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Latest Acucorp Software Release Features Automated Java and .NET ...

  • Yahoo! News (press release); By Press release (Posted by dcparris on Jun 26, 2006 6:49 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Press Release; Groups: MySQL
SAN DIEGO, June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Acucorp, Inc., a global provider of software solutions that modernize COBOL business systems, today announces the release of Version 7.2 of extend. With Version 7.2, organizations can significantly enhance their legacy applications and reduce development time by taking advantage of automated Java and .NET interoperability, MySQL® access, new compatibility enhancements, automatic code generation, and seamless updates to Acucorp's client-server technology.

Splunk Ensures Developers get Their Open Source at Oregon State ...

Host of High Profile Open Source Projects Manages Systems for Developers Worldwide with Splunk

Openlogic aims to keep open source honest

When software is open source, and perhaps free, IT managers may not feel under too much pressure to make sure that these software assets are managed as carefully as others.

CLI Magic: EncFS

EncFS is an easy-to-use, command-line tool for storing information in encrypted form. It's not really a filesystem, but it pretends to be one at the CLI. If you've been searching for a means of encrypting and decrypting your sensitive data easily, here it is.

Collabora Develops Open Source Telepathy Framework

Open source development experts Collabora and Nokia have joined forces to develop Telepathy, a real time communication framework.

ActiveGrid Brings Web 2.0 Application Development and Deployment to Enterprise

ActiveGrid Studio 2.0 and ActiveGrid Server 2.0 Releases Enable Best-of-Breed Web 2.0 LAMP Technology on Java Infrastructure

Callisto: Eclipse's tenfold update

The Eclipse Foundation will release software from ten of its projects in tandem next Friday, reflecting the maturity of Eclipse and open source software, in general. The Callisto release includes updates to the Eclipse platform, which other tools can plug into. In addition, there are updates to the business intelligence tools project, Eclipse Modeling Framework, the Web Tools Platform and others.

Release 9 of SecuGen's SDK Collection Now Provides Support for Java, Sun Solaris, and the ANSI-INCITS 378 Fingerprint Biometric Standard

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- SecuGen is pleased to announce the next release of its Software Developer Kit (SDK) Collection, which is used to build powerful biometric software applications that incorporate SecuGen's increasingly popular fingerprint recognition technology. The SecuGen SDK Collection Release 9 supports the widest range of platforms in the industry, including Java, Sun Solaris, Windows, Windows CE, Windows CE .NET, Linux (USB), DOS, Microsoft .NET, and Pocket PC 2003.
[Includes broader support for GNU/Linux variants as well - dcparris]

Biofoundry Announces BioAPI 2.0 Linux Reference Implementation

BioFoundry, a division of OSS Nokalva, announced the immediate availability of a BioAPI 2.0 Linux Reference Implementation. The BioFoundry BioAPI 2.0 Reference Implementation which fully implements the ISO BioAPI specification, ISO/IEC 19784-1 is now available for Windows and Linux. BioAPI 2.0 introduced several important new features, while extending the component model of BioAPI 1.1.

JBoss does collaboration

  • Reg Developer; By David Norfolk (Posted by dcparris on Jun 26, 2006 1:55 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: JBoss

A rich open source platform on offer

MS Exchange it's healthy, but missing something. That, at least, appears to be the opinion of Andrew Oliver, project lead on the JBoss Collaboration Server team. And he has a point.

Comment of the Day

Comment of the day from the story, "How Apple and Microsoft are advancing desktop Linux"

Firefox Spell Checking

One of the frustrations that many people express about dealing with posting comments or what have you using the Firefox browser is that they can't spell check their posts.

eHealth Directory EU

eHealth News Portal is presenting a new Project named eHealth Directory EU. The goal of the eHealth Directory EU is to be most comprehensive directory of the eHealth (in special European) quality web sites.

Reading feeds efficiently with Akregator

  •; By Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier (Posted by dcparris on Jun 26, 2006 12:18 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: KDE
Information overload is a serious problem for most users. We all have so many sources of information to deal with, it's hard to keep them under control. One way to help deal with information glut is to use a good RSS and Atom feed reader, such as Akregator.

Oracle vs. Microsoft: The open source factor

Many IT professionals believe that Oracle's recent moves in the open source software (OSS) market -- including its purchase of open source stalwart Sleepycat Software Inc. -- were undertaken in an effort to destabilize Microsoft.

Xandros 4 is Windows friendly

One of the biggest hurdles for Linux migration is getting people who have been using Windows for years to cope with the transition to the new operating system, the nuances it has, and the problems associated with data migration.

Empower Technologies(TM) Collaborates With Texas Instruments University Program Worldwide

RICHMOND, British Columbia, June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Empower Technologies Corporation (Empower) is very pleased to announce that it has begun a joint international sales effort with Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) to promote its LDK591x family of LEOs (LinuxDA Embedded O/S) for TI's OMAP591x dual-core processor embedded software development kits to over 2,000 of the top universities and technical colleges worldwide. "We are delighted to have Empower Technologies join the efforts of the TI University Program to provide access to high technology equipment at educational prices, such as their LDK5910 and LDK5912 developer kits to engineering students, researchers and educators worldwide," said Cathy Wicks, worldwide university program manager, TI.

Novell's new CEO looks for quick improvements

Novell Inc's newly appointed CEO Ron Hovsepian has said he expects the Linux and identity-management software vendor to be able to execute its strategy quicker now that he is at the helm.

Taiwan mandates Linux-ready PCs

  • ZDNet Asia Latest Tech News; By Aaron Tan (Posted by dcparris on Jun 26, 2006 9:35 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
Government requires future desktop PCs to be compatible with Linux, but is not pushing for the open-source operating system to be installed.

Report: You Need a Corporate Open Source Policy

  • LinuxPlanet; By Maria Winslow (Posted by dcparris on Jun 26, 2006 9:02 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial
As organizations bring more and more open source software into their IT environments, they are beginning to realize the need for more control. Decisions about whether or not to incorporate open source into their operations involve complex issues that go beyond the technology. Open source expert Maria Winslow outlines what companies need to properly implement and take advantage of open source.

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