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LXer Weekly Roundup for 11-Sept-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Sep 12, 2011

LXer Feature: 11-Sept-2011

Welcome to this week's collection of big stories from the LXer Newswire. Enjoy!
LXer Weekly Roundup for 04-Sept-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Sep 05, 2011
LXer Feature: 05-Sept-2011

The latest installment of the LXer Weekly Roundup. Enjoy!
Linux Desktop Flamewars: Is the News Media Too Negative?
By Carla Schroder - Aug 22, 2011
LXer Feature: 22-Aug-2011

Is the tech press too focused on negativity, to the detriment of the FOSS community? I don't know how he does it, but Bruce Byfield writes calm, thoughtful, lengthy articles that somehow ignite mad passions and flamefests. In his latest piece he discusses some of KDE4 developer Aaron Seigo's thoughts that the tech press presents an unbalanced, negative perspective, and sparks yet another round of heated discussions. So what's going on here?
LXer Weekly Roundup for 21-Aug-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Aug 22, 2011
LXer Feature: 21-Aug-2011

This week's installment of the LXer Weekly Roundup. Enjoy!
LXer Weekly Roundup for 14-Aug-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Aug 15, 2011
LXer Feature: 15-Aug-2011

"Samsung vs Apple in Europe" for dummies
By H.Kwint - Aug 13, 2011
LXer Feature: 13-Aug-2011

For everybody who understands less about the current Apple/ Samsung battle in EU than I do, here is my attempt to share the few things I understand with you. I'll briefly discuss the situation in both Germany and the Netherlands. The article should be especially suited for those who cannot read Dutch / German and are not up to date with what has been happening the last few days.
LXer Weekly Roundup for 24-Jul-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Jul 24, 2011
LXer Feature: 24-Jul-2011

In the Roundup this week we have RMS telling to resist the temptations of the cloud, good bye Kubuntu, numeric relativity with the Einstein Toolkit and Microsoft is in the top 5 contributors to the Linux kernel? Methinks not.. Enjoy!
LXer Weekly Roundup for 17-Jul-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Jul 18, 2011
LXer Feature: 18-Jul-2011

In the LXWR this week we have the 10 best open source apps you never heard of, the freeload factor in FOSS, why Jason Perlow is smarter than an Open Source surrender monkey, IBM donates its Lotus Symphony code to OpenOffice and will Toyota's membership in The Linux Foundation actually spur it to contribute? Enjoy!
LXer Weekly Roundup for 03-Jul-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Jul 04, 2011
LXer Feature: 04-Jul-2011

Here is a roundup of the big stories to hit our newswire this past week. Enjoy!
Teo Natty Netbook: Good Things in Small Shiny Packages
By Carla Schroder - Jun 27, 2011
LXer Feature: 27-Jun-2011

I like netbooks a lot. Portable, long battery life, sharp bright screens-- what's not to like? I took ZaReason's Teo netbook on a torture trip and learned a few things.
LXer Weekly Roundup for 26-Jun-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Jun 27, 2011
LXer Feature: 27-Jun-2011

Here is a roundup of the big stories to hit our newswire this past week. Enjoy!

LXer Weekly Roundup for 19-Jun-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Jun 20, 2011
LXer Feature: 20-Jun-2011

In the Roundup this week we have both the killing of the Linux Desktop and the fall of OpenOffice.org, Jeff Hoogland talks about the first time Linux experience, 10 ways in which Ubuntu can improve Unity, Graham Morrison's top 10 Linux distros of 2011 and our own Hans Kwint asks why Gnome and Ubuntu don't understand 'usability'. Enjoy!
Why Gnome, Ubuntu and the like don't understand "usability"
By Hans Kwint - Jun 16, 2011
LXer Feature: 16-Jun-2011

Lately there has been some uproar about the 'dumbing down of interfaces'..KDE4 didn't offer the settings 3 did, Gnome dumbs everything down, and maybe Apple did the same the last decade. I couldn't tell because I never touch anything Apple, and the only time I did the software crashed and all this dumbing down for the sake of usability! However in my opinion, they are wrong. They confuse 'usability' with 'approachability'. Which leads to software which many times is not user friendly.
Anyone Can Use The Linux Operating System
By Jeff Hoogland - Jun 13, 2011
LXer Feature: 13-Jun-2010

Today’s topic of conversation is something I feel fairly strongly about. It is something I have seen happen countless times, both in person and posted various places around the internet. Some semi-tech head (or Windows system admin) downloads this “Linux” thing and decides they are going to boot it up. They don’t look up their hardware online for compatibility, they just pop the disc in and expect everything to work...
LXer Weekly Roundup for 12-Jun-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Jun 13, 2011
LXer Feature: 12-Jun-2011

