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Proposal to fund Debian reveals debate about developers' motivations

A group of leading developers calling themselves Dunc-Tank is preparing to pay selected Debian developers to complete specific projects. But although Dunc-Tank's first goal is the practical one of ensuring that the next version of Debian is ready for its scheduled release, its announcement has also publicized a previously private debate about what happens when free software developers suddenly receive pay for what they are already doing for personal reasons.

Tiny WAP Linuxes

Building your own wireless access point, or router, or firewall using Linux and a single-board computer is fun, with the usual bonus of having complete control over your stuff. There are kazillions of tiny Linuxes- which one should you try?

Interview: Elizabeth Krumbach of LinuxChix

As women become more involved with open source communities, it's important that their voices be heard. The dot is beginning a new series of interviews with women who contribute to F/OSS. Our first interviewee is Elizabeth Krumbach, who is the coordinator for the Philadelphia area LinuxChix chapter.

Novell's Nasdaq Headaches

  • Linux Watch; By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols (Posted by dcparris on Sep 21, 2006 10:01 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Novell
Novell faces the possibility of Nasdaq delisting due to a delay in filing its last 10-Q, caused by the company's ongoing stock option audit. (Linux-Watch)

A survey of open source cluster management systems

In computing world, the term "cluster" refers to a group of independent computers combined through software and networking, which is often used to run highly compute-intensive jobs. With a cluster, you can build a high-speed supercomputer out of hundreds or even thousands of relatively low-speed systems. Cluster management software offers an easy-to-use interface for managing clusters, and automates the process of queuing jobs, matching the requirements of a job and the resources available to the cluster, and migrating jobs across the cluster. Here's an introduction to five open source CMS applications.

Amd goes Torro on Torrenza open source socket

AMD, displaying a rare breed of initiative for a chip manufacturer has opened up the hardware specifications for its Opteron server processor, enabling other chipmakers to design co-processors that will be socket compatible with an Opteron motherboard.

[LXer applauds AMD's boldness. - dcparris]

Hackers fire up anonymous Torpark browser

An international group of computer security experts and human rights workers has released an anonymous, fully portable web browser based on Mozilla Firefox.

SA education software wins global fans

South Africa—developed educational application framework, Kewl, has been recognised by the international community and is being adopted by a number of global open courseware providers.

Gentoo Announces 'Seeds'

The aim of the project is to create stage4 tarballs which can be used to 'seed' new boxes with ready-built Gentoo solutions.

Munich Begins to Switch Windows Out for Linux

Munich has begun its migration to Linux on the desktop, a year later than planned and nearly three years since the city announced its move to open source software.

Double your fun with QuadKonsole

Sometimes it's the simple ideas that produce powerful applications -- like a terminal emulator that provides several shells side by side in a single window. A few days ago, I was looking for a way to split windows in Konsole when I ran across QuadKonsole, a program that embeds several Konsole instances in a single window, making it easy to switch between shell sessions and keep an eye on all of them at once.

More Mambo for Open Source Content Management

This is the first major release in almost two years and provides users a leaner, faster Mambo with greatly improved scalability and stability – and more choice.Version 4.6 is available in two configurations: “4.6 Complete” includes the core system as well as an assortment of the most popular extensions and templates. “4.6 Lite” is a minimalist distro comprised of only the core files.

Red Hat releases its first open-source application stack

The JBoss-based stack is aimed at small Linux and Java developers

Neuros introduces open-source media center

Neuros Technology — makers of the MPEG4 Recorder 2 “digital VCR” — has introduced the OSD, which it bills as “the first open source Linux-based embedded media center.” It costs $229.99.

Pentaho Buys the Weka Open Source Data-Mining Project

Pentaho has acquired the Weka open source data-mining project developed by the University of Waikato in New Zealand. The Pentaho and Weka teams will soon announce a road map covering their plans for enhancements including extension of Weka's analytic techniques to additional vertical industries, and integration of Weka with Pentaho's platform, data integration, and information delivery capabilities.

Dumb customers and dumber software standards

Speak out, or face the consequences

BEAWorld 2006: A senior Citigroup techie today called on customers to make their voices heard in the debates over software standards - or else.

Open Source Perst Lite OODB for J2ME Devices Released

McObject has just released a micro-footprint version of the Perst open source, object-oriented embedded database for embedded systems and intelligent devices developed on the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME).

Research Looks at How Open Source Software Gets Written

Computer software systems are now among the most complex, expensive artifacts ever created by humans, and some of the most sophisticated are being built by teams of volunteers as "open source" projects, where any programmer can read the code and suggest changes. A group of UC Davis researchers has just received a three-year, $750,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to study how open source software such as the Apache Web server is built.

KDE enthusiasts to ponder next-gen Linux desktop

More than 200 members of the KDE community, industry partners, and interested users will be gathering next week for aKademy 2006 at the Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland to work on the next-generation desktop, KDE 4, and desktop standards.

The New Wish Book: IBM's Linux Migration Guide

When I was kid growing up, the Sears & Roebuck catalog was called the "Wish Book." Sears doesn't publish those three-inch thick catalogs of consumer yearnings any more, but I still collect a different kind of wish book. I must own half a dozen volumes devoted to leaving Microsoft operating systems behind and converting to Linux. For me it's the same sort of fantasy as people who buy travel guides and dream of moving to Bali. Someday, I keep promising myself, I'm really going to do it.

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