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Red Hat Puts Application Server To Sleep

June 5th, 2006: Confirming open source community expectations, Linux Distributor Red Hat has announced that it is halting further development of Red Hat Application Server.

Discovering your network with Netdisco

  •; By Walter Gould (Posted by dcparris on Jun 5, 2006 5:28 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups:
Four years ago, Max Baker at the University of California, Santa Cruz, needed an easy-to-use tool that would assist in managing switch ports, show port usage and history, track inventory, and help with network debugging. Baker began developing what has become Netdisco, an awesome open source network discovery tool.

Inside the Linux Boot Process

This article explores the Linux boot process from the initial bootstrap to the start of the first user-space application. Along the way, you'll learn about various other boot-related topics such as the boot loaders, kernel decompression, the initial RAM disk, and other elements of Linux boot.

Auto Parts Manufacturer Selects Linux Networx System

Linux Networx has announced that AISIN AW Co., LTD., one of the world's largest providers of automotive transmissions, is using a Linux Networx Supersystem to enhance product design efforts. The new system is tuned for use with ANSYS CFX and accelerates AISIN's ability to develop new transmissions by allowing them to analyze complex fluid flows. The Linux Networx Supersystem enables AISIN to minimize the reliance on testing actual prototypes. AISIN customers include Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen and Volvo.

LGP's Cold War for Linux

  • PCBurn; By Chris Bergeron (Posted by Inhibit on Jun 5, 2006 2:10 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Linux
Take a trip back in time to Russia towards the end of the USSR in the latest spy/thriller FPS port by Linux Game Publishing. PCBurn has screen shots and review of Cold War, soon to be released by LGP. Check out what this game is going to offer and if it's worth your hard earned gaming dollar.

Linux: 2.6.18 Merge Window

Andrew Morton [interview] posted an overview of patches in -mm, discussing what is destined for inclusion in the upcoming 2.6.18 Linux kernel. He noted, "there is an unusually large amount of difficult material here." Patch sets that were discussed include a cleanup of kernel headers, klibc, various subsystem cleanups, the ACX1xx wireless driver, swsup cleanups, per-task statistic metrics, a clocksource management infrastructure, smpnice, swap prefetching [story], priority-inheriting futexes, a revamp of /proc/pid, ecryptfs, utsname virtualization [story], readahead, reiser4 improvements, a statistics infrastructure, and lock validation code.

Lenovo denies ditching Linux

Lenovo has rejected reports that it is planning to stop supporting Linux, shortly after signing a $1.2bn deal to buy Microsoft software

Desktop Linux revisited

WANT a quick taste of Linux without installing any software?

[Mainstream press article from the Philippines - dcparris]

A Quick Glance at The Ms Office 2007 File Formats

LXer Feature - 5-June-06

Being a curious chap with a fast connection and nothing to do for a couple of hours I went and got myself a copy of the Office 2007 Demo (Beta 2). There's a new look to everything. Word which I looked at mostly has changed a lot. There's an interesting twist in the story though.

The Danger of Appealing with Proprietary Software

This post refutes two of the recently published articles that seem to promote the idea of mixing proprietary software with Free Software and explains why this may be dangerous for the cause of the Free Software movement.

Opml Support for Firefox

[...] I wanted to participate, but since I only use Firefox's Live Bookmarks for RSS, I had no way of creating an OPML file... so I wrote an extension.

Autodesk Delivers Commercial Versions of Open Source Web Map ...

Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise 2007 and Autodesk MapGuide Studio 2007 provide customers benefits of open source with the backing of Autodesk

Gnu Radio Opens an Unseen World

  • Wired News; By Quinn Norton (Posted by grouch on Jun 5, 2006 5:51 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: GNU
Building a general radio that can receive and transmit, and attaching it to a software system that can fill in the gaps of what we normally think of as radio, is kind of like the Enterprise's deflector dish: Give engineering 20 minutes and it can do anything the captain needs to move the plot along.

HP unveils Carrier Grade Debian

In a move calculated to expand Carrier Grade Linux's (CGL's) developer and user communities, HP has registered Debian's "Sarge" distribution with version 2.02 of the OSDL's CGL specification, and started a Carrier Grade subproject within Debian. Debian-CGL offers an intermediary choice between commercial CGL distributions and "rolling your own," according to the OSDL.

BRICKS, Building new cultural knowledge services

The BRICKS project is creating the building blocks for integrated cultural knowledge services and laying the technological foundations for applications that will provide cultural organisations with new methods to share and exploit their content. Its open source software is being made available for free to museums, archives, libraries and other institutions, allowing them to utilise their cultural content and resources in novel ways while drastically reducing the costs of deploying digital library services.

Six things you didn't know about Linux: A beginners' guide

Love it, hate it, heard lots about it, but still don't have enough of a handle to form a firm opinion? Then we must be talking about Linux, the open-source operating system that's alluring because it's heavy duty and it's free. Simultaneously, it's intimidating to newbies because it's typically more difficult to install and configure than Windows.

[Just an overview for beginners; we're posting it here for those in our audience who are. - dcparris]

DistroWatch Weekly: Ubuntu 6.06, Red Hat Summit, Picassa feedback

  •; By Ladislav Bodnar (Posted by dave on Jun 5, 2006 2:05 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Newsletter
Welcome to this year's 23rd issue of DistroWatch Weekly! The long-awaited version 6.06 of the Ubuntu family of Linux distributions dominated the headlines of many open source news sites last week; we'll comment on the release and share our first impressions of the new product. In other news, the second Red Hat Summit, concluded last week, was characterised by the launch of several new initiatives, while the Debian release team has been busy finalising the feature set for the December release of Debian "etch". Also, don't miss our opinion piece about the changing landscape of Linux users prompted by the recent release of the binary-only Picasa photo management software for Linux. Finally, we are pleased to announce that the May 2006 DistroWatch donation has been awarded to LilyPond and Lua. Happy reading!

The Post-Modern Manifesto

  • CIO Australia; By Christopher Koch (Posted by dcparris on Jun 5, 2006 2:02 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linux
If there's anything harder than predicting the future, it's reaching a consensus about it. The trends affecting IT today are easy enough to spot - outsourcing, globalization, increased regulation, increased complexity and never-ending demands from the business for growth and revenue - but it's much more difficult to figure out how all these trends will converge to determine the size, composition and strategy of the IT department over the next few years.

Red Hat chief executive Matthew Szulik

Linux distro chief outlines new products and future directions

Not going by the book

  • Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; By Tamara Simpson (Posted by grouch on Jun 5, 2006 12:08 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Community
As the basis of learning in classrooms across the country, textbooks are coming under increasing scrutiny in a political climate dictated by initiatives such as the No Child Left Behind and the American Competitiveness acts, increasing the demand for a positive return on textbook investments.
The mission of the Global Education Learning Community is to create an "open source" curriculum worldwide, providing free resources to students, teachers and administrators, according to the community's executive director Bobbi Kurshan.

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