For the LXWR this week we have the parting of Linux and Mono, a FOSS hacker reverse-engineers Skype, Larry The Free Software Guy gives us his top 10 Linux Lists as well as our own Carla Schroder talks about Ubuntu's contributions to Linux. And last but not least we have yet another doozy of a piece by Ken Hess that Caitlyn Martin just couldn't stop herself from responding too. Enjoy!
Ubuntu's Contributions to Linux
By Carla Schroder - Jun 06, 2011
LXer Feature: 06-Jun-2011

Ubuntu and Canonical attract a lot of praise and a lot of criticism, and are characterized as angels and devils and everything in between. Love 'em or loathe 'em, Ubuntu has been an energizer all across the Linux world, especially desktop Linux.
LXer Weekly Roundup for 29-May-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - May 30, 2011
LXer Feature: 30-May-2011

Was it just me or did yesterday not feel like a Sunday? In the Roundup for this week we have SJVN talking about Novell & SUSE's new structure under Attachmate, Linux Mint 11 ships with retro GNOME 2.32 desktop, Emery Fletcher pontificates on Linux World Domination, it is revealed that HTC pays Microsoft $5 for every Android phone they make and Microsoft is in decline? I thought we already knew that.. Enjoy!
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Linux World Domination
By Emery Fletcher - May 23, 2011

LXer Feature: 23-May-2011

A whole lot of things, actually, among them the fact that Linux has become the engine that runs somewhat over 90% of the world's supercomputers, Linux servers now handle a large fraction of all traffic on the Internet, Linux powers major stock markets all over the globe, and the Android surge is currently swamping iDevices of all sorts. But then there's the desktop...
LXer Weekly Roundup for 22-May-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - May 23, 2011
LXer Feature: 22-May-2011

In the LXWR this week we have PJ officially handing over the daily operations of Groklaw to Mark Webbink, Graham Morrison thinks Linux needs rebranding, Miguel de Icaza starts up a company to keep Mono going while almost simultaneously Attachmate names a new head for SUSE. Ever wanted to run Linux in a web browser using a JavaScript emulator? Well now you can. Enjoy!
10 Things That Make Ubuntu The Best Alternative Operating System
By Zoe Davis - May 20, 2011
LXer Feature: 20-May-2011

In recent years, Ubuntu Linux has become increasingly popular as a replacement for Windows. Ubuntu is an operating system which features a number of advantages that make it an appealing alternative for everyday users. Here are 10 reasons why Ubuntu beats Windows hands down.
LXer Weekly Roundup for 15-May-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - May 16, 2011
LXer Feature: 15-May-2011

The big news this week would have to be the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft for 8.5 Billion dollars, Acer and Samsung unveil Chrome OS laptops, and it must be the time of year again to ask ourselves just why is Linux so much more secure than Windows? Enjoy!
LXer Weekly Roundup for 08-May-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - May 09, 2011
LXer Feature: 08-May-2011

In the Roundup this week we have Unity not all that unifying, Steven Rosenberg can feel the speed, Mono Developers get the Axe from Novells new owners, Oracle's claims against Google drop from 132 to 3 in one fell swoop and Emery Fletcher asks just what is the target audience for Natty Narwhal? Enjoy!
What Is The Target Audience For Natty Narwhal?
By Emery Fletcher - May 04, 2011

LXer Feature: 04-May-2011

Yesterday I downloaded, burned, and installed Ubuntu 11.04. Perhaps in the fullness of time I will come to terms with that decision, but let me give you my first impressions.
LXer Weekly Roundup for 01-May-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - May 02, 2011
LXer Feature: 01-May-2011

Among the big stories to hit the newswire this past week we have GUI isolation security issues, why patents and software need a divorce, Glyn Moody brings up the not new idea of a blanket Linux PR strategy, our own Carla Schroder learns a lesson in humility, Ken Starks talks about some simple yet big things we could fix and a review of the OpenPandora handheld gaming device. Enjoy!
Review of OpenPandora Handheld Gaming Device
By Thanh Nguyen - Apr 29, 2011

LXer Feature: 29-Apr-2010

The buyer (me) acts as the investor for this project since their pre-order money will be used to fund the project. It was originally pre-ordered for $330, but after over a year of waiting for the production to take place I canceled it. Now in addition to pre-ordering, the Pandora can be bought and shipped in a week for a premium price of $500 which I took the opportunity, but is it worth the cost? Let's find out..
How to Look Like a Dunce in One Easy Lesson
By Carla Schroder - Apr 28, 2011
LXer Feature: 28-Apr-2011

