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Novell Responds to Pfeifle Opinion Article

An opinion article submitted to Linux Today earlier today accused Novell with implementing cuts in its SUSE Linux division, an accusation that has raised concern amongst community members and Novell itself.

Novell, the article stated, is laying off at least one KDE core developer employed by SUSE. The entire Evolution development team, currently based in India, is also slated to be dissolved, with only one maintainer left in place for product maintenance. Hula development is said to be cut completely; Mono development is also affected; what the future holds for the Novell Linux Desktop product is still unknown, according to Kurt Pfeifle, the author of the submitted article.

Status of federal encryption standard gains increasing acceptance

  •; By Linda Faust (Posted by tadelste on Nov 8, 2005 6:30 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
With security concerns about compromised accounts, phishing and fraud increasing rapidly, more enterprise organizations recognize the risks and are working to improve security controls.

Co-Founder Sees Slashdot As The Original Blog

Jeff Bates co-founded with Rob Malda in 1997. He's now the VP of editorial operations and executive editor of the site. He spoke recently with InformationWeek's Thomas Claburn about online publishing.

[Hmmm... Interesting! - Ed]

Windows Users Open to PostgreSQL

Open source databases aren't just for Linux users. Case in point is PostgreSQL, where 50 percent of users are likely running Windows. PostgreSQL 8.1 is now available and introduces performance improvements and new features for users of the open source database.

Open source app-list edges Windows users toward Linux

A new, collaborative web page aims to introduce Windows users to high quality, free, open source applications that run on Windows. Called "LOOP" (List of Open Source Programs), the wiki-based list is intended to demonstrate the value of open source Windows apps to newcomers as a migration path toward Linux.

"Tell all your non-Linux friends and family about the LOOP list," Tristan Rhodes, who created LOOP, writes. "On this list they will find high-quality replacements for the software that they have purchased/pirated. Once they become familiar with these new applications, introduce them to your favorite Linux distribution (mine is Ubuntu)."

Zend tempts PHP developers' corporate desires with refresh

  • The Register; By Gavin Clarke in San Francisco (Posted by tadelste on Nov 8, 2005 4:27 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: PHP
PHP supplier Zend Technologies has updated its scripting environment, embracing web services along with support for both enterprise and open source database servers.

Last orders for HP AlphaServer systems announced

  • the Inquirer; By INQUIRER staff (Posted by tadelste on Nov 8, 2005 4:03 PM EDT)
  • Groups: HP; Story Type: News Story
HP HAS NOTIFIED its partners and customers of the end of the line for its AlphaServer systems.

According to a document seen by the INQUIRER, the last order date is planned for the 27th of October 2006, with those systems delivered by December next year.

[Ed: Shedding tears an acceptible means of expression, but I doubt many will flow.]

Debian Weekly News - November 8th, 2005

  • Mailing list; By Martin Schulze (Posted by tadelste on Nov 8, 2005 3:40 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Newsletter; Groups: Debian
Welcome to this year's 45th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter for the Debian community.

Tech guru O'Reilly mashes it up

  • BBC News; By Bill Thompson (Posted by tadelste on Nov 8, 2005 3:16 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Interview
In the first segment of a two-part interview, technology guru Tim O'Reilly outlines his views on open source in an interview with the BBC World Service programme Go Digital.

Lexar LDP-200 Digital Music Player is Multi-platform

Mike Angelo writes: "Digital music players are very popular these days and are available from many manufacturers. One nice feature of the Lexar Digital Music Player (LDP-200) is that it uses SD memory cards to store the music files, thus providing it with almost unlimited memory. Another nice plus for the Lexar Digital Music Player is that you can use it with most all popular, desktop operating systems -- the GNU-Linux, Mac, and Microsoft Windows platforms."

[Nice price, multi-OS, and multi-purpose! Warning: only tested on Mandriva, but they're probably right about it working with most other *NIX variants - Ed]

AMD Tops Intel In U.S. Retail PC Market

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Microprocessor supplier AMD Inc. has scored a minor victory in its long uphill fight to wrestle the processor market from Intel Corp., as the company overtook its archrival in the U.S. retail PC sector, according to market reseach firm Current Analysis.

The firm noted that in October, processors from AMD (Sunnyvale, Calif.) were in 49.8 percent of desktop and notebook PCs sold, compared to 48.5 percent from Intel (Santa Clara, Calif.).

