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Free networks (part 2)

  • Free Software Magazine; By Jeremy Turner (Posted by dcparris on Jun 29, 2006 10:03 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: GNU, Linux
In my last blog post, I started writing about OpenWRT, a free software firmware replacement for many off-the-shelf home broadband routers. I received an email last week from a reader who had some of the very same questions I had about the whole process of installing a new firmware. I’ll address some of his points here.

Tutorial: Getting Free Long Distance, Part 2

Last week you learned how to use FreeWorldDialup to connect to other VoIP users. Today you'll set up distributed Asterisk peering with the DUNDi (Distributed Universal Number Discovery) protocol. DUNDi is a peer-to-peer system for finding Internet gateways to telephony services.

Pacheco Committee Report Whacks Mass ITD/ODF

Last October 31, the Chairman of a Massachusetts Senate Committee held a public hearing (more akin to a kangaroo court) at which then State CIO Peter Quinn and his general counsel were required to testify, following which a parade of exclusively hostile witnesses was invited to testify against the ITD's ODF policy. Now, the investigative report of the same committee has been issued.

Ubuntu Developer Summit Paris: New alliances, new horizons

Last week, more than 60 Ubuntu developers met in Paris to plan Ubuntu's next release, codenamed Edgy Eft. Officially, the meeting was billed as a developer summit and not a conference. Each day, groups of two to 10 attendees brainstormed, drafted, and advanced specifications in more than 60 sessions in up to 10 parallel tracks. These specifications, which will stabilize in the next week, will then be prioritized and approved by Canonical staff and will serve as the feature goals for the next release.

Microsoft launches CodePlex and announces MySQL partnership

Microsoft Corp has officially unveiled CodePlex, its new collaborative development portal for community-based development for open- and shared-source projects, while signing a new partnership with open-source database vendor MySQL AB.

[I would look for a large, hollow, wooden horse in the area. -- grouch]

Mirus, Linspire and AOpen Introduce $399 Mini Linux PC

'Mini Koobox' Linux Desktop Comes Pre-Installed With Full Office Suite and Multimedia Software


Open source business intelligence architecture strengthened with new analysis product and enhanced server capabilities

Open-source software powers top US academic supercomputer

The newest edition of the 500 fastest supercomputers in the world, released today, lists Indiana University's supercomputer cluster, Big Red, as the fastest supercomputer among all US academic institutions and ranked 23rd overall in the world--and it runs on open-source software.

Samtech Releases New Version 2006 Of FEA Software

SAMTECH, the European technology leader for the development of Integrated Computer Aided Engineering Solutions, announces today the launch of the commercial release 2006 of the general purpose explicit and fast dynamic analysis software EUROPLEXUS.

[Is this one of those specialized niche areas where FOSS will be slow to develop? -- grouch]

Mobile next battleground for Linux

The co-founder of one of the most popular mobile Linux platforms has predicted a "revolution" in the use of open source software on phones and handheld devices.

Bigger Damn Small Linux debuts

Damn Small Linux has always told its story efficiently through its name, and it continues to do so with its latest version: DSL-N (Damn Small Linux-Not) 0.1 RC1. As you might imagine, DSL-N is a larger live CD edition of DSL (85 MB), but it's still smaller than most distros.

One 'hold it' is worth more than two 'maybe's

This is a translation of a French proverb: “un Tiens vaut mieux que deux Tu l’auras”. It means that what you already have is better than what you may get—even if you may get more—because you already have it.

Strangely, it also is one of the problems with GNU/Linux systems.

Red Hat earnings rise on business sales

Red Hat, a distributor of open-source Linux software, reported an 11 percent increase in first-quarter net income on Wednesday, boosted by subscriptions from corporate customers.

Tip of the Trade: Drupal

Deploying and using it may not be completely painless, but Drupal is a great content management system (CMS) framework that is lightweight, modular, and not too difficult to navigate.

Ibm's Investment in India Includes Linux Development

IBM recently announced it would triple its investment in India over the next three years. "India and other emerging economies are an increasingly important part of IBM's global success," said IBM Chairman and CEO Samuel J. Palmisano.

Red Hat Faces Patent Infringement Suit

Software company FireStar has filed suit against open source seller Red Hat, alleging patent infringement.

Akibia Completes 18th Consecutive Year of Profitability and Growth

Caps Successful Year with Customer Growth and Industry Recognition

Interconnect demo chip to run Linux on "post-RISC" core

On-chip interconnect specialist Silistix will create a "demonstration chip" to show off its "self-timed interconnect" generation tools. The unnamed chip will run Linux on Tensilica's Diamond Standard 232L core, and will also integrate co-processor cores and IP (intellectual property) blocks from Denali, and Sci-worx. It will use leading-edge 65nm CMOS process technology, Silistix says.

Gnash, the free Flash player, makes progress

  • NewsForge; By Bruce Byfield (Posted by grouch on Jun 29, 2006 10:06 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: GNU, Linux
The Gnash project has been developing a free software Flash player since December. Filling one of the last major gaps on the GNU/Linux desktop, it is one of the Free Software Foundation's high-priority projects. We covered the project several months ago, when compiling the code was problematic. Now that Gnash has reached the 0.7.1 version, the player is still rough, but enough has been done to give us an indication of what the final version might be like.

Transitive Emulator Ports Sparc/Solaris Apps to Linux on Xeon ...

Earlier this year, when Transitive, a startup that has created a sophisticated emulator for running software for one computer architecture on other architectures, got backing from Intel, the tongues started wagging that Intel had given Transitive money to create a version of its emulator to support the porting of Solaris/Sparc applications to Intel Xeon and Itanium processors, possibly running the Linux operating system. And, indeed, this has come to pass.

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