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Linux-based wrist PC goes to military expo

Eurotech's U.S. arm, Parvus, will demonstrate the multinational company's innovative wrist-worn PC at a military electronics conference Aug. 22-24 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. The Zypad WL 1000 runs Linux or Windows CE, and features hands-free operation, wireless networking, GPS tracking, and patent-pending power management technology.

Mobile Linux at heart of Japanese handset venture

Linux-based mobile phones could be a focus for a $100m collaboration between handset and chipset suppliers. NEC, Matsushita and Texas Instruments (TI) have invested $103m in a new company called Adcore-Tech to design and license hardware and software technology for next generation (3G/3.5G) handsets.

Sony Mylo Built On Qtopia Linux

Sony introduced mylo, "my life online," a couple of weeks ago. The new handheld is a Wi-Fi-based personal communicator that looks vaguely like Sony's Play Station Portable but is designed for messaging instead of gaming.

Net stack vendor picks embedded Linux partner

Net stack vendor LVL7 will base its flagship "Fastpath" products on Wind River Linux. Starting with version 4.5, expected Q2, 2007, LVL7's Fastpath stack will be optimized for Wind River's Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition (PNE LE), the company says.

IBM to Use QuickTransit to Emulate X86 Linux on Power Servers

As part of a bevy of Linux and open source announcements that IBM announced last week at LinuxWorld, the company said that it had partnered with Transitive to license its QuickTransit software emulation technology. With the license, IBM plans to allow Linux binaries compiled for X86 and X64 platforms to run unmodified on its Power-based pSeries and OpenPower servers.

No English Allowed

Last week saw a bunch of rather heated comments on one of our marketing lists ( The topic had drifted off from setting up local NPOs to handle marketing funds to the creating of an English Native-Lang project for . I replied, as it was expected, that there would be no english Native-Lang project, at least in a foreseeable future. I wanted to explain the reasons behind such an answer here..

Podcast: Up Close and Personal with Tim Berners-Lee

Listed by Time magazine as one of the 100 greatest minds of this century and Originator of the Web and director of the World Wide Web Consortium talks about how far we've come, and about the challenges and opportunities ahead.

It's Been an Open Source Kind of Summer

  • TechNewsWorld; By Michael Castelluccio (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Aug 22, 2006 11:31 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Under the peaceful skies in Mountain View, Calif., Google has released an alpha version of a Web OS called YouOS. The team that created it is from M.I.T., and Wikipedia describes YouOS as "an experimental 'Web operating system' produced by WebShaka that replicates the desktop environment of a modern operating system on a Web page, using Javascript to communicate with the remote server."

NEC's Fault Tolerant Extensions Go Mainstream in Linux

Server marker NEC announced at LinuxWorld last week that it has worked with the Linux community to get the hooks its fault tolerant servers require to operate into the Linux kernel. Red Hat will be the first vendor to officially support these hooks, and will do so in its new Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4 Update 4.

Debian Weekly News - August 22nd, 2006

The Debian Weekly Newsletter for August 22nd, 2006

Croatian government adopts open source software policy

Last month the Croatian government adopted an open source software policy and issued guidelines for developing and using open source software in the government institutions. The Croatian government is concerned that proprietary software leads to too much dependence on the software suppliers. Open source software will make the government's work more transparent, according to the government's document, entitled "Open Source Software Policy."

Boost for open source grid development

Platform Computing, an enterprise grid software solutions provider, has announced that it has entered into an agreement to hire the principals of Scalable Systems in establishing its Open Source Grid Development Centre (OSGDC). Based in Singapore, Scalable Systems is a provider of high performance and grid computing solutions and services in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.

Linux heavies plan lightweight virtualization

Red Hat and Novell, the two top Linux sellers, have only just begun building Xen virtualization software into their products. But they're already planning to add a higher-level option.


Perl and PHP are two widely used languages for building dynamic Web sites. They make up two thirds of the "P" in the Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python (LAMP) stack. How does their performance, using mod_perl and mod_php, compare for everyday Web programming? I attempted to find out.

Standardize Your UNIX Command-Line Tools

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Martin Brown (Posted by IdaAshley on Aug 22, 2006 7:43 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: IBM
Examine methods for standardizing your interface to simplify movements between different UNIX systems. If you manage multiple UNIX systems then the hardest task can be switching between the different environments and performing the different tasks while having to consider all of the differences between the systems. This article looks at ways that can provide compatible layers, or wrappers, to support a consistent environment.

SoC Design for Future Hardware Acceleration

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Sam Siewert (Posted by IdaAshley on Aug 22, 2006 7:11 PM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM; Story Type: News Story
In the SoC design for hardware acceleration series, author Sam Siewert migrates a simple C function to a SystemC specification that can be simulated and verified for ultimate implementation as a hardware function. Part 1 provided the C code and a general overview of video capture, streaming, and processing. Part 2 shows how hardware acceleration of emergent applications can benefit from SoC design and reconfigurable SoCs with hybrid C software and field-programmable gate array (FPGA)-based functionality.

More LinuxWorld recaps

  • GNU/Linux And Open Source Medical Software News (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Aug 22, 2006 6:38 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Bernard Golden has posted a summary of his LinuxWorld session calledOpen Source Goes Vertical where he talks about the results of his LinuxWorld session. His session discussed the market for open source healthcare software and included several luminaries including our own, Will Ross.

Microsoft wants Firefox on Vista

Microsoft has promised to help Firefox and Thunderbird coders get their open source programs working on Vista. The head of Microsoft's open source software lab Sam Ramji said that Vole had approached Mozilla to if it's interested in making sure the Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail client run under Windows Vista.

User pain may mean Windows cracks

With Vista, Microsoft is taking much greater control over key aspects of the way users' computers run - especially when it comes to security. This will highlight the differences between the closed development model advocated by Microsoft and the approach taken by free and open source software developers like the people behind GNU/Linux or the Firefox browser.

Open Source Firm Black Duck Expands ProtexIP KnowledgeBase

Black Duck announced that it has significantly expanded the KnowledgeBase of its protexIP platform. The company has added more than 30 million software component signatures ("Code Prints") from more than 1,000 software vendors. With this addition, protexIP allows users to identify and track the reuse of commercial software components, helping them ensure compliance with their licensing and royalty obligations.

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