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Ibm's Support To Open Source Voice Applications

Eclipse-based software aims to unite development community with new application programming interface and IBM multimodal tools that build on the Voice Tools Project.

Linux: Defect Scanning with Coverity

Ben Chelf, CTO ofCoverity Inc., offered access to the bugs discovered by the Coverity tool, previously known as the Stanford Checker, to a select few interested developers.

Firebird in 60 seconds

With the recent aquisition of Netfrastructure by MySQL AB, also bringing Jim Starkey (InterBase creator) to work for the company, the Firebird database got a lot of exposition in the media.

Mozilla is making money from Firefox

Jason is excited to know that Mozilla Corporation has made $72M last year from the popular Firefox browser, I clearly remember I read about that last year somewhere.

No backdoor for Vista?

A BBC report last month suggested the Home Office was in talks with Microsoft over ways to overcome any obstacles Windows Vista's wider use of encryption might pose to criminal investigations. Vista is due to feature hardware-based encryption, called BitLocker Drive Encryption, which acts as a repository to protect sensitive data in the event of a PC being either lost or stolen.

Speaking before a Commons home affairs select committee hearing, Professor Ross Anderson reportedly urged the government "to look at establishing 'back door' ways of getting around encryptions". Provactive stuff but, as previously reported, a careful review of the rest of Anderson's comments reveal he has talking about the challenge posed to police forensic investigations by hard disk encryption. Not too much should be read into one particular phrase.

Teenager claims to find code flaw in Gmail

  • NetworkWorld; By Jeremy Kirk (Posted by tadelste on Mar 6, 2006 9:19 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
A teenage blogger claims to have discovered a flaw in Google's Gmail service that allows JavaScript to run, potentially allowing a malicious hacker to gather e-mail addresses or compromise an account. The supposed flaw may already have been fixed, however.

Go Open Source For E-Governance: NKC

Monday, March 06, 2006: New Delhi: If the recommendations of the National Knowledge Commission (NKC) are accepted, India will surely be on its way to adopt a `free software community’ model for its country-wide e-governance programmes. According to Economic Times, open source is all set to usher in a real IT revolution in the country. The NKC has sent in a list of 10 recommendations of the special group on e-governance to the prime minister, Manmohan Singh.

Should DeLay's New Job Concern FSF?

With the Free Software Foundation beginning to take an active role in prosecution of Microsoft, perhaps they should look at the new guy in charge of appropriations for the Justice Department, the FBI, FTC and Intellectual Property Enforcement and possibly the future of GNU/Linux.

Five things I dislike about SUSE 10

I've been running the retail version on SUSE Linux 10.0 as my production desktop machine since early November. I like its online update facility; it's a great way to keep the system refreshed with the latest security and bug fixes, and I'm not the only one who feels this way. But I've found a few things in SUSE 10 that I'm not too fond of, and that make me start thinking about changing distros. (I can understand why he feels this way, then again I use KDE so I missed out on most of what he doesn't like. - Scott)

Hp & Novell are partnering across the Enterprise

HP and Novell have announced a specially priced software bundle for customers deploying Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 on HP ProLiant and BladeSystem servers.

Redhat's RHCE the hottest cert for 2006

The Redhat Certified Engineer qualification trounced Microsoft and Cisco to be voted the expected fastest grower of certifications for 2006 by The LPI's level two exam managed to take position 10.

The Ultimate Media Server - Apache+SSL , PHP, MySQL and Jinzora

  • Howtoforge; By Bsdguy (Posted by tadelste on Mar 6, 2006 4:58 AM EDT)
I started out on this project to create the ultimate multimedia server using all opensource tools and applications. Some of you may be thinking along the lines of a TIVO device, no this was to create a hosting server on my business broadband connection so that I can have access to and listen to my MP3's from anywhere that had an Internet connection while keeping it all secure as possible.