Want to look like a dork with hardly any effort at all? Blame your Telco for losing Internet connectivity when it's your own fault.
LXer Weekly Roundup for 24-Apr-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Apr 25, 2011
LXer Feature: 24-Apr-2011

For your reading pleasure this week we have the Linux vs. Microsoft War is over..again, Oracle unchains OpenOffice, a review of Linux Mint XFCE, sticking a fork in Flock, and Google's Linux servers are hit with a patent suit. Enjoy!
LXer Weekly Roundup for 17-Apr-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Apr 18, 2011
LXer Feature: 18-Apr-2011

Forgive my lateness once again in getting the LXWR out to you, I am out of town and working from a family member's Mac..how does anyone get anything done on these things? No keyboard shortcuts, no right clicking, safari sucks and of course I forgot my mouse! I need some Mac lessons methinks.. Enjoy!
LXer Weekly Roundup for 10-Apr-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Apr 11, 2011
LXer Feature: 11-Apr-2011

In the Roundup this week we have Ubuntu announcing that 11.10 will not ship with the Gnome classic DE, is it worth rooting a Nook Color, Novell shows of Mono for Android, praise for the D-Link Boxee and last but not least PJ says there will be no more Groklaw after May 16th. Enjoy!
LXer Weekly Roundup for 03-Apr-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Apr 04, 2011
LXer Feature: 04-Apr-2011

Forgive my lateness in getting the Roundup to you. This past week we had Jeff Hoogland recounting his girlfriend's first year using Linux, James Mundu submits a feature on his KMail frustrations, our own Hans Kwint shares some of his bash scripting chops with readers and has Lady Gaga gone gaga for Linux or is it just a good April Fools joke? Enjoy!
Sharing some bash-script-fu: Re-installing Flash dependencies
By Hans Kwint - Mar 30, 2011
LXer feature 30-Mar-11

Lately Flash became very unstable and crashed both Firefox and Opera time and time again. I had the latest version, so I thought the problem might be outdated dependencies. When finding all the dependencies, I used some of my limited bash-scripting skills, this time also using my first 'intermediate' regular expression. Nothing fancy but on the other hand I thought I might share them with anyone interested; maybe it's of any help to anyone! Because some of the commands may also be useful for doing other work while dealing with file and text streams.
KMail Frustrations
By James Mundu - Mar 28, 2011
LXer Feature: 28-Mar-2011

Upgrading the default KDE email client (KMail) was supposed to be a trivial task, but it ended up as a divorce of sorts forcing me to re-kindle old flames from days gone past... in having to flirt with Google.

Editor's note: Please read Mr Stephenson's (of OpenSuse's KDE team) reply to this article here - hkwint
LXer Weekly Roundup for 27-Mar-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Mar 28, 2011
LXer Feature: 27-Mar-2011

In the LXWR this week we have HP declaring its OS independence, the claims regarding Linux kernel headers in Android "seems totally bogus" according to Linus. Can free software idealism be pragmatic? Richard Hillesley thinks so. And our own Carla Schroder talks about the freeloading digital economy. Enjoy!
The Freeloading Digital Economy
By Carla Schroder - Mar 25, 2011
LXer Feature: 25-Mar-2011

This is the terrible bargain of free content: in exchange for content we don't have to pay for, everyone pays in crappy content, ads masquerading as news and reviews, and wholesale invasion and exploitation of our privacy and personal business. We already have crappy advertiser-controlled TV and radio, why would anyone want to extend that to movies, books, and music?
LXer Weekly Roundup for 20-Mar-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Mar 21, 2011
LXer Feature: 21-Mar-2011

In this week's Roundup we have RMS and the new smartphone threat, the loss of a tech pioneer, Fedora 15 vs Ubuntu Natty Narwhal, Emery Fletcher talks about Watson's Children and Carla Schroder tells tales of Dilbert, Office Space, and Layoffs in her return to the LXer team. Enjoy!
Watson's Children
By Emery Fletcher - Mar 18, 2011
LXer Feature: 18-Mar-2011

IBM's Watson won the Jeopardy Challenge, but what's more important is the place his offspring will win in the not-to-distant future. When IBM's Watson triumphed at the Jeopardy challenge I cheered, along with a great many other people and a good bit of the media, but most of all I started looking forward to something nobody has yet mentioned: Watson's Children.
Dilbert, Office Space, and Layoffs
By Carla Schroder - Mar 17, 2011
LXer Feature: 17-Mar-2011

Yes, life really is a cartoon, and it is impossible to be too cynical. Nevertheless good things happen and life is good.
LXer Weekly Roundup for 13-Mar-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Mar 13, 2011
LXer Feature: 13-Mar-2011

