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ClearApp Announces Linux Mainframe Platform Certification

QuickVision 6 for Linux Will Address Customers' Broader Rangeof SOAand J2EE Portal Applications Needs

Review: Exaile Media Player

One of my favorite open source applications is Amarok, a music player with an intuitive interface that makes boring tasks such as organizing large music collections less troublesome. The only problem with Amarok is that it's a KDE application and I'm a GNOME user. Although there's nothing wrong with running KDE programs on GNOME, they take a long time to start, since they need to load the KDE libraries and components they depend on first. I've found a good alternative in Exaile, my new favorite media player for Linux.

DistroWatch Weekly: TrueBSD and gNewSense mini-reviews, Mandriva development updates, elpcix live CD

  •; By Ladislav Bodnar (Posted by dave on Jan 8, 2007 1:05 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Newsletter
Welcome to this year's second issue of DistroWatch Weekly! This week DistroWatch continues its assessment of some of the more exciting events of the year 2006, with brief reviews of TrueBSD 0.1 and gNewSense 1.0 - two projects which were among the most pleasant surprises of the year. In the news section: Mandriva embarks on a large number of updates in its development repository, Xubuntu 'outgrows' its original target, Netwosix announces the start of a new development cycle, and PC-BSD updates users on some of the bugs that have crept into their recent release, version 1.3. Finally, don't miss the new release of elpicx, a great live CD/DVD with a collection of documentation, exercises and simulators to help you prepare for your LPI certification. Happy reading!

KDE Commit-Digest for 7th January 2007

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest: Sonnet, the natural language checker, continues to develop and can now discriminate between more than 70 different languages. More work on the "konsole-split-view" branch to add split/merge functionality to the KDE 4 console. Support for filesystem labels in the "mountconfig" Guidance configuration module. Large developments in the "mailtransport" KDE-PIM work to enable code sharing between users of the common "emailing" action. Support for background text colours in Konversation. Further work in the "Papillon" MSN Messenger connection library, with support for Xtraz status and notifications in Kopete. Gradient editing tool introduced across KOffice. Better support for PDF presentation files in Okular. Improved AI in the recently-imported game KSquares. "Sublime", the new user interface library for KDevelop 4 is imported into KDE SVN...

Guilty by Association

Yet Another LInux Blog examines a Linux Today Editor's Note, why openSuse is a casualty in the fallout from the Novell-MS deal and if being a casualty in this fallout is justifiable.

Book Review: Moving to Free Software

Marcel Gagne's book for Windows users entitled: Moving to Free Software is an introduction to useful Free and Open Source (FOSS) licensed software that runs on the proprietary Windows operating system. Each chapter covers a major application with an introduction of what the application does, how to use it and helpful configuration tips. Each chapter ends with a number of useful links to resources. Applications include Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Gimp and more. Included is an Ubuntu live DVD that contains all the applications listed in the book. While a good introduction containing much useful information, the book has some misnomers and missing parts.

Linux KVM Virtualization Performance

For only being a release candidate the Linux 2.6.20 kernel has already generated quite a bit of attention. On top of adding asynchronous SCSI scanning, multi-threaded USB probing, and many driver updates, the Linux 2.6.20 kernel will include a full virtualization solution. Kernel-based Virtual Machine is a GPL software project that has been developed and sponsored by Qumranet. In this article we are offering a brief overview of the Kernel-based Virtual Machine for Linux as well as offering up in-house performance numbers as we compare KVM to other virtualization solutions such as QEMU Accelerator and Xen.

Nokia's Linux-Powered N800 Internet Tablet Sneaks Out Early

  • LinuxWatch; By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols (Posted by dcparris on Jan 7, 2007 6:41 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
Nokia still hasn't announced it, but its new Linux-based N800 Internet Tablet is already for sale and boasts double the RAM, Flash memory and a faster processor than its predecessor.

Linux Loving Men Are Sexier HUMOR

  •; By Andrea W. Cordingly (Posted by andreac on Jan 7, 2007 5:52 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Humor; Groups: Community, Linux
No one had broached the subject. My inquiries with girlfriends and colleagues led me down a path into a revealing and sensual world as yet undiscovered.