RSA: Sun to end Trusted Solaris

  • ComputerWorld; By Robert McMillan (Posted by tadelste on Mar 6, 2006 3:19 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Sun; Story Type: News Story
Sun Microsystems Inc. is changing the way it produces a secure version of its Solaris operating system, a decision that will mark the end of the product known as the Trusted Solaris Operating Environment. Developed for governmental agencies that require a certain level of security certification, Trusted Solaris had developed separately from its flagship Solaris product. But starting this August, Sun will instead offer Solaris Trusted Extensions as an add-on to its standard Solaris product, said Chris Ratcliffe, Sun's director of Solaris marketing.

The knowledgeable way to manage documents

  • Tectonic (Posted by tadelste on Mar 6, 2006 2:22 AM EDT)
One of South Africa's top open source exports, KnowledgeTree, just keeps getting better. The document management system has added new workflow features, integration with Microsoft Office, and can help companies meet legislative and best practice compliance requirements.

DistroWatch Weekly: Focus on live CDs,, Rubix Linux, KNOPPIX 5.0

  •; By Ladislav Bodnar (Posted by dave on Mar 6, 2006 2:05 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Newsletter
Welcome to this year's 10th issue of DistroWatch Weekly. As more and more distributions provide bootable disks containing a complete operating system, it is clear that these "live CDs", as they are often referred to, are having a huge impact on our daily computing lives; today we report on Debian Live and Mandriva One, as well as on several efforts to accelerate the boot process of KNOPPIX. Having trouble with finding all the interesting software sources for your Ubuntu installation? Then worry not, the new Ubuntu source-o-matic makes it easy. Also in this issue: Click-N-Run for Ubuntu, a new Linux web site with podcasts for Linux beginners, a couple of entertaining links for Monday laughs, and a first look at the brand new Rubix Linux 1.0. Finally, we are pleased to inform that the February 2006 DistroWatch donation has gone to FreeBSD Foundation. Happy reading! Join us at #distrowatch

Top five tips for understanding virtualization

  • SearchOpenSource; By Jack Loftus (Posted by tadelste on Mar 6, 2006 1:25 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Virtualization is a hot trend, but that doesn't mean every IT shop has to jump on the bandwagon just yet. There are some shops that just won't need this technology no matter how big the hype becomes this year. For those shops that decide virtualization is the right move for them, there has to be a complete understanding of existing resources, hardware and applications before they take action.

Grid god to head up Chicago computing institute

  • Network World; By Network World Staff (Posted by tadelste on Mar 6, 2006 12:28 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Ian Foster, co-founder of the Globus open source grid project, has been named director of the Computation Institute, a joint venture of the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory.

U.S. gov't warns of 'paid autosurfing' schemes

The Securities and Exchange Commission this week issued a warning about "paid autosurfing" schemes on the Internet, noting that offers that sound too good to be true probably are. The SEC also said it is filing securities fraud charges against the operators of 12 Daily Pro, an autosurfing site that paid people to view ads on the Web but was allegedly bilking them out of money under a huge pyramid scheme.

New Threats Outflank IT Defenses, Says Vendor Exec

  • ComputerWorld (Posted by tadelste on Mar 5, 2006 10:33 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Interview
Thomas Noonan is president and CEO of Internet Security Systems Inc., an Atlanta-based vendor of IT security products and managed services. ISS reported revenue of $330 million last year, and its customer base includes 17 of the largest banks worldwide. In an interview with Computerworld at RSA Conference 2006 here this month, Noonan spoke about what he described as the "continuously" changing security threats faced by corporate users.

Gateway to pay HP $47M in patent settlement

  • ComputerWorld; By Shelley Solheim (Posted by tadelste on Mar 5, 2006 8:39 PM EDT)
Gateway Inc. will pay Hewlett-Packard Co. $47 million to end a bitter patent dispute between the two PC makers, the companies said yesterday. As part of the deal, which is not yet final, the two companies will sign a seven-year cross-licensing agreement.

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