PCs.

Device Profile: Bivio B7000 deep packet inspection appliance

Bivio Networks has added a high-end model to its line of Linux-based network appliances for deep packet inspection. The B7000 runs the company's Linux-based BiviOS on an interesting AMP (asymmetrical multiprocessing) architecture claimed capable of wirespeed network application processing at 10 gigabits-per-second.

Zend and IBM Sponsor Wiki for System i PHP Redbook Development

In an effort to share the knowledge that is embodied in the software labs of Zend Technologies and IBM as it relates to PHP on the iSeries and System i5, and to help in the creation of a new Redbook for PHP on that platform, Zend and IBM have announced a collaborative Wiki for PHP on the iSeries.

Linux for Beginners

It's free! You can tailor it to your own needs! There's a distro for every need! Sure, Linux is tempting, but getting started isn't so easy. eWEEK Labs offers advice for getting your head, and your organization, around Linux.

Continuous integration with PHP

Large development projects can be difficult to manage. With multiple developers committing source code to one source tree, there are going to be times when code breaks and will not work. Running automated builds and tests on code can drastically reduce the time and effort developers spend fixing issues by catching them early. This process is called continuous integration. This article provides an overview of how to implement continuous integration in a PHP project using tools written in PHP.

Wikipedia Discredits Open Source, Data Tsunami and the Lenovo ...

At the core of open source is the belief that mysterious others assure the quality of an open source product. However, few actually have the skills required to do such a review. If, in the case of Wikipedia -- where there should be a lot of experts -- you still can't trust the content, the people or the quality, then how can you trust that open source works where such a review is less likely?

Linux Clusters: Key Questions to Ask When Going Parallel

  •; By Ilya Mirman (Posted by deadline on Mar 12, 2007 1:58 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linux
Software continues to be one of the largest challenges to the Linux parallel computing market. When considering parallel and multi-core computing, questions about software are often the most difficult. To help set expectations and ensure a successful project, the important questions to ask (and some answers!) about parallel software are presented.

DRM: Microsoft's Ace in the Hole

  •; By Matt Hartley (Posted by gsh on Mar 12, 2007 1:01 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Microsoft
The time for adoption has never looked better, but unfortunately, we are still sitting on some very serious problems that will continue to make sure that Linux is seen as "unusable" as possible to those who are in the mainstream world.

Ubuntu Network Configuration Using Command Line

  • (Posted by gg234 on Mar 12, 2007 12:04 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Ubuntu
Ubuntu Network Configuration Using Command Line

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