Despite Shortcomings, CIOs Embrace Linux

Any doubt that Linux and open-source software are powering mission-critical systems in some of the largest enterprises was laid to rest at the Open Source Business Conference.

Open source gets a vote of confidence

A Silicon Valley private-equity firm yesterday revealed it would buy the Ingres database software from Computer Associates and set it up as a stand-alone open-source software company. The move by Garnett & Helfrich Capital is a sign that professional investors are increasingly willing to bet there is a profitable future for companies based on the open-source model of software development.

[We knew it all along. It just takes some creative thinking to make it work. - Ed]

Has Dell’s business model hit the wall?

  • CRN; By Edward F. Moltzen & Steven Burke (Posted by tadelste on Nov 8, 2005 12:49 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
On page 5 of this weeks CRN print Magazine, you will find a picture of Michael Dell gracing the cover. In large print, the cover reads DELL HITS THE WALL. Below, it asks: "Does Dell's warning to Wall Street last week expose chinks in the armor of the direct giant's business model?"

Then the article reads: "That’s what solution providers gleaned from Dell’s unexpected warning to Wall Street last week. The Round Rock, Texas-based computer maker warned that its upcoming earnings report would show revenue of about $13.9 billion for its fiscal third quarter, down from the range of $14.1 billion to $14.5 billion it had previously forecast."

“Dell’s formula isn’t working any longer,” said Jay Tipton, vice president of Technology Specialists, a Fort Wayne, Ind.-based solution provider. Tipton and other solution providers noted that Dell’s direct-equals-low-price gambit no longer works with customers hungry for solutions and local service.

[Ed; So what do I read out of this? Payback. -tadelste]

Red Hat Readies Xen Virtualization, Stateless Linux for Enterprise ...

As you might have predicted, Red Hat is indeed working to support the open source Xen virtual machine hypervisor in the future Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 server, which is expected to come to market in late 2006.

Va Linux Releases 'SMTPGuard' Anti-SPAM Open Source Software

Tokyo, Japan, Nov 8, 2005 - (JCN Newswire) - VA Linux Systems Japan K.K. (VA Linux), a leading provider of Linux solutions for the telecommunications and enterprise systems markets, today announced the release of 'SMTPGuard', an Open Source, anti-SPAM software for MTAs, which can eliminate unsolicited e-mails (SPAM) flexibly. SMTPGuard is a part of 'VA FMS', VA Linux's total messaging solution. VA FMS is based on Open Source Software and known for its high reliability, high availability, high performance, and extensibility, which enable VA FMS to support large networks with over 100 million accounts.

Replacing ms dns with bind9

Replacing ms dns with bind9 is an better idea here is why:
1.It's really faster (noticed when i run first query on that machine and had lower latency)
2.Better security (windows2k is not supported with patches in future)
3.You can migrate easily to linux after that ;)

[Ed.- This is a good quickstart. Please do the Internet a favor and study the BIND documentation thoroughly.]

Rhodes student snaps up Creative Commons award

The competition sponsored by Creative Commons South Africa for South African digital artists has been won by Tessa Comrie, a Rhodes Fine Arts student, for her 60-second video entitled Once upon a time.

MS-Office schema not as open source friendly as Microsoft says it is

When Alan Yates, Microsoft Information Worker Product Management Group business strategy general manager, first came to me to say that his company had been railroaded when Massachusetts voted the OpenDocument office file format (ODF) in, and Microsoft's Office XML Reference Schema (OXRS) out, one of his original arguments was that OXRS was getting a bad rap for not being implementable in open source software.

As Yates originally explained it to me, "Our license may not be compatible with the GPL, but it is compatible with many other open source licenses, and certainly can be used with the OpenDocument license." However, as it turns out, "many" is in the eyes of the beholder. When I went back to Yates and explained how I found that claim to be untrue, he clarified his original claim by saying "While it is beyond my capacity to analyze [all of the open source licenses listed on the Open Source Initiative's Web site], we think that there is no problem with the two most used, key alternatives to the GPL; the LGPL and the BSD licenses."

LPI Exam 202: Network Configuration

developerWork’s has published the first in a new series of Linux Professional Institute tutorials. In this tutorial (free login required), David Mertz discusses intermediate network administration on Linux, and in doing so, continues preparing you to take the (LPIC-2) Exam 202. You learn how to configure a basic TCP/IP network, from the hardware layer (usually Ethernet, modem, ISDN, or 802.11) through the routing of network addresses.

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