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Techweek: Red Hat's Road

By the end of the month, JBoss, the open-source application company that made Wall Street sit up and take notice, will be nestled in the arms of Red Hat (RHAT:Nasdaq - commentary - research - Cramer's Take).

Aqua Data Studio 4.7 ships with Oracle DBA Tools

AquaFold has announced the availability of Aqua Data Studio (or ADS) 4.7, which provides specialized tools to help monitor and administer Oracle databases. ADS is a database query and administration tool that allows developers to easily create, edit, and execute SQL scripts, as well as browse and visually modify database structures.

Mirror Your Web Site With rsync

This tutorial shows how you can mirror your web site from your main web server to a backup server that can take over if the main server fails. We use the tool rsync for this.

Test-driving RouterOS 2.9

Would you like to have a Linux-based router capable of doing tasks such as stateful firewall inspection, virtual private networking, and traffic shaping, in addition to packet routing? Tired of having to do administration from the command line but want to be able to administer your box from a Windows-based client PC? MikroTik's RouterOS may what you need.

Top 10 Ways Mentors Can Help

  • American Chronicle; By Sharyce Arciaga (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on May 21, 2006 2:09 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Internet marketing can definitely be more than one has bargained for! Have you found yourself spending countless hours searching, researching, and/or perhaps investigating, surfing, downloading, or joining affiliate programs, and promoting .... Yet, have made little or no online profit? Has it become a tedious and thankless task? Are you disenchanted?

Build a Simple Content Management System

In this article you'll learn how to create a basic content management system using Adobe Dreamweaver 8 and KTML 4 Lite edition. You can use this system to manage content for an online newspaper, a company presentation Web site, or a site with articles.

Mellon Foundation invites nominations for open source awards

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is seeking nominations for a new set of awards to recognize individuals and organizations contributing to open source software. The Mellon Awards for Technology Collaboration (MATC), as they are called, will endow the recipients with grant money to further their work. Nominations will be taken at the Foundations Web site through August 4.

Symphony debuts new Debian-based beta

The two-year-old Symphony OS Project released a new beta version of its Symphony OS 2006-05 on May 18, its first release in nearly six months. The Debian-based distribution, which ships as a live CD with a hard drive installer, utilizes a 2.6.16 Linux kernel and the Mezzo desktop environment.

Novell experiments with alternative hardware driver model for ...

In order to broaden Linux hardware support and simplify the process of acquiring, installing, and updating device drivers, Novell has created a new driver system that will enable vendors to supply drivers to users directly.

Ubuntu Linux, Dapper Drake Flight 7 - How Linux is getting very ...

So all in all the Ubuntu beta is ahead of Vista right now. I'm excited to see where both of these systems go in the next year. Since I didn't play with it for very long I may have missed a few items, and if you're an Ubuntu expert please feel free to put me on the right path in our comments.

Delivering data security

When it comes to security, many IT managers must wonder where to begin: barely a week goes by, it seems, without a new threat emerging. A recent threat IT managers were warned to beware of was the taxicab.

[Yes, that is taxicab. -- grouch]

Greenplum Hires Kirkwood to Advance PostgreSQL's Capabilities ...

  • SYS-CON Media (Posted by grouch on May 21, 2006 8:33 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Greenplum, sponsor of, the project that is making PostgreSQL the world's most robust open source database for business intelligence (BI), has announced that it has hired Mark Kirkwood, a PostgreSQL contributor and deep database technologist. Kirkwood will focus full-time on advancing PostgreSQL capabilities for BI and data warehousing through the project.

Presentations and Announcements Abound Gelato ICE: Itanium(r) Conference & Expo

Over 200 scientists, developers, and engineers convened from all around the globe for the April 2006 Gelato ICE: ItaniumĀ® Conference & Expo.

Automate Linux installation and recovery with SystemImager

  •; By Paul Virijevich (Posted by grouch on May 21, 2006 7:27 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
Installing and recovering systems is one of the most time-consuming tasks for any IT department. Imaging software, commercial and open source, creates compressed images of a client's hard drive data and stores them on a central server. These images can then be used to restore systems or roll out new ones. One useful open source imaging applications is SystemImager.

Webswell Inc. Enters European Market with its Open-source ebXML ...

  • (press release) (Posted by grouch on May 21, 2006 6:55 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Press Release
Webswell Inc. expands into European market, opening its first European office, located in Prague, Czech Republic.

The primary purpose of new office is to help European small and medium sized companies (SME) to build B2B and integration solutions utilizing ebXML standards, while minimizing the cost by using completely free, open-source software products. The new office will also serve as a software development center for both American and European sites.

Official German Ubuntu Boxed Set From Open Source Press

Canonical and Open Source Press GmbH have collaborated on the delivery of a full boxed set of the upcoming Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. Available in German, it will be sold in book stores for EUR 49.95. relaunches using Drupal officially relaunches using Drupal, a great and extensible piece of Free Software for web development. This is a brief description of ideas behind and about it's new state.

vi survival guide

This is a comprehensive guide to "survival" in using a famous text editor vi, written in vi itself.

Banshee -- the next best thing to Linux iTunes

"I want an audio player that will do everything that Apple's iTunes does -- including working with my iPod -- and do it natively on Linux," Vaughan-Nichols writes.

Microsoft: Open source 'not reliable or dependable'

Software giant says open source mainly of interest to local community projects, lacks benefits of a commercial model.

[There is more to it than the trolling title. Check the links. -- grouch]

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