In this week's LXWR we have Recovering from motherboard failures, dealing with no Max or Min buttons in Gnome 3, Linux From Scratch 6.8 is released and Dr. Tony Young gets some answers from inside KDE itself when Stuart Jarvis responds to his e-mails in Part IIII of his two part series..;-) Enjoy!
How a “Welded-to KDE3.5 User” Began a Move to KDE4.4 Part IIII
By Dr. Tony Young and Stuart Jarvis - Mar 09, 2011
LXer Feature: 09-Mar-2011

This is an addition to the series that was never at first envisaged. Indeed, within a recent thread (shown immediately below) and in my response to “hkwint”, I stated very clearly that I had absolutely no intention of writing further on KDE4, but this situation almost developed with a life of its own and I now think it needs to be brought out into the open for the LXer readers.

LXer Weekly Roundup for 27-Feb-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Feb 28, 2011
LXer Feature: 28-Feb-2011

Due to some family issues I was unable to spend nearly as much time at SCALE 9x as I wanted too but from what I did get to see it was bigger and better than ever before. Kudos to the organizers and volunteers for putting on the best FOSS trade show in existence. I hope to make up for it next year.
LXer Weekly Roundup for 13-Feb-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Feb 14, 2011
LXer Feature: 13-Feb-2011
LXer Weekly Roundup for 30-Jan-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Jan 31, 2011
LXer Feature: 31-Jan-2011

In the LXWR this week it is all about the desktop environments. Bruce Byfield makes a case for running Xfce, Dr. Tony Young wrangles KDE4's window manager into shape and Carla Schroder wants to punt KDE altogether. The Fedora servers get hacked, Python for newbies, LibreOffice 3.3 hits the streets and Glyn Moody states why Android will win the tablet wars. Enjoy!
How a “Welded-to KDE3.5 User” Began a Move to KDE4.4 Part III “Konquering the Dolphin”
By Dr. Tony Young - Jan 26, 2011
LXer Feature: 26-Jan-2011

In this extension of his two part guest editorial and tutorial Dr. Tony Young (an Australian Mycologist by trade) goes into detail comparing the functions of Konquerer and Dolphin and along the way discovers that he might actually keep Dolphin as his file manager.
LXer Weekly Roundup for 23-Jan-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Jan 24, 2011
LXer Feature: 23-Jan-2011

In this week's Roundup we have Glyn Moody in defense of hackers, LibreOffice keeps making waves, Xfce 4.8 is released, our own Paul Ferris explains how to be a catalyst for FOSS and just what is this 'Steve Jobs' dilemma Linux is supposed to have? Enjoy!
Being a Free/Open Source Software Catalyst : Part I
By Paul (Fericyde) Ferris - Jan 18, 2011
LXer Feature: 18-Jan-2011

Having trouble convincing the Boss when it comes to FOSS? This article discusses common pitfalls that arise when advocating Free / Open Source software in your organization. This is part I of a series of articles focused upon being a part of FOSS culture change.
LXer Weekly Roundup for 09-Jan-2011
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Jan 10, 2011
LXer Feature: 09-Jan-2011

In the Roundup this week we have how to choose the best Distro for a laptop, Linux returns to Walmart, Andy Updegrove reveals more about Attachmate, The "LibreOffice" future of OpenOffice and our own Paul Ferris goes on a rant about the future of Linux. Enjoy!
Rant Mode Equals One: Linux on the Door Stop
By Paul (Fericyde) Ferris - Jan 06, 2011
LXer Feature: 06-Jan-2011

Paul Ferris reviews the state of Linux over the past decade from multiple perspectives: cloud, desktop, tablet and finally infrastructure market. The most pressing question rises to the top: Will 2011 be the year of Linux on the Doorstop?
LXer Weekly Roundup for 26-Dec-2010
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Dec 28, 2010
LXer Feature: 27-Dec-2010

Welcome to the last Roundup for 2010 and please accept my apologies for being a day late getting this to you. It seems the holiday festivities have caused me to lose track of time.. Enjoy!
LXer Weekly Roundup for 19-Dec-2010
By - Dec 20, 2010
LXer Feature: 19-Dec-2010

In the Roundup this week we have a open source driver for Kinect hitting the streets, SJVN gives his take on who is Google's target audience for Chrome OS, more information on where the Novell patents are going and why Mozilla doesn't back a FOSS flash player. Enjoy!
LXer Weekly Roundup for 12-Dec-2010
By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.) - Dec 13, 2010

LXer Feature: 12-Dec-2010

The big stories this past week include a Linux Mint 10 review, Matt Asay leaves Canonical, more information on Novell's patents, a nail in Flash's coffin, Chrome OS notebooks will be Windows proof and my interview of Ulf Sandberg of SkySQL. Enjoy!

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