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Try an information technology ombudsman

  • NewsForge (Posted by dave on Oct 19, 2005 4:30 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Poor communication and tension between information technology (IT) staff and its internal customers is a common problem for many organizations. In some instances, strained relationships keep IT from moving the organization forward. One possible approach to smoothing things out is to employ a neutral third party -- an IT ombudsman.

New Moab® Cluster Software Yields 10 to 30% More Work Out of Hardware

  •; By Cluster Resources (Posted by ClusterResource on Oct 19, 2005 3:48 AM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM; Story Type: News Story
Spanish Fork – Cluster Resources, Inc.TM today announced the release of Moab Cluster Suite® 4.2.2, a cluster workload management solution that integrates scheduling, monitoring and reporting for clusters, increasing organizations' return on high-performance computing hardware and software investments.

Africa Source II deadline extended

The application deadline for African developers wanting to attend the Africa Source II workshop in Uganda in January 2006 has been extended to October 24.

Company solicits feedback on Linux-based PMP/R design

  • (Posted by bstadil on Oct 19, 2005 2:37 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Neuros Audio has asked readers to help define its next product, a Linux-based handheld portable media player/recorder (PMP/R) featuring audiophile-quality sound

Zend initiatives promote wider use of PHP

Zend Technologies is launching the Zend PHP Framework initiative, a development environment for applications using the PHP scripting language. Zend is also joining the open-source Eclipse Foundation to further boost PHP development.

Steelray Says Linux Based Microsoft Project Viewer Saves Money

Steelray Project Viewer runs on Linux, making it the only Microsoft Project Viewer for Linux, the company says. It is priced at 10% of the cost of Microsoft Project, and is designed for users who simply need a tool to navigate, view, export, and print.

Advanced Squid

  • NewsForge (Posted by dave on Oct 19, 2005 1:30 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Squid is a free caching proxy server that runs on Linux and many other operating systems. Many Linux users who have used Squid have taken advantage of its simple setup, and ignore or overlook its advanced features. Here's an introduction to some of those features and how to use them.

Group Seeks Unity In Mobile Linux

  • InformationWeek; By Antone Gonsalves (Posted by tadelste on Oct 19, 2005 1:26 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Participants in the multi-vendor consortium plan to develop a base-level platform on which handset manufacturers can build.

France Telecom Supporting Minimo Development

Doug Turner has announced that France Telecom Research and Development (FTRD) has been contributing to Minimo. The FTRD team, based at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is part of telecommunications giant France Telecom, which owns the Orange mobile phone network among other interests. FTRD plans to use Minimo as a platform upon which to build mobile widgets — small applets that help users to perform specific tasks using mobile devices.

Linuxworld - Acapela Speaks for Linux

  • SYS-CON Media; By LinuxWorld News Desk (Posted by tadelste on Oct 19, 2005 12:39 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Acapela Group is based in France and calls itself the number one supplier of speech technologies in Europe. Its mission is to make its Linux-based technology available on a multi-platform level, whether as a standard release or ported to a specific configuration.

The company says it allows easy deployment of natural language interfaces for many different applications and services in 22 languages and over 50 voices : voice portals, unified messaging, call centres, talking web, accessibility tools, onboard navigation systems

Improved Spread Firefox Returns

Spread Firefox is back online after being hacked for the second time in three months recently.

Freeradius and Linux for Your WLAN

  • EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet; By Carla Schroder (Posted by tadelste on Oct 18, 2005 11:52 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Last week we had an bird's-eye of the current state of wireless security protocols, and a quick peek at using a RADIUS server for authentication, authorization, and accounting. Today we shall configure FreeRADIUS to secure wireless authentication and transmission. A RADIUS server running on Linux can authenticate clients on any platform.

We are going to implement EAP-TLS encryption, because it is widely supported and secure. Be sure you have FreeRADIUS and OpenSSL installed. Then create your SSL certificates, copy them to the server and clients, set up client access on the RADIUS server, and poof! all done.

Mitchell Baker Clarifies Relationship Between the Mozilla Corporation and the Mozilla Foundation

Mozilla Corporation President Mitchell Baker has written a weblog post describing the relationship between the Mozilla Corporation and the Mozilla Foundation. Mitchell explains that the Mozilla Corporation is a private corporation with the Mozilla Foundation as its sole shareholder.

Matt Asay leaving Novell...revealing his biases (al fresco style)

I've taken a little flak for my posting on SharePoint. There I hype Alfresco. There's a good reason for that hype (I love the company and think it's going to be a major player in the ECM market), but there's an even more personal reason that starts November 1.

But let me backtrack a bit. Despite my false start the last time around, this time it's real. I'm leaving Novell.

Gervase Markham's Second Times Online Column Published

Gervase Markham has announced that his second online newspaper column has been published on Times Online, the website of The Times newspaper in the United Kingdom. In the column, entitled Open formats make history - and maintain it, Gerv discusses how the decision of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to use OpenDocument is the start of a move towards people reclaiming control of their data.

Two first looks at SUSE 10.0

The recent release of Novell SUSE Linux 10.0 has elicited strikingly different reactions from a pair of reviewers -- Alan Canton, president of a software consulting company, who is experiencing SUSE for the first time; and columnist Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, a seasoned SUSE user.

Spread Firefox Wins Best Marketing Campaign at UK Linux Awards

The Mozilla community marketing site Spread Firefox won the Best Marketing Campaign award at the UK Linux & Open Source Awards 2005, which were presented at the London LinuxWorld Conference & Expo earlier this month.

The network has become the platform

  • Computer World; By Jeremy Kirk (Posted by tadelste on Oct 18, 2005 9:30 PM EDT)

The open-source community is in the midst of a change, with the network increasingly becoming its own platform built on open-source software, said Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Media Inc. on Tuesday.

This has been demonstrated by the rise of companies such as Google Inc., eBay Inc. and Inc., which can operate unfettered from open-source licensing concerns because they are not distributing software.

"They deliver their software as a service," O'Reilly said.

Open Source luminaries claim software is like art, literature

FOUR LINUX LUMINARIES came together at a roundtable here to discuss where Open Source was. And where it was going.

The panel consisted of Marten Mickos from MySQL, Marc Fleury of Jboss, Juergen Beck from SuSE Novell, and Eero Teerokopi.

The panel was asked to rebut a statement by Microsoft that Linux was harder to support. Juergen Beck, chief technology officer at SuSE Novell, said that these Microsoft allegations could all be rebutted, and it was just getting the word out.

Open Source Business Conference looms in Boston

Two weeks remain until the opening of the Open Source Business Conference, set for Nov. 1-2 at the Boston Marriott in Newton, Mass. OSBC's program will bring together highly placed execs from the best-known names in enterprise IT (Sun, Microsoft, Novell, Sybase, Intel, EMC, SugarCRM, among others), plus some of open source's most influential thought leaders, including the creators and/or maintainers of Linux, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JBoss, and a variety of newer open source enterprise apps.

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