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Vista Makes Creative Labs Dupe Linux

If you were hoping to use a Creative X-Fi series sound card under Linux in the near future, think again. As according to Creative Labs, it was harder for them to make Microsoft Vista drivers than expected thus it took longer for them to complete. Now the X-Fi Linux drivers with EAX support have been delayed until at least the end of the year.

Tux500: Gregoire Appears to Be OK After Practice Crash

  • (Posted by bobm77 on May 17, 2007 11:27 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Stephan Gregoire, driver of the Linux-sponsored car in this year's Indianapolis 500, climbed from the car under his own power this afternoon, after hitting the wall in the short chute between turns 1 and 2. The rear end of the car appeared to get loose and swing around as he entered turn 1, and although he was nearly able to save it, the rear of the car made contact and slid down the wall.

SA unaffected by patent threats

Local open source developers and companies do not seem particularly concerned by the recent threats made by Microsoft. "A storm in an American teacup," is how Obsidian Systems' CTO Anton De Wet described it.

FSF launch

In its ongoing battle against software patents, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) has launched, a campaign to promote the use of the OGG Vorbis standard for compressed audio. The patent-free and licence-free standard is being punted as an ethically, legally and technically superior audio alternative to the proprietary MP3 format. The most common music format is currently MP3, but what most people don't realise is that any time a distributor sells or gives away music encoded as an MP3, they are responsible for paying a fee to the owners of the MP3 patents. Any software that runs MP3s is also affected by this. The OGG Vorbis specification, being in the public domain, is free from such restrictions and anyone can use the format or write software to use it without needing permission from a patent holder.

Creating a simple DVD using 'Q' DVD-Author

About ten years ago, the first DVD players shipped to the United States. After a slow start, the DVD has almost completely replaced video tapes and has become the de facto standard for the movie industry. Creating DVDs on a Linux machine can be a complex task, but can be made much easier by using 'Q' DVD-Author.

Intel and PowerTOP extend Linux laptop battery life

Intel recently released its PowerTOP utility, which builds on work done by kernel developers to make the Linux kernel power-efficient. PowerTOP gives you a snapshot of what apps are consuming the most power. Turn off these apps or modify their behavior, and you'll notice an instant increase in the battery life.

FSF ready to battle Microsoft

Following the attacks earlier this week by Microsoft on the free software movement the Free Software Foundation has set up a new activist wing to fight back.

Microsoft practicing digital McCarthyism?

In 1950, Sen. Joseph McCarthy said he had the names of Communists in the State Department. They were never named. Fifty-seven years later, Microsoft says GNU/Linux has violated 235 patents. They have yet to be named. See a pattern here?

The Perfect Desktop - Ubuntu Studio 7.04

  • HowtoForge; By Falko Timme (Posted by falko on May 17, 2007 5:04 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Ubuntu
Ubuntu Studio is a special Linux distribution tailored to the needs of audio, video, and graphic enthusiasts or professionals. Because Ubuntu Studio is based on Ubuntu, you are not limited to this area, but can install any application that is available for Ubuntu, thus turning Ubuntu Studio into a normal desktop for everyday use. This tutorial shows how you can turn Ubuntu Studio 7.04 into a full-fledged replacement for a Windows desktop. The advantages are clear: you get a secure system without DRM restrictions that works even on old hardware, and the best thing is: all software comes free of charge.

GNOME 2.19.2 Screenshots

GNOME 2.19.2 is the second of nine development releases leading up to GNOME 2.20.0, which is due out this September. GNOME 2.19.2 is being released today and for those of you interested in the latest changes to GNOME, we have included some screenshots taken from GNOME 2.19.2 built this afternoon with GARNOME. In the process of trying out this latest desktop environment we had run into several crashes and bugs -- GNOME 2.19.2 is not for those new to Linux.

FoxTorrent, a Firefox BitTorrent client

BitTorrent clients are all over the place these days. One of the newcomers, FoxTorrent, is a fully functional cross-platform Firefox BitTorrent client created by Red Swoosh, a company that is now part of Akamai. What FoxTorrent lacks in features it makes up for in simplicity.

Tools: GCC 4.2.0 Released

Mark Mitchell announced the availability ofGCC 4.2 saying,"GCC 4.2.0 is a major release, containing new functionality not available in GCC 4.1.x or previous GCC releases." He then linked theGCC 4.2 Release Series Changes, New Features, and Fixes document for more details as to what is new in this release.GCC is the GNU Compiler Collection which includes C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, and Ada compilers. Download GCC 4.2.0 from your nearest more

New York Sues Dell For Deception

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday accused Dell Inc. and its financial services affiliate of "bait and switch" advertising and failing to deliver on promised customer service. Round Rock, Texas-based Dell lured customers with zero percent financing, then switched them to a higher rate without their knowledge at the time of purchase, according to the lawsuit.

The Microsoft FUD Campaign vs. the Customer

Almost everything that can be said has been said about the latest moves by Microsoft to create Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) about Linux. Countless pundits and analysts have pointed out that Microsoft threats are toothless. Some have noted that Microsoft has singled out Linux and OpenOffice, the biggest threats to its monopoly on operating systems and office suites. Surely Microsoft could claim that the *BSDs infringe on similar patents if not the same ones. But the *BSDs do not pose as great a threat to the company. Others have pointed out that Microsoft would be insane to pull an SCO and sue its own customers. Still others have noted that IBM and/or OIN could respond to a patent war with a massive retaliation in patent infringement claims.

IBM releases new Eclipse Lotus Sametime video chat

Get Point-to-Point video, integration with desktop apps, Mac client support, and Linux server support. Sametime is built on the Eclipse, so you can develop plug-ins using the Sametime Software Development Kit (SDK) that lets you enhance, integrate, and extend Sametime to fit your needs.

Portrait: Long-time Linux advocate Clay Claiborne

Clay Claiborne was an early Linux advocate, and his company, Cosmos Engineering, was one of the first computer builders to offer Linux-based PCs and servers. But Clay has never been as much about business as he's been about social activism. He cofounded the Linux Users of Los Angeles (LULA) group back in 1999, but lately he's dropped out of Linux activism and is spending most of his time on social (mostly ant-war) activism. He'll still happily build you a Linux-based entertainment center PC, but his current passion is making a Vietnam War video retrospective he hopes will help Americans remember how poorly that adventure ended, and how the experience we gained in Vietnam should should be applied to our occupation of Iraq.


  • Linux Box Admin; By Keith Winston (Posted by slippery on May 16, 2007 8:50 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
In my organization, squid runs on the firewall as a transparent proxy and all web traffic goes through it, while squidGuard filters content. The next step was to set up a reporting tool to create useful reports from the log files.

Motorola to launch Linux phone in U.S.

Linux/Java has topped CEO Ed Zander's list of things to look for from Motorola as it attempts a financial turnaround, according to a story at At a New York press conference May 15, Zander introduced Linux-based "Rokr" and "Razr2" models, along with new top-level executives.

Through the Patent Looking Glass with Microsoft's Brad Smith

By now you've probably read more than you want to about Microsoft's announcement that it owns 235 patents underlying leading open source software, including many opinions about whether Microsoft's new assertions do, or don't, represent a real threat to Linux, OpenOffice, and other OSS. But you haven't read enough, I expect, about how patent cross licenses work.

A KDE hack: Faster mail searches in kmail, using mairix

  • Lateral Opinion; By Roberto Alsina (Posted by ralsina on May 16, 2007 5:43 PM EDT)
  • Groups: KDE; Story Type: News Story
A way to use mairix to speed up searches in kmail 100x

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