Zenwalk 4.2 Screenshots

Version 4.2 of Zenwalk Linux is officially released. This version comes with the Linux kernel and X.Org 7.1.1, along with new features and hundreds of updated packages. Some of the more noticeable changes include 'Zenpanel' which is Zenwalk's new system configuration panel that makes customizing your Linux system easy. Zenwalk 4.2 desktop introduces a new panel layout and RSS feed reader that was added to Xfce. - DistroWatch. Screenshots of Zenwalk 4.2 are available at

Linux hard drive benchmark & bottleneck testing

The stress test of hardware (hard drive benchmarks) is a simplistic test. There are a number of benchmarking applications software that can be used as hard disk (storage) stress testing. My favorite is Bonnie++ software. Bonnie++ is a benchmark suite that is aimed at performing a number of simple tests of hard drive and file system performance. Then you can decide which test is important and decide how to compare different systems after running it.

Dreamlinux 2.2 Screenshots

The final version of Dreamlinux 2.2 Multimedia Edition has been released. Having many improvements compared with the previous version, Dreamlinux 2.2 Multimedia Edition brings countless new features. The kernel is 2.6.18, and the distro uses Debian 'testing' repositories. A greater number of applications for multimedia have been added, allowing to open and manipulate many different types of audio and video files. Beyond the many updates, other refinements have also been incorporated: upgrade assistant, new control panel, and the 'Easy-Install' application that allows the user to install non-Debian programs like Google Earth, Picasa, Opera, etc. - DistroWatch. Screenshots of Dreamlinux 2.2 are available at

The So Cal Linux Expo Fills Up

  •; By Orv Beach (Posted by w6bi on Jan 7, 2007 2:03 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Press Release
All Speaker and Exhibitor slots have been filled for the Fifth Annual Southern California Linux Expo.

Simple and effective squid content filtering to block MP3 and EXE files

For security and to save bandwidth you may wish to configure Squid proxy server to block content. You do not want users to download files having extension such as MP3, MPEG, MPG, AVG, EXE etc This tutorial explains simple but effect squid content filtering using access control list to block files easily.

NETGEAR(R) Announces 'Digital Entertainer HD,' First Media Receiver With HDMI for Streaming HD Movies, YouTube Videos, iTunes Music and More From PCs, Storage Devices and the Internet to Home Entertai

  • PR Newswire; By Press release (Posted by dcparris on Jan 7, 2007 11:52 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Press Release
Product Demo at 2007 CES; Streams BitTorrent Movie Downloads From PCs; Plays Internet Video, News, Weather and Radio Feeds Directly; Controls PC-PVR Recordings Remotely; Accesses iPods(R) and Other Handheld Media Devices

"apple Bug" number six hits Windows, Linux too

The Month of Apple Bugs has turned up another cross-platform issue - this time one that affects Windows, Linux and potentially other operating systems in addition to Mac OS X.

The Best of Firefox Extensions

The major factor differentiating Mozilla from IE is the fact that you can add extensions to Firefox. To add extensions to your browser is the best form of customization available for a browser and there are amazing Firefox extensions out there. Well, this is the first part of an article where we shall bring light to some of the best extensions available for Firefox 2.0.

Firefox use nearly doubled in '06; Safari gained, IE and Netscape lost

January 07, 2007 (Computerworld) -- Propelled by the release of its Version 2.0 in October, the free Firefox Web browser saw almost a 50% increase in use during 2006, according to one Web measurement firm.

How To Use NTFS Drives/Partitions Under Ubuntu Edgy Eft

  • HowtoForge; By Falko Timme (Posted by falko on Jan 7, 2007 7:13 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Ubuntu
Normally Linux systems can only read from Windows NTFS partitions, but not write to them which can be very annoying if you have to work with Linux and Windows systems. This is where ntfs-3g comes into play. ntfs-3g is an open source, freely available NTFS driver for Linux with read and write support. This tutorial shows how to install and use ntfs-3g on an Ubuntu Edgy Eft desktop to read from and write to Windows NTFS drives and partitions. It covers the usage of internal NTFS partitions (e.g. in a dual-boot environment) and of external USB NTFS drives.

Microsoft Firefox “We’ve Made it Better”

The exciting news from Redmond is the release of Microsoft Firefox 2007 Professional Edition. Lot’s of exciting features!

[No, it isn't April 1st yet. Yes, it is still January. 2007. Honest. - dcparris]

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